Show me your pets! 😺


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I can’t pass up opportunities to share furr baby pics…


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My silly old girl closely monitoring me in the kitchen in case I drop something.


@Shortstuff … Came across this pic on FB just now, and we thought of you and your Swan friends. The wife was telling me about all the pics you posted up just a couple days ago.

Guess this would be considered a two-seater. :slight_smile:

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Lovely pic @Digital_Dave :grinning:

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Lola (12) & Ralphie (10)…aka Mayhem & Foolishness :wink:


Cute… My Wife @DoggieMom is going to like this. We also had a Beagle for over 15 years, but he passed a couple years after we got the Pups we have now. :slight_smile: His name was Scout. - I know I have some photo of him on my Mac, but pretty sure she could locate one easier and a better one.

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I’ve had one or more beagle/basset/bagle dogs in my life since I was a wee thing, and I love their personalities. We lost our bagle Buddy a year ago to mast cell at only 9 y/o. Poor thing had been abused & shot before being surrendered to the rescue we adopted him from, but he had a good life the years he was with us. We adopted Ralphie a few months after he passed. (When he’s sitting like this you can’t tell, but he’s also a bagle; my husband says he looks like he was “put together by committee”, LOL.) But Lola’s been with us for over 10 years now. We refer to them as Mayhem & Foolishness, but they really are great dogs :slight_smile:

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Heidi doesn’t get herself in many photos as she’s so quiet and keeps herself out of the way, sweet little girl, but she had to see the vet yesterday so I took some pics.

Heidi came here temporarily nine years ago after she was found living outside under a bush in the middle of summer with no food or water, and five kittens. The kittens were about five weeks old and she had done so well with them, all healthy and good weights, but Heidi herself was exhausted and extremely thin. I still have two of her kittens too.







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Arnold the Marshmallow… “let me out I NEED TO BE OUTSIDE” … runs to shelter… “IT’S RAINING WHY HAVE YOU LOCKED ME OUT IN THIS?!” :joy: My Marshmallow is dim…


A few other cat photos…

I met this girl and her cat at the Moline airport. They were on their way to California to visit a friend.

This is (or was) Gandalf. He was a feral who hung out around our house for a few years.

This is Minstrel. She was Gandolf’s mom and also Molly’s mom. (I posted a photo of Molly, who is one of our five cats, earlier.) Minstrel is also Callisto’s aunt.

This is Bella. We met her while visiting the Whispering Oaks Ranch in the La Sal mountains several years ago.

I think this was one of Minstrel’s kittens:

Another shot of Gandalf:

This is Colette. A neighbor had found Colette and her litter-mates in her garage. The mama cat was a feral who suddenly disappeared. We took care of these kittens until we could find homes for them.

Colette with her siblings:


Cat in my lap, bacon nearby - begging eyes from Tim.

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Tim looks a little mad that Cat got the lap spot.


Tim is a little heavy for lap-dog duty (35kg) but he has his eye on the cat’s spot on the bed. He’s a Labrador/Kelpie cross.

Oh, and the cat was closer to the plate of eggs and bacon (and she likes her share too).

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Cat napping. Max always gets the shoulder.