Show me yer burger!

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Post yours here!

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Twisted my arm!

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@MooBoom slurp

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I’m new to the forum and 6 weeks in WOE. My wife made an awesome Venison Taco Burger last night. We added a little butter in the mix and some extra sour cream and guacamole to make up for the super lean / high protein meat. Ain’t it pretty?

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Breakfast today. Each had 1/2lb patty, 2strips bacon, provolone, sunny side up egg. Only managed to eat one tho.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #47

Stuck in NYC on a 7 hour flight delay… filled my belly with a triple burger, fried egg, bacon, a tomato, mustard, and mayo. Keto is so hard and boring :joy::joy::joy:


I make something similar for the wife. burger patty, bacon, egg, cheese. I like it with red onion but she does not. I call it a sunrise burger, although you can eat it at any time of day, LOL.

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that sounds amazing. I think I may be too new to the forum because I can’t seem to access that recipe

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Do you have a problem with your protein getting to high? I love all these recipes but it seems like it doesn’t take a lot to get my protein up to 90 g a day.

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I don’t eat them every day.

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Got it thx

(Chris) #53

I’m a pretty big dude and I shoot for about a 70%fat, 30% protein, 0% carbs ratio. I rarely get more than 200-215 grams of protein per nutrition calcs

(Daniel) #54

it was pretty easy. melt a whole block of kerrygold in a small saucepan, and drop in the burger. 4 minutes a side, let it rest for 5 minutes after.

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Thx bro I’ll break my fast tomorrow with that after we paddle out. Nice of you

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deep fried smash burgers anyone.

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There’s a couple burgers in there somewhere…

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Mmmm, dat drippy yolk!

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I’m glad you posted this twice so I could give it 2 likes! Still not enough!!


1/2 lb high fat mince burger, blue cheese, bacon, carmelized red onions, really big tomato, lettuce on a cloud bun with cream cheese, and Dijon mustard.