Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023


@Karen18: I am glad you feel better :slight_smile:
I have no salmon but I got some smoked mackerel again :smiley: I sooo love that thing.

Weather forecast says summer continues. Even in October.
Climate change is strong here this year. The second half of September often was very very nice, even October could do it - but NOT summery. This part of the country is cooler now (just perfect) but some parts reached 28-29C…

And I don’t need to brave myself and go to buy pants already as Alvaro’s Mom had a perfect one for me somehow :smiley: I totally hate buying clothes for some reason especially pants as those are tricky. T-shirts are fine, I just grab a biggish one, I like loose shirts… Ordering is worse as one time I got a huge one. Like a tent. (I never wear it but it’s so darn pretty, it has skulls and whatnot). It was L just like most of my T-shirts but as we know, it can mean anything. I even have 2 t-shirts, exactly the same brand and cut and everything, only the color is different. Supposedly. Both are L or M, I don’t remember and sometimes I buy M… I love the olive green-ish one but I never can wear the other as it’s tight around my breasts. Even if I lose fat, it never changes, maybe if I slim down? I still haven’t given up about it and indeed, I seem to improve, slowly… I have very good days and summer ended except the weather so I suppose I will have many carni days in the next several months. Or very nearly carni, still good. Whatever I can do.


glad to read you are feeling alot better K!

Your wonderful garden to the rescue for you to relax!

-------------simple food day
alot of fatty pork country ribs…big yum on that and 2nd meal, might not have one. I ate big on the first meal and super satisfied, if hungry later I got a honking ribeye to fry up. Might just 1/2 that big boy and eat half later, we shall see. I love life as in who cares about what I eat :slight_smile: old days I fretted over every bite in my life and every meal prepared, long long gone on ZC! win win

(Geoffrey) #203

Just a three egg omelette with cheddar and bacon. Never got hungry again so it’s OMAD again. This is becoming a trend.

(Karen) #204

Yesterdays food

First meal was in the local cafe and was very nice, second was left over cold pork chop and salmon filet and a cooked hot rump steak again very nice. I have got nicely into the habit of not eating after dinner and have been eating about 4-4.30pm though that isnt a deliberate timescale, just how the last week has worked out. No snacks whatsoever. I have had a cup of oxo beef stock shortly after the dinners which i have enjoyed. I can really taste the salt in it as i am only getting salt from butter recently.


I am almost envious (not a nice feeling so I as a hedonist don’t do such things if I can help :D) but if I only ate when hungry, maybe I would have only 1, sometimes 2 meals too… But I have no idea how to wait until hunger, I am just not that type. But on some days it’s better than other days… Sometimes it’s very important to eat without hunger… Oh well.

But isn’t that a very low-cal day for you? My body always throws a hissy fit (or just bother me with hunger :smiley: nowadays things are calmer, it was more violent in the past) if I undereat. Of course, one lower-cal day may happen, even to me though it’s extremely rare in my case (true low-cal. not like 1500 kcal that I call low-cal as it’s below my natural minimum my body is content with).

Today I will start with a 3 egg scrambled eggs with pork belly as I only have a little pork roast left (I have some in the freezer but it’s leanish and not THAT tempting. I still gladly eat it when hungry but I won’t get it out from the freezer when I have better options). It will be nice. I missed fattier meats (though I ate some fried chicken skin. and had fatty dairy and yolks. still, not the same)!

Nowadays I eat before lunch too, I don’t know why, I just get the urge and doesn’t resist. I need a few meals to eat my pound of lean pork anyway. It’s okay meat, some parts are lovely too but I get bored of it moderately quickly and jump my eggs and dairy… And that’s not so good, it’s proven leaner meat as my main food works best. (Fattier meat could if I just gave up most of my eggs and dairy… Nope. And of course, I need to get that meat and it’s not trivial locally. Thankfully I have a lot from the city right now.)
I used to eat more and more plant carbs as the number of my meals got higher (as I got bored of the carni part), I think I lost that. I gladly eat my not even so very tempting meat for the 4th time on the same day (and I don’t even need variety, my usual green ham works well enough). Not much but that’s just right if I eat so many times.
Today I had creamy coffees and a bite of meat for my too early first but tiny meal. I hope I can stop it soon.

It’s quite chill nowadays, I can eat just fine, no particular enjoyment from food but nothing off-putting either. It works but I am looking forward to some really enjoyable fatty meat meals in the near future. Oh I NEVER will put fried chicken liver into the freezer again, it’s so bad, it has some odd taste, I barely could eat it mixed with my pork and lots of sour cream. But it was nutrient for hungry me, I didn’t gag so… But I don’t want to repeat it. I don’t even want to see liver for 1-2 weeks now. And that will be pork liver… Fried in chicken fat as I have a lot and I don’t trust it to last long.
I don’t do exactly carnivore but I am trying to stay as close as comfortably possible. I am so glad my baking compulsion passed, it wasn’t good. I better figure out how to scratch the itch (or avoid it) with some carnivore or at least carnivore-ish experiments. I mean recipe making experiments, I need them. And I like (crunchy, crispy) biscuits but I can’t make them even with flour and I actually have some carnivore soft biscuit recipes… I should go back to them.

Apropos experiments, now that I don’t seem to need huge variety or much of my really fatty items, I got curious… About one very usual: what exactly makes me satiated when hungry, for my first meal? :smiley: When I can do SIMPLE… Or what happens when I eat lots of protein but little fat (I can imagine but still need experiments as my items change the result. leanish pork is wonderful for satiation). I won’t do the latter in the next days, I just made a lot of whipped cream :smiley: So I try to keep my coffee consumption in check, not very successfully at the moment.

So I go for simplicity now and it’s… Half successful. But it will get better I am sure and until then I get used to about zero cheese, it’s very easy now (cream cheese doesn’t count but I don’t eat much of that either. I probably would eat none if I had fattier meat). And my diminishing processed meat intake? Great. it never was very much but now it’s really minimal. None for days happen.

Very nice sunny days here, a bit too warm for me, just like promised. I fight with the blackberry now. After getting some thorns yesterday I remembered my very great gloves bought exactly for that task… It works perfectly and I don’t even feel annoyed. I barely can do anything in gloves so I very rarely use them. I hate rubber ones the most, I only use them when I dye my hair (once in a few years. usually red, now aubergine! :smiley: give me a few to several months and I will bring myself to it. it’s not fun but having an interesting and pretty hair color is).


simple day
first meal ribeye steak I didn’t eat from last night.
then 2nd meal will be eating up leftover country pork ribs I need to finish.
ahhh, the ease of zc right? :slight_smile:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #207

Pork belly last night, and boy, was it rich! Very satisfying. Didn’t miss vegetables or salad at all.

Interestingly, despite all that fat, I must not have overeaten, because I didn’t wake up soaked with perspiration. You’d think meat sweats would be a thing on carnivore, but so far, they’re not.


Braised short ribs last night. Nice and thick with a luscious layer of fat.
Liquid Chicken Latte for breakfast today

Been a little on and off carnivore this month, but, not outside the Keto realm. The garden is so incredibly productive, with astonishing amounts of brassicas. So, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage have been sides for all the meat. Not an overwhelming amount, but as sides. Now moving more of the veg into preserved applications rather than consuming immediately. What an amazing blessing to be able to grow and preserve these foods for my family, though!

We received the meat back from the butcher, and its excellent. So beef is all set. Recently realized that there were 7 roosters out back, so had hubby shoot another one. And, one by one - dealing with the overwhelming number of turkeys out there. Honestly, I have lost count now. Prioritizing taking out the largest domestic males first.The wild males are clearly “servicing” the females. We’ve had 4 groups of babies hatch, and most definitely a portion of them exhibit the wild turkey feather coloring and shape. There is one mother still sitting on her clutch. Hubby counted 19 eggs in her nest. No idea where to house them when they finally hatch. We are very close to the end of the 28 day incubation period. And, thank you, Jesus for the mild, warm weather here!!! Got a couple 80F days coming up. All these animals have a wonderful season to grow, forage and thrive before the snow hits.

Speaking of babies…one of cows calved last week. Red baby Angus bull, Zeke is the cutest little fellow! Very friendly and not skiddish at all.

Working to complete some outdoor projects before the snow hits. Moving gravel from the farm to areas at both homes, re-working the garden fencing, fortifying the chicken and turkeys residences, picking apples for the cows, building a new deer blind, etc. The goal is to complete items this week, so we can take a trip to Copper Harbor or the Porkies this weekend, and relax a bit.

We built a gazebo on the east patio. Prior to pouring the concrete, hubby had wire and plumbed the area for a hot tube. Now that the gazebo is up, he’s ordered a hot tub to install. One of our grown kids noticed that…and has increased the frequency of her visits here. :joy: She’s very interested in this small luxury.

The foot -leg situation is improving- but not without some pain and discomfort. It does not cease to amaze me at how much trouble this broken bone has caused. Truly a domino-effect. Having said that, I’ve begun planking again- and really forcing it; Even gone so far as to plank in my bare feet. Endured some sleepless nights due to muscle cramps and aches. But, all of that is resolving slowly but surely.

Got a few a other irons in the fire regarding my business and what route to take this holiday season. Once I get the mojo back in full force, and focus- that will be good. Take care all, and stay the course!


I ate this and more for lunch. RIP smoked pork hocks… I feel I barely tasted it… Next time I will eat half of the fresh warm thing at once (it will be a smallish piece, we always put the bigger part with the bone into a big amount of food. not the whole thing as we are afraid it will make it too salty). Alvaro says I may eat it all :slight_smile:

I wasn’t very shy about the pork belly, I used pretty much :slight_smile: Thankfully it isn’t too salty… Whenever I use bacon, I need at least one egg for every 10g… But this belly was nice. Apart from the tiny sugar in it… I lose my tolerance with such unnecessary things but it’s hard to find the right kind every time we go shopping. Next time I will write down which rare supermarket items are good. I think all pâté is “bad” so I don’t buy them anymore but no smoked pork belly??? Nope. But I will check all supermarkets out… It’s good it’s not hard to find okay sausages but I am more like into pork belly now… Maybe I should buy all my smoked items from the pig farm… We just stopped regularly shopping there for some reason.

Never had it and probably never will. It’s probably quite individual. If my body gets a bit too much food… I actually have no idea what it does with it. I know my CO tend to raise if I overeat, no matter the woe (so it becomes maintenance unless it’s serious overeating) but I don’t feel any difference.
I can’t overeat meat easily though so maybe that’s one reason I never had meat sweats? :smiley: I ate 1kg or more a few times but only for one day and nothing happened even then.
I tend to overeat fat (not now and especially not on carnivore - as long as I try to behave) but nothing happens even then.

I like the feeling too :slight_smile: My tiny veggie patch (still half full with flowers…) only produce a little raw vegs for Alvaro now and then but it’s a joy to have plenty of fruits for all year round. This year was bad (except greengage) but we still have some jars from '18 and '19 let alone later…
I like growing things (especially where the tree grows them and we just need to pick and pressure can. and eat but that is Alvaro’s job). I like to look at the beautiful produce. I like to offer or preserve them for (mostly) Alvaro. I just like to eat them less and less. It works great with fruits as I still enjoy the hell out of them, it’s just the frequency and amount that became super tiny (and it wasn’t so much on my original keto).
Vegs… I just don’t desire or enjoy the vast majority of them so quite pointless to eat those. It’s amazing that I lost interest in them years ago so I could try carnivore and they just never came back. I don’t even have stupid states where I desire them but dislike them or feel some burst of nostalgy… Nothing. It’s very chill. But if there are vegs in a tasty meat dish, I eat it. So Alvaro and his Mom both make non-carni food I just won’t skip. It happens rarely enough (it’s more frequent that I eat a tiny bit of juicy vegs with my meat. I did that in summer a lot) but I will need some extra determination for winter to pull off my old plan, having a whole carni month. Not like a single slightly off day would be anything bad but I like clean experiments. If a rule breaks, it’s harder to stick with it as if nothing happened, it’s how I work unless I really think it over and persuade myself to do my best, no matter the slips…

(Geoffrey) #210

Yes I suppose it is but that’s more than I’ve been eating. I really lost my appetite when I was sick but it’s slowly coming back.

So, around noon it was a nice steak covered with three over easy eggs.

Then this evening, while I wasn’t really hungry, I did want to snack around a little so I had a tin of sardines and some pork rinds. They sure tasted good but about six hours later I’m looking for an antacid.


Plant matter will be mentioned in this comment, I have my circumstances, struggles and hopefully solutions… Living with Alvaro definitely brings some challenges when it comes to following my chosen woe more or less closely. It brings way more positives, of course, even some positives involving my cooking and eating. But there are challenges.

I make seitan for Alvaro and fried hake fish today. He made such a big amount of veggie dish (one of my old irresistible favs when not bitter. I lost 100% of my interest, carnivore works well and I don’t even do it properly or for long ever… sometimes it’s proper but short term) that it’s day #5 when he needs some protein with it. I made the usual carnivore cheesy wisps, now that covers 3 days, I gave him some of my emergency pork yesterday but eventually we reached the seitan state. He could use eggs too but we are low at it and anyway, variety. He loves to stuff but well, I make a quite tasty one (spices, condiments and lard make wonders).
That’s why I make fish, actually, to keep myself from the temptation. I am vulnerable now that I am not even on carnivore, just close. September is tough but I will try harder on October, I need training for November… I really hope next summer will be more carnivore-ish as it’s hard to come down from it. I wasn’t wild, I want my carni food but when Alvaro cooks something nice but obviously not carnivore as he can’t cook anything carnivore except a few eggs… Or when the usual tiny extras pop up, I just don’t have the strength (? not the good word) to say no. As I don’t even consider it a good idea at the time… But I really wish to go back to carnivore real soon. So I am torn, my inner selves pull me into different directions. The end result is still an enjoyable woe but I have bigger plans than that.


The baked 1.2kg rib steak is so chonky tonight that I’ll have to finish off the rest at another sitting. It was that wonderful ‘I’m fully satisfied” signal.

Driving home from the city, just near to where we live, I’ve been watching this tree. Today I got a picture. It’s a tree holding a tree.


Yesterday I ate so much… Today a small lunch was enough.

I left the biggest pork roast piece (and a few more bites), I got bored of it (it’s the leanest part and frying it a bit just make it drier… still will be fine with some sauce or something) but I wasn’t hungry anymore at that point. Even with the leftovers, my protein will be low so I grab a sausage, I don’t find the idea so boring anymore that I had a small break of it.

Meanwhile Alvaro heroically eats his veggie dish, it probably won’t last until tomorrow but maybe breakfast will be fine (2 bowls for lunch, some for dinner and breakfast too and that will be the 6th day - but he only ate it for dinner until now - , I asked if he will be bored, he said it’s not important now. I don’t envy him. I usually hate when I am forced to eat something and it’s already not that tempting. and it’s not even a substantial dish).
That’s why meat is superior even in that aspect, I can easily freeze it but it probably lasts longer than 5 days anyway. And we both can eat it…

He is that type, by the way. Making a ton of food. I understand, it’s amazing when there is food for days but sometimes even we manage to make too much (well, him. I make meat and I usually don’t even have enough to put some into the freezer). Once he cooked, like, 1.5 kg mushroom? A substantial one that doesn’t even get tiny while cooking. That wasn’t pretty. I lost interest quickly and it’s a very big amount for one person. But we learned that mushroom dishes last long too… At least that one.

And once (I better talk about carni items already) we boiled 50 eggs… It was educational too, it turned out it’s too much and boiled eggs don’t last as long as people say they do. But I just experimented with a few like this so there was no loss (as soon as I wondered if it’s still okay but there were no real problems yet, I probably fed the leftover 1-2 to the cats as that is what I do in that case. throwing out just one egg is so hurtful I would remember). But eating up (almost) 50 eggs, that was a challenge. We can do it, sure but in the end it wasn’t because we really wanted them.
So we only boil 30 eggs over open fire now and usually way less in the house (I have small pots and I put 4-5 into them, usually 2 of them is eaten soft-boiled). And when we boil 30, it’s because we need 12-20 for a dish. Hard-boiled eggs are nice and useful but not my fav (may be one of my favs when I make some nice food from them though) so I get bored quickly. And then I need a several days break. Unless I use tricks but I like to make somewhat complicated dishes because I want to, not because life forced me to do it.

It got too long again, sorry.

(Karen) #214

Yesterdays food

Started brunch with back bacon and 1 fried egg … wasn’t enough and bacon like cardboard so cooked some streaky bacon and added a burger to it. Dinner was rump steak and pork chops.

Todays food

Brunch 2 burgers and streaky bacon and dinner 1 small thin sirloin steak and 2 thin pork chops followed by 225g corned beef as i was still hungry. Dinner was very tasty. Corned beef quite salty… think our bodies just lead us to eat what we need. It was much saltier than the tinned corned beef i buy now and again from lidl … which i do prefer only this cb was from Company Shop so it was quite cheap.

Played croquet this afternoon…it was okay but i certainly won’t be rushing out to play it again, give me dancing anytime! My first event with the U3A. I met some nice people though and that was my main aim.


Too salty things really bother me. I can add eggs or sour cream but still.
My stupid jelly below my roast got too salty again last time, next time I really barely will salt it. Like 1g for the whole thing… I can salt it later… And I will as I still dislike if my meat isn’t salty enough… It’s just meat as eggs have enough sodium so they never can be very unsalted, dairy doesn’t need it or have it naturally, some cheeses have too much, even…

I desire really simple days now. Today was kind of simple and finally not too much food but I can do it better :wink:

My activity is minimal now as my heel is more aching than ever (still not a bad pain but all day so I always have a little limp). It’s not so bad that I couldn’t do my usual walks though I really won’t do 2-3 hours in the near future. Running is the problem. No idea what it could be, I better meditate and try to heal it that way… I don’t even feel any problem, I mean, my feet works just fine except the usually small but still bothersome (as it tries to interfere with my walking and my walking is needed) pain. I hoped not using my somewhat uncomfy slippers will help but it didn’t :frowning: I am not a patient one and I expect no pain all the time from my body. But my back pain disappeared and I don’t have headaches either lately, it’s something. 2023 was too painful. In multiple ways.

But there are nice things too, Alvaro was elated to find a little green tree frog on the grapevine! It croaked into his ear :smiley: He immediately and excitedly (and he isn’t that type… I am the excitable one, that actually tires him sometimes but I can’t help it) called me to see it myself and was quite happy all evening. I wondered how tiny things can make an animal lover happy and honored :smiley: We typically just see toads and sometimes marsh frogs near/in water, once I saw an agile frog too but tree frogs? We never see them. So it was a treat. Like a kingfisher, it’s about as rare for us.


Ok, carnivores and allies. We are looking for a name for the October chat thread. Maybe we have an egg theme and celebrate the joy and nutrition of Eggtober? :egg:

(KM) #217

Adding a bit of vinegar will cut the saltiness, at least a bit

(Geoffrey) #218

October Eggstravaganza?

(Geoffrey) #219

Felt like another omelet today. Went real light with the cheddar this time. I used too much the last time. Chopped up a hamburger patty for the inside but I gotta admit, it didn’t taste good. The egg and cheese was fine but that hamburger just wasn’t appetizing. I went ahead and ate it because I needed the protein but I didn’t enjoy it. Later in the day my wife heated up some cooked ground beef to go with some eggs she was having and the smell of that hamburger was just off putting to me, almost nasty smelling. It’s good beef and plenty fresh so no danger there it’s just me. I don’t understand why but I sure hope my steaks don’t start smelling bad to me.


“Eggstra eggstra read all about it!”

Is an eggstraordinary celebration of eggs too eggstreme?