Show me your pets! ๐Ÿ˜บ

(Libby) #81

(PJ) #82

Darling Erin
The only female orange tabby Iโ€™ve ever met
Who has claws UNUSUALLY long for a cat. I think she may be part Abyssinian or something.

Sweet Ernie
Who is going to live outside starting this weekend and will be delighted. We have a nice dogloo setup for outside kitties.

My closest kitty who sleep with me, Miri

Although my favorite pic of her is this one

And when she was a baby she was the cutest thing EVER

Just in the last year I have had to say goodbye to three of my beautiful fur friends, and my heart is still aching. Itโ€™s near enough that they are still a part of my family.


And Tigris

And LeeLoo

ALL my cats are โ€˜rescues and hard luck cases.โ€™