Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023

(Judy Thompson) #141

Oh my, here we are on day 8 of our car trip already! The 3 day trip from Texas to The Chicago area included a night in an Airbnb so I steamed eggs and sausage that morning. Evenings I’m still doing liverwurst and smoked cheddar, midmornings the 1 boiled egg and mayo.
We got to hubby’s brother’s house near Chicago on Thursday night and they overcooked some lamb chops on the grill, probably in my honor lol. The following day we were at a sports bar in town where the only choice was a hamburger patty. Saturday we played with a German band at an Oktoberfest for 3 hours and I snagged some Texas brisket which was good, smoked on site, but with a drizzle of nasty sweet sauce on it.
They had a big party at the house after. Hubby was all into it, and there was a good discussion about their family history with a cousin, and lots of old pictures, which I really enjoyed, having been in the family now for over 30 years.
I ate a brat but it was kind of yucky.

Sunday we went to Woodstock IL where Groundhog Day was filmed and hubby’s birthplace. Choice of either BBQ or another sports bar. SIL wanted the sports bar, “more choices.” I said yeah, wings or a hamburger patty. Ignored… but the wings were okay.
Liverwurst and cheese at night. We all watched The Shawshank Redemption, love that movie. Many queries to me regarding my refusal of the popcorn :popcorn: :rofl: “why won’t you eat this? There’s no fat in it.” Haha! Lord, you give them eyes but they cannot see.

Left Chicago yesterday morning, cross country gas stations had nothing for me but I had my boiled eggs. I taught violin and viola online in the back seat in the afternoon and evening. Liverwurst and cheese in the room here in Cincinnati.

Today is our last day of travel, ending in VA where our house is, tonight we’ll eat in our old hangout and tomorrow, a rental car and some groceries! It will be nice to eat a meal.


Always a big disappointment :frowning: I ate so great ones and want that experience every time! And it doesn’t always happen. I never had a yucky one, fortunately, just meh ones.
(I consider the super close Hungarian equivalent a brat too. My fav kind of sausage - when it’s the really good kind. Some other sausages are more reliable. Maybe I should learn to make it…)

  1. sigh.
  2. I don’t even understand the hype. I ate it a few times in my life especially when it was a novelty to me, it looked fun, interesting texture - but it’s not exactly tasty… Why would I eat it? but people seem to love it. Odd. It’s not even fatty and what is worth to eat that isn’t fatty apart from fruits? :smiley: I never even liked low-fat candy, that’s almost pure sugar, ew.
    (Exceptions may happen but if one really think about it and don’t let my curiosity get the better of me, nope, gimme my fat. Lots of protein too if possible. Even for sweets. Aka why I have zero chance to miss candy? I have butter, I have yolk, I have cream and other fatty dairy, I can whip up wonderful desserts. Better from every angle. For real, I don’t just brainwash myself, I strongly prefer my own, carni or keto desserts.)

By the way, popcorn has fat in it… Or that is just one kind of it? I barely even looked at popcorn in the last decades :smiley: Well it doesn’t matter. They can keep it all, the buttery kind and the nature one too. (Corn on the cob is much more tempting, Alvaro keeps eating those at home. I can mostly handle that level of temptation, thankfully. It’s not that good. Just seasonal and pleasant but nothing special.)

(Judy Thompson) #143

They really just buy into the very low fat model. They are completely flummoxed by my woe and make no allowances for it. From my point of view I just have to get through it somehow until I can get out of there!


I can’t understand how anyone can eat very low fat. It seems bad from every viewpoint I can imagine. Especially joy. Low-fat feels awful and doesn’t taste good either (okay, it’s me) except using tasty items that are very very bad for our nutritional need… I would probably starve. How come I didn’t starve on my single very low-fat day in my life? (Fasting doesn’t count as usual.) No idea… Oh, wait, it was probably the sometimes experienced self protection of my body: if no proper food can come, it rather shuts down hunger in order not getting the wrong kind. I have this even with good but boring items like lean pork when I really had enough.

It turned out I accidentally bought low-fat cream cheese :frowning: So that’s why it tastes so bad… More like meh, not nasty but IDK what to do with it. Mixed it with butter, still not so good, of course, low-fat dairy is just hopelessly bad. Oh well, it has protein, it is somewhat creamy, I will eat it, I just need to figure out how to make it most palatable. The two kinds of cream cheese were next to each other: one with herb, one without. I somewhat logically thought they are both normal. NO “light” on the package or anything. I should have notice the light blue color, it’s often used for light dairy… And I didn’t notice the word “balance”, it may sound suspicious too… I probably forgot light cheese is a thing. As it shouldn’t be.

I had my second meal and I ate enough except only 116g protein. So I will have a 3rd, hopefully tiny meal as well… I got bored of my lean pork, that was the problem. And I got bored of sausages many weeks ago so it stopped being my savior in this case. I don’t have pâté because I got choosier with ingredients (even water as its main ingredient isn’t good enough for me now). Oh well, I will eat a few bites later I suppose. I have brand new crispy sponge cakes galore.

And my unusually high need for desserts disappeared, I mean it’s unusually low now, a little drink (coffee today) works. I hope it stays like this, it’s convenient. Apropos coffee, I drink ONE per meal instead of my zillion at once. I am improving!

And I had my half body workout today (shoulders and arms, my fav muscles and exercises), it would be nice to do the other half soon. Even if I have most energy well-fasted.
And my little core exercises did their main job, my back pain disappeared! I eventually want a strong core but that will take a very long time.
Even my heel feels better so I will start running pretty frequently according to my old plan I believe.

(Karen) #145

Up before the 7.30 alarm this morning. Did about 20 hard stair runs, i think my cv is still a bit damaged fr9m the Covid i got in May. Had to read and drink my coffee in the lounge as it was wet outside. Went to CrossFit, in the car unfortunately but only managed the first part of the wod. I just get very wobbly doung handstand push ups and overhead bar work ( power snatch) i got very emotional again which is so frustrating but stayed doing bike instead which was a good shout from one of the coaches.

Came home and sort out some more clothes for charity shop then cooked brunch which was a pack of cold water prawns and the 2nd sea bass fillet from yesterdays pack of 2. Pan fried it in butter.

Just finished dinner of a very tender tescos rump steak and a pork chop pan fried in their on juices. Eaten with a good big chunk of butter. Yum.

@JJFiddle i hate constantly having to bit and bob with food… it really makes me get withdrawal symptoms for a real homemade meal. I ate in great restaurants the past weekend but so much happier eating my own food at home. I just think we can mix what ever we want that restaurants somehow just wouldn’t think to put together. When i was at Harrogate one of the ladies on the table couldn’t understand why i wouldn’t have peas … they’re just protein she said. I informed her they were just carbs but she really argued the point … and she was a nurse! Duh, not a clue!

(Judy Thompson) #146

Yup. That just kills me! Peas aren’t “just protein!”
Your pic of the shrimp and fish and butter is delectable! You should open a carni restaurant!


They are carbs AND protein, they contain pretty much of both (if we look at percentages and don’t use our protein sources for comparison…). The protein part is VERY important, it’s the reason legume satiates me. Green peas are less carby and less protein rich, now I wonder about ratios… (I looked it up quickly, it’s very good at protein/carb for a legume.)

Peas still have significantly more carbs than protein, sure so pure protein or rather fatty protein is way better for us who want to keep our plant carbs real low but it’s a valid protein source for many and it’s very different from pure carbs if you ask me. I can’t do anything with pure carbs. I could live on peas and some other items in dire need that I hopefully never ever will find myself in.
And peas always were one of my biggest favs (the only item paleo couldn’t take from me as I refused :D) even if I pretty much lost them somewhere on keto. Lovely - but not needed when I have better protein sources with less carbs.

People still should understand not everyone eats things, no matter what it is. There isn’t a single food item everyone must have or everyone likes… I understand not everyone eats and loves eggs, no matter how strange it is :smiley:

I had 3 meals, no tracking yet but I ate enough for today. My dinner was a bit after 6pm and me being a hungry unsatiable gremlin was apparent… I ate more than strictly necessary, probably. I even managed a tad more boring lean pork, a sausage, even more eggs… It was an eggy day. More than 7 eggs (half of it in a form of sponge cakes) and I really kept it as low as I comfortably could. I need some fattier pork, tomorrow I will cook soup and use the pork chuck bone with plenty of fatty meat on it (and a bunch of very lean pork too, it is quite nice in soups).

Alvaro brought me some nice green ham with visible fat, it will give me a cute fatty fried pork for one meal (and some meat with no visible fat), the slab is tiny as usual. The fatty “scrap meat” wasn’t present today either :frowning: It was already WEEKS, I miss it. If I see pork shoulder on sale in the city, I will buy A LOT, my freezer is almost empty at this point.

(Edith) #148

I think that’s because pea protein is now used in vegetarian protein supplements. People probably don’t realize the peas are still processed to remove the carbs to make the protein powder.

(Geoffrey) #149

You know the old Texas saying, “Good bbq don’t need sauce”. :rofl:

(Geoffrey) #150

It’s really sad but here in the US people have been indoctrinated into the low fat myth that was driven by big food profits and false science. It’s big money here.

(Judy Thompson) #151

So here we are finally in VA. I’ve ordered a filet mignon and now waiting.
For lunch along the way we stopped in a reputable truck stop and I had my naked hot dog. Life is good! :


Yep, they put it here too but why would people follow that? They follow their enjoyment, mostly… Sure, people who are health-conscious in a bad way (ignorantly) may try to eat low-fat but it’s tricky. You go anywhere, food is HCHF, it’s the norm. But it’s everywhere, that is the tasty popular food…
The average person in my country eat as much fat as I do. And that’s not little. Sadly, they eat a ton of carbs too, hence the obesity problem. Not like they necessarily feel it a problem, it’s normal to be chubby or fat. Younger woman may be bothered by it, sure but I was the thinnest in the village choir sometimes when the 1-2 thin ones were absent. Village, middle aged or older, cooking tasty HCHF food for their family, almost of course they weren’t thin. Some were pretty fit but my level of fat (~40lbs) isn’t something that bother many, apparently. I don’t consider it particularly unhealthy either (maybe a tad burdensome for my body but it’s really not much extra for that to be serious), just a minor aesthetic issue.

The average person cares more for their simple desires (and a bunch of other things) than their health. So they tend to ignore advice, good and wrong alike. Fatty food is tasty and wildly available. It’s true for many countries. Probably all where people have options and money to buy those.

So it’s very very strange to me to hear that some countries eat low-fat. But it’s not even true for the US or UK, people eat fat and too much and wrong food. As far as I know. It’s not like low-fat is the standard…

But whatever is, low-fat tastes nasty and feels wrong to me, no way I could eat like that even if I wanted. My body and mind would rebel like crazy. And low-fat may be great for many but VERY low-fat… That’s clearly unhealthy and ascetic and unnecessary…

I ate early again but it was almost noon this time. Slices of boring pork roast, low-fat cream cheese, low-fat ham (it’s very nice and it has fat just little. I prefer ham that is half visible fat but lower-fat ham is lovely too) and coffee with cream. Had sleep problems, I don’t want to try hard and skip coffee when it feels amazing. Of course it doesn’t make me more awake as water, the food probably helps more, it usually does. It makes sense, nutrients incoming, my body gets a bit more alert…


Baked beef ribs one night. Dirty carnivore family dinner the next night with lamb as the protein. Baked beef ribs tonight. Poor eating options and choices on campus. Blunted the work stress eating with kangaroo biltong and coffee. Home to the countryside tomorrow.

(Karen) #154

Oh my do I love Beef ribs. Note to self get to Morrisons and buy Beef ribs. I have really been enjoying the tescos rump steaks the past few days. I have been getting them out of the fridge well before cooking because getting them out of the vacuum packs and to room temperature has been the key to their tenderness.
I haven’t had to tenderise them in any other way. I am not usually a fan of rump and although these haven’t had much fat on them i have made up for that eating big chunks of butter with them. The meat has had so much flavour. Added extra fat by fying the Pork chops with them, they have been nice and fatty.

Had the scrambled eggs with prawns about 1115 am for brunch again plenty butter as i can only do scrambled eggs in butter.


I very easily eat a lot of pork in a soup :smiley: I used up all my super lean pork that way and the pork chuck bone with lots of meat was especially nice (it made the soup a bit fatty but we could handle that), I left a few really fatty bites so it will help me out with my leftover leanish roast tomorrow.
It wasn’t a carni day (already the soup wasn’t, I needed ideas to cook and we have few options. fortunately even Alvaro doesn’t need much plant matter in a soup. well in a meat soup. his cabbage soup is more plant than water and I am serious) but I ate my pound of pork and lots of eggs and they were quite satiating.

I handle the complete lack of cheese pretty well (sometimes the idea of a cheese whisp enters my mind but I am fine without indulging). I missed milk a bit today (I run out of it last evening) despite having cream. I will come down from it eventually :smiley: Only 1 liter per week for us two. I only use a tiny sour cream in dishes calling for it. I am content with my dairy consumption though I expect it to go lower later.

I better go back to no coffee, something happen (I feel miserable, get a headache, 1-2 days pass…) and I just go back to drinking coffee. Not as much as before but still.

(Geoffrey) #156

Almost fasted all day because I just didn’t have an appetite. I’m sick with a bad cold. I finally felt a little hungry late in the day so I fixed a couple of scrambled eggs.


Getting closer to the Spring Equinox this weekend. Lamb chops for dinner. Stale cheese can Stilton taste nice. I reckon a couple of fried bum nuggets will be good.

@Geezy56 Geoffrey man colds are serious things! Get well soon.

View from the homestead front porch this evening.

(Geoffrey) #158

@FrankoBear thank you sir.
Enjoying that sunset aught to ease the stress and help settle that heart down.


@Geezy56: Get better soon! :heart:

(Karen) #160

@Geezy56 aww hope you feel tip top very soon xx

@FrankoBear beautiful sunset. I have got out of the addictive habit of cheese . Still not eaten any since 2 weeks ago… that’s amazing for me!

Had the first of several booked dental appts today. 6 big needles, 2 extractions and stitches later… wasn’t too bad and she did an amazing job. The wisdom tooth shot across the floor lol. Only stitched as a precaution with the blood thinners i have been taking. I ate scrambled eggs before going as i wasn’t sure when it was likely i would be able to eat. Then later went to hair appt. Bumped into an ex colleague while waiting for my bus home and he told me the very sad news that my lovely friend and colleague who had the massive heart attack just a week ago passed away last night. I was shocked as i really thought he would have strength to pull through. Obviously there had to be underlying issues and he apparently had cracked his scull when he collapsed on the prison landing. He will most definitely be recruited as an angel now, he was so lovely and helpful to everybody he met. He will be sorely missed by everyone.
When i got home i made 2 rump steaks and a pork chop… becoming a habit, had to eat on opposite side to extractions and on the tooth that i had emergency surgery on recently… it is still a bit tender! I thought that i should have made fish but had the steaks out sitting on the side all day so they needed to be cooked. I got a bit distracted writing a text that i ended up with charred meat on one side!

I had half the corned beef in between teeth and hair appts and also the cup of beef stock through the straw cos my mouth was numb… saved dribbling!