Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023

(Bean) #21

Have you ever been so in the weeds with life that it would be stressful to recount it? I’m not particularly stressed, but thinking about it makes me tired.

Today was 10 ounces of various cuts of leftover meat at lunch, dinner was three eggs, two boneless chicken thighs, a few bites of a bratwurst, and two decently junk free hot dogs with a squirt of mustard leftover from the grandkids. Oh and some electrolyte jello".

Headache today… which made me notice that I haven’t had one in weeks. It used to be a daily thing.

(Geoffrey) #22

After my walk this morning I didn’t feel like cooking so I just snacked on some salmon salad and pork rinds.
Most of the day was filled with running around town shopping and buying feed. After unloading a ton of feed sacks I was hungry so I cooked up a full pound of lamb burgers.

(Judy Thompson) #23

Easy-ish day here, music practice this morning for the duo wedding we’re playing Saturday afternoon. Had my hard boiled egg around 10, then lunch was 2 slices of pork tenderloin topped with blue cheese and fresh made ice cream.
After lunch I taught private lessons online for about 5 hours, then cut open a package of liverwurst and sliced some sharp cheddar - my usual evening snack.
A couple hours of sitting on the deck watching the stars come out has brought us to bedtime.
Another good zc day.

(Robin) #24

Love the name of this new thread. Steady as she goes.
I have turned in my official carnivore badge in as I deal with some cardiac issues. But hope to get right back on the horse soon.


@JJFiddle: Pretty food!!! :smiley:

I made another bunch of roast, it’s beautiful, maybe I will have time and state of mind to shot it :smiley: Roasted pork, leaner and fattier, I surely wrote about that yesterday. GREAT combo, I keep this! :smiley: I seem to like pork shoulder more now, after all the leaner pork :smiley: But of course, they aren’t always the same, it’s not always just me.
I made sponge cakes too, again… And I will make sure I always have PLENTY of dessert as I have certain difficulties to keep my days carni ever. I don’t stray much on most days but it’s annoying that I just can’t not add extras. I know I badly need a lot of desserts now for some reason but it doesn’t mean I need to add non-carni items as well…
Even now that I have plenty of tempting meat, I can’t just stick to normal food. IDK what is this dessert mania, it usually isn’t this severe, I only depended on them unusually much when I did vegetarian keto and I either half-lived on sweets or quit due to the excessive amounts of vegs (minimal but too much for keto. 40g carbs was just a quick tasting of some fried caulflowers in my case. it was always banned on my old keto).
But I still want desserts in the end of my meals :frowning: It never changed. Not each and every time, even I am not that bad (Alvaro is but he has no problems with it), plenty of lovely meat and other things (egg dishes, some dairy though that is often dessert, dairy is good for that) may make me satisfied but I still had at least some dessert coffee in the last years and now, as I wrote, it’s worse. Maybe the summer affected me in negative ways. Or IDK.
Oh well, I try to focus on staying as close to carni as comfortably possible and having the tiniest eating window possible too (the size of my eating window is closely correlated to my inclination to eat off. too bad carni OMAD is tricky for me but I will make a proper OMAD/TMAD carnivore-ish woe happen in the end).

I go to shopping now, I need carbonated water, sour cream and quark! I have meat now but it’s time to check that out too.

(Judy Thompson) #26

@robintemplin blessings. I’m impressed that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to regain your health. It’s one of our finest virtues here isn’t it?

(Robin) #27

Thanks, Judy. This forum is full of so many people who are determined to get healthy and do the work required. Pretty good company and fabulous inspiration.


Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Lamb chops, halloumi cheese and 2 bacon strips for dinner.

My sore knee is getting better by moving around and keeping active. I reckon the bone broth also helps. Went down to the bays on the calm side of the cape where we live. It’s the sheltered side in winter. I went down to wade along the sandy shore for some supported resistance leg exercise. But the tide was right out. Labrador beach walk instead.


After my too awake last night I had no mood to make a photo of my beautiful roast but it’s nothing new anyway.

Hot day but it’s below 30C now, really super hot weather can’t come back anymore! I still was pretty hot with all the walking and running especially uphill (I didn’t run uphill). Finally a day with proper exercise, I neglect my walks lately, I just don’t feel the desire or IDK. But it will come back, my almost daily walks are pretty important for me.

I bought a tiny bit of green ham. It’s still impossible to buy more than ~1.1kg at once as the limit is 2kg and all pieces are 1.1kg… I hoped this will change after the price cap ends but the price stayed pretty low and the limits stayed too…
But I have enough meat for now. Tomorrow I fry some chicken liver again.

I tracked yesterday and today. Pretty similar days, about a pound of meat, some eggs, possibly too much dairy (it feels almost nothing but even a little brings a ton of fat I don’t necessarily need but especially not from dairy, meat works better)… About 130g fat and protein so pretty good. Due to the dairy, my satiation isn’t always perfect, not even on OMAD days but I am good at not eating late now and it’s not a big deal, I am not hungry, per se.

I had a dinner OMAD today (yay). I got satiated or a bit bored of meat quickly (it felt quickly. I still eat my pound of meat eventually, it’s such a small amount, after all) so it was a meal with some breaks and it took 2 hours but it’s still good. I started to eat around 6pm as yesterday managed to be that very satiating :slight_smile: Or I was just too sleepy and thirsty and hot and I jumped my new teas and they are so good… It should help with my coffee quitting goals I have difficulties with as usual… I am not nearly as bad as before but I still drink some for some reason.

I have pretty chill days eating wise, I didn’t even desire desserts today but it’s not so surprising on OMAD I think. And I had my teas and coffees so I actually had desserts…?

(Judy Thompson) #30

We took the pup down to Kerrville about a 45 drive from here expecting a 4 hour wait for her grooming, in which I’d come home and attend an online meeting, make lunch and then go back and get her. But when we got her they said 2 hours! And so we decided to go to Cracker Barrel and get some breakfast. 3 eggs and 2 patties of sausage later we went on a mission to finish getting equipment for my latest craft fascination, polymer clay jewelry.

Mimsy came out pretty spiffy looking.

But restaurant eggs never hold me for long. God knows what they cook them in. The place smells like rancid grease too. Although I’m sure nobody else can smell it :rofl:
So about 3:30 I broke out the raw ground grassfed beef and ate maybe ⅓ of the pound. NOW I’m satisfied still, 2 hours later, and likely won’t need anything else today.

(Geoffrey) #31

Just some lamb burger and three eggs around 1:00 pm. It held me all day. I slow cooked some beef stew meat with some bone broth but never got hungry again so I’ll eat on that tomorrow.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #32

Have to say there’s some great photo’s here. And dogs … I feel able to comment as I’ve been (unplanned) Carnivore for 2 days and Dirty Carni ketovore for a further week. I honestly feel better for it from a digestion point of view.
My newly qualified doctor daughter in law say’s my lack of fibre means I will die soon… Ha :zipper_mouth_face:


Ha indeed :smiley: I know I probably eat the most fiber here but even that is extremely tiny and my body has zero problem with it :smiley:
SOME people need fiber, we know that reading stories on this forum - but it’s not an essential thing for the human body and many of us are very fine without any. I could test all levels I think (I definitely went way over the recommendations on some keto days. I didn’t track it and it probably was quite short term so it doesn’t matter, just saying) and my body loved them all. Zero, tiny, “normal”, high… These all work for me.
Once I have read that fiber is like calories, zero is fine (for a while when it’s about calories ;)), tiny is bad. Well I don’t think that anymore as I definitely eat very tiny fiber about all the time (even if I go off, I typically don’t add much fiber. though I still don’t track it, it’s just a guess. but my normal off day is low fiber keto I am sure)…
Sometimes I get curious and I would like to know my average fiber consumption in the last years (since I tried out carnivore and liked it). But it must be super low. My digestion is pretty great on every woe but if I want perfect stool with ghost wipe and everything, I just need to avoid non-animal carbs (not even completely). Fibers never made any difference in anything as far as I know, my body just couldn’t care less about it.

But a doctor really should know that fiber isn’t essential… And the human body is pretty resilient, at least for a while. I always meet cases where I just can’t comprehend how people are alive still or how they lived… Like poor people in the past, eating mostly carbs. But protein is needed… Well a tiny bit is enough for survival and a good body doesn’t waste any and the less perfect ones probably died…? Still.
There was some jail where only Sunday had proper protein. The other days had grains and potatoes and that’s it. And those contain little. Sure, it wasn’t for long or if it was, the people surely died…? But people in North Korean deathcamps GROW UP there, it’s not like normal death camps where one more or less slowly dies of starvation. They live for decades and even build their bodies from a tiny baby one. Without protein, basically. From my viewpoint. Or human needs viewpoint. It’s just borderline impossible, apparently. The few rats they can catch isn’t much…

It got a bit dark, yes? I always read about such things, even as a kid (well I started with mandatory history readings and went from there so it was medieval torture then. do you learn about that as tiny kids? we do as our history is full with that. medieval Europe was cruel and being a heir to the throne was a dangerous thing… one of our kings got blinded but he still became king).

I fried liver and needed raw meat for pâté and I ended up cutting all the fatty parts from the tiny slab I bought yesterday… Roasted lean pork will be probably boring for me today anyway, I better fry up some fattier pork :slight_smile:
I tried to plan a day, let’s see, I eat half the liver, it’s not much, fried meat but some roasted too, eggs of course, almost no protein from dairy… And I ended up with 200g protein so maybe I won’t eat that much meat :smiley: But I actuallty fancy a meaty day so it very high protein wants to happen, oh well, I was so good in the last days, eating minimal protein (130g)…
But I probably will get satiated way earlier. I am very bad with guessing :slight_smile: Good that my body stops me when I ate enough. Usually. Always if I eat the right things, it’s nice.

Another (just normally, not super) hot summer day and this weather will continue in the next several days, weather forecast says. Good enough. The nights are already cool.

(Karen) #34

@robintemplin praying you get your cardiac issue resolved very soon. Nothing worse than medical stuff hanging over us.

(Karen) #35

@Pjam :rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s so funny, hopefully she will change her viewpoint when you’re in your 90’s lol

I just signed up for a dance event at the end of October. I became a member of u3a, university of the 3rd age, it has different groups you can attend covering all range of topics and puts on events. I am attending a croquet afternoon at end of this month. Anyway i had the email about this dance … ceilidh dance ( like scottish dancing and barn dance) it read there would be fish n chips (sorry don’t know how to blurr) so i emailed back that i had paid the ticket but didn’t require a meal. I never like dinner dances as i don’t like to eat and dance. The lady was obviously very surprised and a few more emails went back and forth convincing her that i really was happy not eating and didn’t feel bothered watching others eat. I secretly quite enjoy watching people eating, wondering how they can stuff themselves with crap and no doubt after eating prior to coming out! People seem unable to get their heads around others who don’t wish to follow the crowd!

I went to CrossFIt again yesterday but when one of the girls asked if i was okay now, while i was struggling to get the brain to connect, she set me off getting very teary. Oh dear i had to fight those tears, grit my teeth and plow through. She apologised later because she realised being kind was not a good thing at that moment. We had a hug.

I was booked on todays class but had an awful time getting to sleep last night so at 5am i cancelled and ending up sleeping in till 9am.

Yesterdays food , a rump steak which wasn’t as good as the steak the day before. Also ate cheese, tuna and mayo and 2 hard boiled eggs.

No stair runs this morning, i still felt tired from the bad sleep. Sat reading in the garden with my coffee and watered the garden, still got our heatwave. The pots will get very dry over the weekend while i am in Harrogate. Temperatures are still climbing!
Been packing some stuff this morning and brunch has been an extra mature cheddar omelette.

(Bean) #36

Yesterday was … beef and lots of it. Maybe 2-2.5#, which is way more than usual. I think I was feeding my headache. I grilled ground beef patties for today when I was cooking steak yesterday, so I’ll have 4-5 of those and 2-3 farm eggs today.

I was tinkering with nutritional analysis yesterday, and my “non supplement” vitamin numbers are amazing. I do think I’ll add a calcium supplement since hubby doesn’t do dairy so I don’t keep any around. Otherwise a full multivitamin tablet puts me way high out of range for almost everything. I just don’t need it.

(Edith) #37

Sounds like you have the perfect opportunity to educate a medical professional.

(Edith) #38

Maybe you can get a neighbor to water your plants while you are gone? We are having temperatures in the upper 30s here in Virginia. I have to water the plants on my deck twice a day. Some of them would do better with 3x per day, but no one is home then. With these temperatures, the plants would probably die if they didn’t get watered for a few days.

(Karen) #39

Well i will water them in the morning and will be back to water them sunday early evening so hopefull they qill be okay. My nextdoor neighbour qould water them if i asked, they are really good like that. X


Carnivores and their plants.

These native wildflower paper daisies are called Everlastings, as they probably are world-wide. They carpet the ‘outback’ and attract bees and tourists. We have a row on the sunny side of the house.

They retain their colour and form when pressed and forgotten in books.