Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023


“…include brats” in Australian, means that the children will be at the party.

(KM) #122

Late to the party but just wanted to say, I have three cats. Two of them much prefer the “wet food” to kibble, and if they can get it, will sit and eat lumps of ground beef or cut-offs from chicken all day long. They’re all big boys, over 15 pounds. The third one is a kibble addict and wants nothing to do with meat. That’s him in the middle, a bountiful 28 lbs and has to walk on his elbows. :crying_cat_face: If I want living proof that animals (including me) should eat proper food we’re programmed to eat, I need look no further than my own guest room.


Aren’t virtually all cats are like that? (I know some are weirdos. A friend had cats who loved certain vegs more than… hopefully not meat but something pretty good carni item… How does that work? They are obligate carnivores… And vegs aren’t very nutritious. I only ate them for joy.)
Cats aren’t stupid (usually… I saw things… one cat of ours ate pure white rice out of a pot. what. normal cats don’t do that. even I don’t do that. even Alvaro won’t do that, he needs some tasty protein with it. the cat wasn’t starved. odd. maybe cats get silly ideas when curious too) and they prefer meat, obviously. And eggs. Dairy too but not all can digest it well.

Oh. Maybe the kibble has some addictive thing in it? We never fed such kibble to cats, ours always preferred meat, eggs, dairy and wet cat food over them. Normally. Sometimes they only want the kibble but it’s extremely rare. Our (well, kind of our but I consider them free, half-wild ones) oldest sometimes refuses everything and go hunting some voles.

(Robin) #124

If only you could teleport directly from home to classroom and back again. It would be bliss.

(Michael) #125

First post today, got my quarter cow plus organs delivery today. Here are two pics, I tried to make sure labels were showing. Yyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!


Nice! (Even if we don’t see the pretty red meat in those packets :wink: ) Meanwhile I took the vast majority of my meat from the freezer for tomorrow’s dish… My meat supplies are pretty low. (I still can make a soup and a beef stew with what I have so I am covered until next weekend, we really need a big shopping trip already).

Lazy day (I mean tired? no idea why. it wasn’t my day :frowning: ), protein and fat got higher than my usual lately, somehow I was hungrier. More like less satiated, it wasn’t a proper, stronger hunger… But I really like being satiated and anyway, I didn’t eat very much but quite a few times. Surely due to the big eating window, for some strange reason I woke up and fancied some meat quite soon… Yep, this roast isn’t something I just get bored of :slight_smile: I had about a pound of meat, not more as I had plenty of eggs too. There were some eggy-milky coffees and not much else, I kept my dairy low. So I am fine with this day. (Even though I drank coffee. Sometimes it’s okay. Even if it was many today.)

(Michael) #127

And here is half of my dinner. Added eggs and pork belly and oxtail to my sheep lungs and beef stomach shown in the picture


Working at the computer yesterday to catch up on marking. Saturday. Staying on plan. Did some lifting carrying chores the break up the sitting.

Heart palpitations last night after dinner. Dinner was lamb chops.Started warm, salty drinks and extra magnesium. Heart beat settled after 2 hours. But I was up 6 times during the night to urinate. I was water dumping.

It was lamb chops for dinner and about 120g of double cream Camembert. Salted chops to taste with pink salt. Earlier in the afternoon was a 3 egg omelette cooked in beef tallow left over in the pan from the previous meal.

Feeling a bit zonked this morning after the night time cardio workout.

@Naghite Michael provided in another discussion thread an interesting science paper about calcium dysregulation causing arrhythmia in heart cells with excessively high saturated fat diets. It was a mouse experiment. I thought about it while drinking bone broth as a possible antidote.


I :heart: Cats! We are down to one 10 year old. We usually run a herd of 3. It’s time to look at the cat refuge / rehoming groups to build up the purring meow-faces. I particularly like Burmese, or Burmese cross cats. They are obligate carnivores. They need their meat based protein for essential amino acids. Cat food scientists have worked out how to bake it into, and fortify, that dry food kibble to sell to us cat owners.

(Geoffrey) #130

Was busy today with a grandson’s baseball game and then doing some fence repairs for and elderly friend. While I was working on her fence she said “Geoff, you should start a handyman’s business repairing stuff for old people”. I slowly looked up at her and said, “ I believe that’s what I’m doing right now Carol”. She replied “ but I’m saying you should get paid for what you do, start a handyman business”. “your appreciation is my reward Carol”. We both had a good laugh. Yesterday it was refitting and hanging an interior door. Today was fixing fence and tomorrow fixing a vacuum cleaner. I stay busy helping our friends and neighbors and I’m just glad that I’m able to help them.
With all that was going on I didn’t get a chance to eat until about 5:00 pm. I just fried up some liverwurst and scrambled eggs. Good stuff.
It’s funny and somewhat rewarding how this woe has changed my appetite and hunger signals. It just doesn’t bother me to miss a meal anymore. Even if others are eating around me like at the ball game. While I still get hungry, it’s not a terrible gnawing at my insides like I’m starving but more like mild feeling of emptiness that just doesn’t bother me. I kinda like it.

(KM) #131

I suspect there is much about kibble that is not healthy, either too many additives or too much carb. I admit this is anecdotal but my two healthy boys don’t care for it, while the one in the middle is grossly overweight, seems to have many of the SAD metabolic issues as any other senior citizen, and eats almost nothing else.


Probably most of us can relate :slight_smile: It’s a huge difference after my high-carb or low-carb hunger, fat adaptation brought the biggest change but carnivore is just being close to it another level again. Meat has this higher satiation effect to me and the lack of interfering carbs is nice too.

Beware, I will talk about a not carnivore dish. Still feels kinda relevant in my comment. Oh well, I write it after this warning.

I don’t do carnivore now but I eat well enough. Alvaro made the planned dish, only used the smaller pork slab. Recipes used pork belly too so I gave him all my leftover bacon ends.
And we made it meatier than recipes, IDK what is with this country and specifically MEAT dishes where there is more vegs than meat, totally unnecessarily. Alvaro didn’t complain except that it’s such a waste to use open fire, time and effort for such a tiny dish. As we had only 500g sauerkraut, recipes use less meat than that and even we only used 750g pork and 60g bacon. 2kg meat sounds better even if we should raise the amount of vegs too (the dish had a tiny bit of onion too). Just a bit. Alvaro is afraid of pushing the ratio more but I am not. This one is fine for him, who says he will have any problem with some more meat? While I would prefer that.

Our slightly different taste in meat dishes is problematic sometimes and there isn’t always a good solution. Fortunately this dish is good and not super carby. I still will find the limits of meatiness. And add sausage slices.

This dish requires lots of sour cream in the end, I always loved such dishes. We have 3 traditional dishes like this one, with almost the same ingredients. One soup and two more or less meaty dish but pork is a very important ingredient in all. Just like sauerkraut, it gives them a very unique flavor. And sour cream completes them. One of them isn’t always eaten with sour cream but I always refused to touch it without.

So it’s a break from my usual pork, I wonder if I could add the sourness with less plant matter, not like this amount have any chance to bother me. I love sour and I do use mustard sometimes but it’s never an important part in a meat dish of mine. I just use mustard for sausages or mustard sauce for boring, too lean pork I can’t eat without some sauce.

I have a more than 1 kg pork slab now, all defrosted and ready to become who knows that. I surely don’t know… If I don’t get a better idea, I just make another roast and put chicken skin from a box in the freezer next to it.

(Karen) #133

Spent Friday walking around The Cotswolds Wildlife Park. Had a super day. And Saturday was a whole day at Daventry where there was a running bus rally, ben was in his element and had loads of bus runs.
Food over the weekend


Not had any cheese or mayo since a week past thursday and only eaten a brunch and an evening meal each day and no snacks. Home now and the steak n bacon in pic number2 was what i made for myself and was tastiest meal all weekend! Tescos rump again … beautiful!

There were a couple of other meals that i didn’t take a pic of … was either distracted by being too hungry or the meal was awful! Oh and i kept forgetting to ask for an easy over egg and kept getting runny under cooked eggs till i remembered today and got what i wanted.


Another Monday so I go back to my low-diary, NO coffee, tiny eating window, carnivore plan. It inevitably falls apart at some point (if nothing else, I get hungry early in the weekend for some reason) but I just bounce back.

I make some green ham roast again, add some eggs and whatnot, it should be a simple, easy day.

This week will be summer-like too, forecast says. It’s nicely sunny and perfectly warm now, not hot, not cool. We often have a lovely September and October, no wonder autumn is my fav season.


My birthday cake. >1kg ribeye.


My meat wasn’t ready at lunchtime but I had a tiny leftover pork, ham, 2 sponge cakes, a few boiled eggs, scratchings… And I happened to eat a tiny leftover from Alvaro’s dish as he didn’t eat it all (the more time passes, the more it gets apparent it needs more meat next time…) so it wasn’t carnivore but close enough.

I always was unsure about chicken thigh, the skin added unbelievable amount of fat according to data… That thin skin! But yes, it IS fatty. I just don’t eat it with the fat as it loses it and I collect it from the pan or oven pan for later. I had a lot of chicken skin in the freezer and fried them all halfway, now they are in the oven with the pork.
It was 320g skin and it quickly released 100g pure fat. Wow.
So even if I can’t find the 30/70 “scrap meat” in the local supermarket lately (I try again tomorrow, it’s good stuff and I make lovely fried pork, scratchings and render lots of lard from it, my woe depends on it at this point! I can live without but it’s harder), I have lots of fat to cook with again.

About 90g fat and protein this far, a decent sized lunch in my world, good for TMAD. I can’t seem to be able to do OMAD with lean pork but it’s just fine, I like eating lunch and dinner. Not eating much (even if it feels little) dairy solved my problems with multiple meals, it’s great.

(Karen) #137

@dr_wtf great birthday treat

I was up with a 7.30 alarm. Wakeful night and apart from the wee trips i, like everyone else in the locality was awoken just after 3am to the loudest thunder I think i have ever heard. Sounded like steel girders collapsing to the ground…everyone was talking about it this morning at CrossFit!

Managed skipping today during the wod. Last week i was tripping up all the time, so frustrating but it means progress and maybe I am seeing an end in sight for this brain infection. Only single skips, the double unders are a way off at the mo but they will come back. Almost didn’t go cos of the skipping but only by trying will i ever get the brain to connect.

I ended up with one meal today because i went out to collect meds and shopping and bumped into some friends so had a catch up coffee with them. So dinner was about 4.30ish. 2 rump steaks and a sea bass fillet. I am so into these beautiful rump steaks at the moment. Very succulent and flavoursome.

(Geoffrey) #138

Got invited to a lunch seminar today. We get these invitations for lunch or dinner seminars quit often. At least once a month or more.
Listen to the spiel, eat a free meal. Not a bad deal.
Anyways, this one today was about the open enrollment period coming up for Medicare insurance and it was at a cafe that we like.
Now the downside to these things is that they usually have a preset menu that can be limiting to a carnivore. Today the menu was basic Texas cafe fair of either chicken fried steak, a hamburger and fries, taco salad or breakfast. Well of course I chose breakfast with a couple of over easy eggs and sausage. Naturally I turned down the offer for hash browns and biscuits. When the servers were bringing the food in I noticed one of the other attendees also got just a couple of eggs with some bacon and nothing else but water.
I think I may have spotted my very first carnivore in the wild.
It wasn’t nearly enough so when I got home I chowed done on some of my liverwurst and some pork rinds.

(Robin) #139

Ah, the elusive wild carnivore. They’re out there if you have a keen eye and pay attention to where the scent of bacon is coming from.


It may be. Or they just didn’t like the non-carni choices.
I probably would choose the same (or fasting… I rarely trust eggs, I am choosy about their source and bacon is problematic too, I love the taste and crunchiness but it’s often way too salty) but it doesn’t mean I don’t eat bananas whenever Alvaro brings them sigh. Unless he brings them too often (or in my not already hopelessly fruity months, of course) as I have my limits and plans… But I have this with fruit in general. In tinier and tinier amounts as time pass and it was typically pretty small before I tried carnivore. If one is me with my circumstances, avoiding fruit is extremely hard in most months (10g? easy. 5g? doable, even in fruit season, not every day but often. 0g? highly challenging as I don’t see the point to put so much effort into something I don’t seem to need. I just have this “let’s try pure carni” times occasionally. but I keep them for winter so I actually have chances. I never need fruits anymore, I just have them around me almost all the time and many of them are quite wonderful to eat). I trust in November.

But I didn’t actually come to talk about fruits, it just happens too often.
I didn’t come to talk about anything actually but if I am here I can admit I had breakfast today after 10am. I just wasn’t satiated and meat and a boiled egg (and crunchy chicken skin and a bite of ham. coffee too) was too tempting and felt good.
I need a bigger eating window for my heavily lean meat based days anyway so hopefully it will be fine. Yesterday I got a bit hungry for a tiny second dinner. Indeed, i stayed below 130g protein during my 2 normal meals, it rarely ends well. I will be more careful from now on and eat all the lean pork I can even if I am lucky enough to fancy it ;). With some addition, it’s too lean alone but there are so many options, sauces, dry sausage slices, fatty jelly from the oven pan if I have that…
But I am very very pleased with the new order, little dairy, focus on leanish meat. Even if I make mistakes (and drink a lot of milk, sometimes it happens. well not much, per se, my 8-10 dl a day only happened a couple of times when it was very new to me after almost zero milk decades), I just don’t overeat this way but I am never hungry for long (and that is soft too) :smiley: I keep this.
Yesterday was quite eggy with below a pound meat, the ideal day is meatier. But I really miss some fattier kind. Oh well, I have chicken skin and sausage. I will manage but it’s way better with fattier meat.
Our supplies are very low, Saturday will be a big shopping day in the city, Alvaro goes to a class reunion too but first it will be a tiresome shopping, oh my, the usual multiple supermarkets but this time we need shoes, weights (2x5kg for me, I was waiting for this since long but improved slowly and had plenty of smaller weights anyway), induction cooker (we have only one since ages and it’s little as we don’t have normal cooktops, only these single machines. and I have problems with these terms, I hope it’s understandable what I am talking about)…
I want various meats, I haven’t eaten hearts (be it chicken or pork) since ages. I would enjoy some chicken heart and liver stew again… I never paired normal meat and organ in a stew ever, maybe I will try it one day but I like them separately and rarely eat stews.
I will try to be shy with dairy :slight_smile: Alvaro needs a lot of cheese, of course, I got bored of cottage cheese, I can buy quark here WHEN we fancy it, its shelf life is pitifully short, good that Alvaro gladly helps with it… Mascarpone triggers sweet desserts… I had more milk I needed lately… But I definitely want lots of cream, that’s useful. Almost all my carni desserts based on whipped cream due to its natural sweetness and wonderfulness. (If I ever could get raw cream, that would be pure bliss.)