Show me your pets! 😺

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My new ladies, arrived yesterday just one week after being rescued from horrific conditions (cramped cages in a barn, in absolute darkness and toxic air). They have a long recovery ahead of them but even in this awful condition, they’re already beautiful :heart:

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It saddens & sickens me the state they’re in, but they couldn’t ask for a better human to look after them @Shortstuff

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They are looking great. It’s been great fun seeing them grow. Are they liking the outdoors yet?

A bit indecisive about the ladder though😉

(Jane) #65

Oh yes. When we go down and open the little door to their ramp in the mornings they come tearing out and head for their food like that are starving! Then they wander around, go back to their hutch, come back down… only the boss hen (Greta) has been brave enough to leave their small coop run for the bigger outer run so far. Some will follow behind her but they stay close to the coop where they feel safe. If anything spooks them they go running up the ramp and into the hutch and peek out.

They get chick crumbles and grit and for treats they get dried mealworms (yum) and 5-grain scratch. When their chick feed runs out we will switch them over to grower feed then around 5 months will switch them to their final feed - laying feed.

(Allie) #66

I hope my girls look like this soon :heart:


The small tabby is (was) Tim. He’d had an eye infection left untreated as a kitten and had reduced vision. Never let it stop him though. We had to have him put down just a few weeks ago. He had an autoimmune condition that would have left him in constant pain. He was only 21 months old.
The tabby/white is Socks. Had him since he was about 6 months old. He’s lovely, except when he brings home live presents for me! He likes some fuss but not too much.
The big black beast is, I’m convinced, half panther and the inspiration behind Toothless (film version). We’ve had him since he was about 5 weeks old. The litter was advertised in the paper and he was the only one left. Hubby given impression that he would be drowned if we didn’t have him. We were also told he was 8 weeks. We had him sprayed for fleas at the vets before taking him home because we had Toffee. He came out the carrier with his tail stuck straight up in the air and punk like spikes from where the flea spray had dried, hence his name.
The last one is Toffee. My old lady. Had her since she was 10 weeks because the daughter of the first family to have her was allergic, so they gave Toffee away. 2 years ago, aged 14, she had a stroke and had to be put down. This was taken not long before she went.

All rescues, one way or another.
Now I’m back down to 2, I’m waiting to see if another will find me?

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Me, too. I bet you have them nursed back to health in no time!

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My pets are more tentacle-y than furry or feathery…

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Here is Porter with my twin boys. Porter is a rescue dog that is probably a German Shepherd/Black Lab mix. He’s about 14 years old.

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This is fun! My Great Dane Nimbus, my Great Pyrenees Sandy, and my kitty Cleo!

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@MdmButterfly, how do you find the Pyr as a pet? We had one as a livestock dog (and a Maremma and an Akbash) and while she was perfectly friendly and full of character, she definitely wasn’t a pet.

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Prof mcgonagall I presume?

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They’re all over where I live… they are GREAT inside dogs… they tend to love snuggling up on the couch with you!

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Yes. My daughter, a fan of J. K. Rowling’s books, named our first kitty.

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My huntress:

My sweet big boy Max

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