Show me your pets! 😺


Love that pic with the claws out. It’s hard to capture such awesome action pictures of our animals :heart:

(Laurie) #42

I’m camera shy–both sides of camera–so I’ll just say aaaaaaawwwwww, and thanks, everyone!

(Cynthia Anderson) #43

Here ya go

(Jane) #44

Max LOVES to poke us. Whenever my husband grills steaks he comes around begging for a morsel. He’s not like a dog who will NEVER leave if you give them a bite.

He will poke my leg with his paw to let me know he wants a bite. If I ignore him, I get repeatedly poked until I drop a steak morsel for him. He nibbles it and contentedly goes back to his bed after his bite.

He is one of my all-time favorite pets - such a noodle head!!!

(Kay) #45

All such great pet pics :heartpulse:

(Jill F.) #46

This is Dum Dum…sweetest and dumbest cat on the planet. She is quite a mama’s girl.

(Kristen Ann) #47

Every evening she curls up in her spot like “nothing happened today” and “I’m not the worst.” But I know her truth. She is more emotional than all of the people in my life put together. All two :joy:.


My little Alice. Only 9 months old and just diagnosed with a fatal virus…maybe days left at this point? This is a pic from happier days :heart:

(Kristen Ann) #49

So sorry to hear this!

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #50

I’m so sorry :anguished: She’s a darling little thing :heart_eyes:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #51

I’m so sorry to hear that :disappointed:

(Jane) #52

(Ellen) #53

So sorry to hear that Judy.

(Virginia ) #54

So sorry to hear about Alice.


Like the others, I’m sorry to hear this. She is very cute.

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #56

:pleading_face:. She’s adorable, so sorry you both have to go through this. Condolences


cute pets everyone

(PJ) #58

This is Erin. She is one of four furry friends. :smiley:

All pitiful rescues! But all awesome friends now. :smiley:

PS she is the only orange tabby I ever met that was female.

(Jane) #59

Most orange tabbys are boys so when I adopted 2 orange kittens rescued from a dumpster I assumed they were boys who had been fixed and abandoned.

Until they went into heat… both orange girls. I LOVE orange kitties!!!

They are still very awesome- my Viking girls. One is part Maine Coon cat. The other a small short-haired orange tabby who is my BEST hunter. Keeps the rodent population at bay around here in the country. Worth her weight in gold.

(Jeff Gilbertson) #60