Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023

(Geoffrey) #161

Thanks for the well wishes y’all. I’m still under the weather and didn’t sleep well at all last night. It’s hard to breathe being this congested. My wife gave me a homeopathic nasal spray but it burned my sinuses.
I got some some work done on a project I’ve been working on but I started getting light headed. Came in a took my BP and it was 98/66 with my pulse at 90. I decided that was enough work for the day so I fixe a couple of scrambled eggs. Whereas I normally eat three to four eggs at a sitting two were all I had the stomach for.
Even though I’m ill, I’ve noticed that I still have some energy and want to do something. This WOE is amazing.

(Karen) #162

@Geezy56 i would be more than happy with your BP but you pulse is a bit too high. R&R prescribed to you from Dr Karen! I use 4head quite regularly at night. It is just a roll up stick you swipe over your head but i also swipe it under my nose. It has eucalyptus in it and it relaxes my head when it is over busy and stopping me from dozing off. For the most part it works straight away. Keeps my airways free to breathe more easily. You can buy the stick off the shelf in superstores and chemists.i don’t go anywhere without it.

(Karen) #163

A bit of an icky night, i think the gunge was still oozing from the tooth sockets. Left a bit of a yukky taste in my mouth by morning. I would ordinarily go dancing friday afternoons but after my bath i checked my tongue and it reflected how i felt. It was a bit white and furry and i felt a bit yukky and brain foggy… i didn’t feel furry lol so anyway i decided i wouldn’t drive all the way to Lichfield and instead got some more bags filled for charity and animal shelter. Changed my bedding and cleared out the airing cupboard where all the towels and bedding is kept. Then sorted all my handbags, i didn’t realise how many i had. Got rid of a few. I am getting there!

I had arranged to pop over and see Raymond with some shopping as he is just home from another spell in hospital. I collected him from the City hosp thursday afternoon after my dental appt. Spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get an occy therapist referral for him to be able to get a grant to change the bathroom into a wet room. We need to eliminate risk gettin in and out of the bath.
I took the remainder of yestedays corned beef with me and ate it at his house.

When i returned home i cooked up 2 beef burgers and a pork chop but was still hungry afterwards so cooked some sea bass fillets and when i ate them i felt ready to stop eating. I have been getting used to eating the big steaks so i think that’s why i didn’t feel the burgers were enough. I have 6 more that need eating out of the pack and as they were reduced price i will try and eat the rest tomorrow.

Corneď beef is yesterdays pic, eaten it all over two meals.

(Judy Thompson) #164

Hello from VA! These past 3 days have been for catching up, making appointments, seeing my daughter and getting my son straight on his flight from San Francisco. He’s in Baltimore with my ex for a few days and then I’ll go get him and spend a couple days with him before dropping him back at the airport so he can catch his flight back to CA next Thursday night.
I did the shopping yesterday morning, got a refreshing cut and color yesterday afternoon, so all is well.
Yesterday I picked up a Peruvian rotisserie chicken for lunch and I ate nearly 3 of the quarters. Hubby had one breast and the puppy enjoyed about half of the other breast since white meat isn’t my thing.
Lastnight for our snack we had these prepackaged pepperoni and mozzarella snacks:

They’re pricey and I should go back to making them with good quality cheese like good cheddar.
Today I cooked some organic burger, some bacon and 2 eggs. I couldn’t eat the burger, the acidic taste of the corn they feed was too much. I hoped the salt would mask it, but I guess I’m spoiled! Grassfed here was $2 more a pound than in Texas, but I should have spent it.

@Geezy56 hope you’re cold subsides soon! @Karen18 I’ll look for the 4Head, it sounds great.
You really went through it with the dental, but amazing you are so well immediately following it!
I have an appointment Monday. Bridges we ordered in March were here in April but we were in Texas. All my left molasses, upper and lower, have been in temp bridges for 5 months. It will be good to chew again!

(Geoffrey) #165

I will look for that over here. Thank you Dr. Karen. :heart:

(Geoffrey) #166

The cold virus is starting to subside. I felt good enough to go for a walk. It was only about 1.5 miles and I was pretty wore out by the time I got home. I wasn’t able to walk as briskly as I’d like but I got it done. I felt like I needed the sunshine and fresh air. After getting some work done fixing some machinery I fixed some hamburger and eggs. I believe my appetite is coming back. I’m tired but at the same time I feel good.
I appreciate all the well wishes. You guys are great.


Took Billie the Labrador for a forest walk last night. But she chased the kangaroos. Naughty girl. The forest floor was full of yellow and pink native orchids.

Back on eggs and bacon for breakfast and steak for dinner. It is calming to eat highly nutritious food. No heart glitches.

Billie had a frozen chicken frame for dinner but was still a bit sad-eyed hungry. You know how Labradors can do that. So, I made a warm beef bone broth and scrambled and egg into it. It did the trick. She lapped it up, came over for a pat, and took herself off to bed. A satiated Labrador, a rare thing in this world.

(Geoffrey) #168

I don’t blame her, I’d like to chase kangaroos too.

(KM) #169

Molasses! Keto heresy!! (I know, molars, but ya gotta love auto-correct. :laughing:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #170

Daisy Brackenhall calls it “auto-carrot,” which I love.

Thought I should probably start joining in these threads, since I’m carnivore now.

One difficulty I’m dealing with at the moment is that my sister picked up takeout the other night and forgot to tell the restaurant to leave the pasta off my favourite dish. So I was picking the meat out of the linguine and ended up eating a a small amount of linguine during the course of the meal. And I’m still craving carbs as a result. Interesting . . . .

When I stay strictly carnivore, however, I find that Dr. Chaffee’s advice, about eating as long as the meat tastes good and stopping when it stops tasting good, is great advice and is a really good guide to how much to eat.

I’m a little concerned about how I’ll manage while my sister is away for several weeks, but my knee scooter should be arriving tomorrow, and that should help me function a lot better in the kitchen. Even if cooking with the scooter turns out not to be really manageable, I can certainly heat up meals in the microwave. I can manage the microwave, sort of, while using the walker or the wheelchair, but each is problematic in different ways. I’m getting a real look into what life is like with a handicap.

(Judy Thompson) #171

Did I say that?? I go through my posts with a fine tooth comb. This time, the comb must have been missing some teeth :rofl:

@PaulL I love “auto-carrot!”
Good luck cooking with the walker etc. I don’t think anything would stop me from cooking!




That’s good. I like these human instinct regulators. And that they start working when eating nutritious food.


Weird thing is, I couldn’t care less about cake or spaghetti. But I have cravings for a salad. Fresh leaves, olive oil, some vinegar.

(Karen) #175

Eggs looks perfectly made and i could eat them right now!

Last night, in bed, the pain that i thought i had escaped kicked in… 2 cocodamol later and i drifted off to sleep pain free!

The 4head i cannot be without. I don’t think there is anything chemical in them but i haven’t checked.

Enjoy special time with your son x

(Karen) #176

I was trying to be kind by not correcting her and i know Amercans lurve to alter the spellings of English words :wink::rofl:

(Karen) #177

As i mentioned earlier i slept poorly last night, it wasn’t just because of the jaw pain, i changed the bedding and turned bed round yesterday and put warmer bedding on … flannelette sheets and a winter quilt … so i was hot then cold then hot again so covers were flumg here there and everwhere and then back again :roll_eyes:

Sat out in garden this morning… no shorts and t short now at that time in morning. It is 9.30 before the sun emerges from behind the neighbours big tree, then its strip off time when the sun hots my chair. Weather had become quite unpredictable. I went out later in shorts and t but had to put thin jacket on when it became a little overcast.

Got about 4 bin liners to the charity shop and 3 to the animal shelter. Took Raymond with me to animal shelter and we stopped off at Morrisons on way for lunch. It wasn’t as good a store as the one we usually use, the cafe was a bit disorganised but i enjoyed my brunch of 2 eggs (forgot to ask for easy over again!,) 1 bacon rasher, 1 sausage and small black pudding.

Returned home and started filling another bin liner :rofl: i’m in the zone… i may not be able to do everything i want in CrossFit at the moment but i am clearing stuff that i have procrastinated over for too long! More than makes up for it.

Cooked up and ate the 6 remaining burgers from yesterdays pack of 8!

@Geezy56 glad to hear you are picking up. Fresh sir and a bit of exercise usually helps, especially to clear the head.

I don’t use the migraine one because i use migralieve as and when i need to which isn’t that often these days.

(Geoffrey) #178

When I first started researching carnivore and wether it was right for me and wether I wanted to give up eating vegetables, after all I had a nice garden and was pretty proud about growing my own food, I started contemplating why I liked my vegetables.
I then realized that it wasn’t that I liked the vegetables so much as I liked what I put on the veggies. The cheese, the bacon, the high sugary dressing and the sauces. I looked at it this way, if I had to put something on my food to make it palatable, because without it I wouldn’t eat it, then I don’t need it in my diet anymore.
I can eat meat without putting anything on it a be totally satisfied. I cannot do that with a head of lettuce.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #179



Not saying I need it. It is just a craving. Weird thing is that it is not a carb craving.