Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023


Lettuce is totally rabbit food to me, some glorified almost-grass.
I liked my vegs because they were highly delicious, juicy or crunchy. Some are great raw, all alone but I tended to fry most of them. Totally irreplaceable tastiness. Of course, some eggs can only do to them but eggs are just that amazing, I often like meat with eggs too.

I don’t think I ever regularly ate things not great alone. I always was inclined to eat things alone and juicy, suited for eating raw veggies are very easy to eat that way…

I am aware not everyone likes the taste of vegs, odd but we are all different… But many of us do. I definitely preferred most vegs (well not the green leaves) over Grandma’s perfectly roasted chicken thighs (with crispy skin and I liked that but well, a pickle is zillion times better and tastier. okay it’s pickled so SOUR, hard to win over sour :smiley: even my fav sweet desserts had little chance there and I had a huge sweet tooth. I probably have a small sweet tooth now, it’s better).

Of course, we can crave things we don’t need. Why is it weird it’s not a carb craving? I suppose any item may be craved.

I don’t do carnivore now but I don’\t want to stray far. Today wasn’t so great as Alvaro had his class reunion and I had dinner at his Mom too. Lunch was chicken soup and chicken, dinner was all the leftover chicken… I got satiated but I got hungry at 10pm again :frowning: (I know how my body works at this point and it wasn’t due to the plant matter I managed to eat today. It’s never fully carnivore there but when the main dish is pure chicken, that’s not bad.) And craved eggs. And I knew I needed pork for satiation so after some eggs and milk I gave up and just opened the package of cooked smoked pork belly I bought today… (I couldn’t do exactly zero sugar with processed meat, they have very very little as usual but zero is tricky, I probably can do it but need more time. I need some processed meats until then for variety and convenience.) I NEED to have ready to eat pork in my freezer ALWAYS. When will I learn that? I even forgot I have sausage there, oh well, I am bored of it anyway.

But we did our shopping :smiley: No weights as they were super expensive for mere iron pieces, okay we knew that but the one covered with rubber (I like my 5kg weights to be like that, I train downstairs, I don’t have a proper basement and the floor is somewhat fragile. I have rugs there but just here and there and I can’t always put my weights down subtly) costed twice as much. I decided to think about it and later I decided it will be fine without rubber. I have 4 rubbered 5kg weights, I will use them for the exercises where putting my weights down may be rougher.

So, I bought stuff :slight_smile: Especially meat. The hypermarket was good, I have found huge slabs :smiley: Well, just 2.5-3.2kg ones but the local supermarkets have tinier ones, I enjoy the difference.
So I have a huge pork chuck slab, some pork shoulder and my usual green ham too. And some chicken thighs. I liked the look and the price of some wings too but Alvaro said it’s useless, he can’t understand the hype in America or wherever it exists, even less than me. As some wings once in a blue moon doesn’t sound sooo bad to me. Well the end is totally cat food and yes, it’s too much skin and bone, thighs are obviously superior… And that was when I spot thighs for a lower price than the wings so I put back the wings, no matter how unusually pretty they were (and not in a big thick plastic box).
By the way, chicken FEET were more expensive than both. Just imagine. I already fail to see any charm in the whole thing but selling them for more than minimal money for bones and scaly skin…? People must love it but they do, I know it’s a fav of many. Can’t imagine why… But people like tripe too. And pure fat tissue. I am fine with crispy skin, fine with lots of fat - but I want enough meat with them too.

I try to be scarce again as I don’t even do carnivore now… But it seems I hardly can stop eating over a pound of meat and at least a few eggs and some dairy every day… So I probably won’t go far, it wouldn’t do any good to me anyway. But I just can’t do it now.

Oh, Alvaro’s Mom! She tried some pants and it turned out she lost very much weight. I don’t know how one can’t miss that but she was pretty surprised and mildly glad. She is way bigger than I ever was, with diabetes, hip replacement, swelling and who knows what else, she is still a somewhat active one but there are problems and we worry about her sometimes.
She still do weird things though, she STILL ask if I want sugar with my coffee (I visit her about once a month. And I stopped drinking sweetened coffee let alone sugary one quite a few years ago…) and it turned out she brought some sugary drink (the worst, ingredient lists start with water of course, followed by glucose-fructose syrup and sugar) from Italy and drank some. We didn’t, of course as we don’t drink sugary drinks except where the sugar comes from fruit but that’s very very rare too.
As far as I know, she eats very little sugar since she got diabetes and the doctor told her not to but I almost understand certain things. Like her own baked goods (rare now), she apparently never will substitute sugar but at least she uses way less than before as her sweet perception changed just like ours (but then carnivore changed mine even more). NOT some stupid sugary soda… Sigh. We didn’t even say anything. Utterly futile.

Oh and we tasted vegan milk substitutes in the hypermarket because why not? :smiley:
The girl proceeded to inform every tester that the oat-soy thing tastes like milk. It doesn’t, by the way (what a surprise :smiley: well, not) but at least it had some taste and fattiness while almond milk is white water, no wonder its macros are basically zero, it has barely anything besides water. Why not to just use water I seriously wonder…
I am resilient (and it was just a teeny tiny taste) but poor Alvaro complained about the taste in his mouth half an hour later.
We bought 2 liters of milk later for the price of 1 liter watery whatever. We still have our milky phase, it will pass eventually. I got cream too, of course, it’s kind of important for me still. Maybe I will have a time when it won’t be the case.

(Geoffrey) #182

It may be a mouthfeel thing. I know I like crunchy things. In the old days I could munch on chips incessantly just because of the salt and crunchiness. That’s satisfied these days with pork rinds. But even then I can catch myself eating just for the mouthfeel so I have to initiate some self discipline.


Chewing, for example gum, is self soothing for stressed people with or without autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

(Karen) #184

Chewing gum just used to make me feel hungry! I don’t touch it these days.

(Karen) #185

Had another day clearing out and filling more bin liners. 2 weeks ago when i went to Harrogate dance weekender i had felt a bit weighty. I knew i had put a few pounds on and felt pretty uncomfortable even though Raymond said i looked great but we know when we have put weight on and there is no use denying it. It was such scorcher of a weekend and i struggled to get a couple of dresses on with my skin getting hotter and more sticky so the dress decision was really difficult. I knew it was mayo and cheese that was doing it. Eating it for the sake of eating, so as i have mentioned i cut it out of my diet… i really am an all or nothing person. Also as i mentioned i have not had any since the thursday before travelling on the friday. Well this afternoon when choosing what to put in the charity bag and was trying stuff on and i thought blimey these are all going on well so tried on the 2 dresses i was struggling with… went on easily and looked and felt great! I could have jumped for joy… well i did lol :laughing: i haven’t snacked in between meals either and have stopped eating after my dinner. All together it has really done me good to get my discipline back. I thought i may be overdoing it eating 2 steaks but when i have just eaten 1, i am still hungry and know i would be tempted to snack later so i am including other stuff on the plate instead of the extra steak.
So i have had brunch of 2 seabass fillets with 3 rashers of bacon and just eaten dinner of 1 rump steak, 1 burger and king prawns. Both meals were delish!


(KM) #186

Unless you stuff your mouth with three or four blocks of Hubba Bubba, possibly the world’s fastest glucose delivery system. :flushed:


If I’d follow Dr. Chaffee’s advice, I’d be eating ribeye all day. I have never met a ribeye that stopped tasting good.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #188

That may be, but you have to admit it would be a fun experiment! :cut_of_meat:


I do feel sated eating ribeye, I admit sooner than I quit - because it keeps on and on tasting so darn good. I cook it on the flat side of my countertop grill, on top of bacon…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #190

Umm . . . so what time is dinner? :rofl::rofl:


(Geoffrey) #191

When you can’t decide what to cook just have a bountiful harvest from your pasture.
Beef steaks, lamb chops and hamburgers.

I settled on some steak and eggs.

(Robin) #192

Lucky you!!!


I wish to be your family member :smiley: You seem a nice guy, you have good meat… What not to like?

(I still would keep my pork but more ruminant meat and good quality at that? I wouldn’t say no :upside_down_face:)

Well maybe I can do something about these things in the future. Though it’s hard, even the nearby beef farm barely EVER butcher an animal now :frowning: And one needs to be quick. Sigh.


quickie post, at parents weekend at Uni for kiddo.
I haven’t stopped moving or spending money, yikes LOL

ZC doing fine. ribeye. filet mignon. shrimp. ok got that covered but omg prices eating out are staggering.

supposed to be home but kiddo’s car battery died, new battery and alternator is bad so hubby taking it to shop today to fix for her so staying another night to help her out. Money is vanishing from my wallet way too fast this weekend HA HA

Strict carnivore. So easy to do ya know. Just eat the meat and live good is what I think every day I wake up :slight_smile: Just feels very fine to be in a very stable eating lifestyle for myself, just a joy kinda! Feel so at ease and so good on it all.

ok, lets see how today goes and see if I can get this car handled and get my butt out of the campground and back home! I am so over being in the mountains and freezin’ my butt off with the colder weather coming!


(Geoffrey) #195

You are. But unfortunately just a little to far apart to visit for Sunday supper. I wish I could share a table with every one on here.
Freezers are fixin to get stocked up with lamb’s going to the processor and hunting season both starting next month.


You are such a dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Yeah I actually thought about being close enough to taste those fine looking meats :wink:

I forgot to write about it when I gave a report about my shopping trip: I have found NO mutton in the hypermarket. And only that place have chances in the city, at least as far as my knowledge goes.
I simply am unable to buy any mutton anywhere. Pure tragedy. Only super expensive shrimp? I can live with that as I virtually never ate shrimp or any seafood more exciting than a few lean fishes and salmon. But no mutton? At all? Woe is me.
I haven’t even found deer this time.

I had a not particularly exciting lunch but it was okay:

I haven’t eaten all the lean pork but I had some fatty part of the smoked pork hock with it (but it was far from fat tissue, way less fatty so I won’t be able to track), 2 sponge cakes with cream cheese and some coffee with cream.
The eggy things in the plate are leftovers from Alvaro’s cheesy fluff and my new batch of sponge cake, sometimes I fill the muffin mold and a little bit is left out, I fry it then.

I had no calories before lunch at 3pm, good. I had drank some black coffee after noon though. I choose my battles wisely on my good days and avoiding coffee today wouldn’t have been a good idea.


That’s why to only chew chewed chewing gum that has had all the flavour chewed out. :wink:


I would love some chewing gum, exactly what I buy (looooooooooong lasting mint flavor, it’s nice sometimes) just without the unnecessary sweetener part.

Meanwhile 6pm passed and still not hungry for dinner… We will see. I am not in the mood for more lean pork but if I mix it with chicken liver (I took out the tiny leftover from the freezer) and sour cream and cook a bit more, it may be nice…

(6pm is my gremlin deadline. If someone feed me after 6pm, I usually become a little monster with little control and a nearly endless pit for a stomach. At least way too often. It’s better on carnivore. Way better. Of course, if my determination/stubbornness/need for carnivore isn’t strong, the no control part may break carnivore so it’s still a possibly very bad time to eat. I don’t fear it now, not even with a nice melon in the fridge. Carbs are the last thing my body wants now.)

(Karen) #199

Felt more with it this morning like this virus was lifting. My head felt clear of fog and i thought yay looks like i am getting there! Sat in garden with coffee and reading material… it felt mild and the sun soon popped out from behind the neighbours tree. Went for a bath n hair wash and put a bit of smack on the face and altogether felt good.

My daughter had organised her hubby to pick me up and take me to my stroke appt at the hospital. She is in Belgium this week and i guessed she wanted to make sure she got an honest report back :rofl: my SiL is lovely and we both diid what we were told lol. I would have been fine going on my own but daughter (mother lol) insisted. Everything went well and consultant was lovely. He said i just have to accept that if i get a virus it will magnify symptoms and likely mimic a stroke. If i get symptoms again, which is likely if i have any stress or over tiredness, anxiety or the like, i have to go straight to A&E if they go on longer than half an hour. It’s a bugger isn’t it, when one is so independant and doesn’t like to be a fraud and call an ambulance!
I mentioned all the stress sortng out my pension and that things hit you when you can finally relax after resolving issues and he totally agreed!

Before leaving for the appt i cooked some salmon fillets as i guessed i would be ravenous if the appt went on longer than expected, which it did . I cooked up a 500g pack of Lidls simply salmon (cheap pack) and ate all but one larger fillet which i put in fridge for a cold meal tomorrow. Forgot to take pic!

On return i cooked a rump steak and some pork chops. Ate all but one of the chops again the largest one i left in the pan. That will be eaten tomorrow too.

Here is the remaining salmon fillet cold. As you can see it is a scruffy piece of fish … all the pieces were scruffy lol

(Robin) #200

Happy to hear you’re better!
And well fed