September 2018 ZornFast

(KCKO, KCFO) #121

Went to bed thinking I’ll just break my fast in the morning. Got up with 0 hunger, just wanted coffee. I’m in my 87th hr. currently and plan to just keep going today until I feel like facing food again.I had Vora set for 84 hrs. this time.

I did go out to breakfast, but just had a coffee while he had his breakfast.
I have to get into the freezer and find something I will feel like eating later.

(Lonnie Hedley) #122

Called it at 88 hours. Could have easily made the 90 hour goal, but I wanted to eat something.

Good luck to everyone still fasting.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #123

I’ve been lucky. Since the very first time I tried fasting two and a half years ago I always get quite the high after one or two days. I actually look forward to it and it motivates me. It also makes it difficult to break the fast because I don’t want to lose that feeling. One time I fasted 10 days. I just kept going. Of course I was in a competition with Richard, he had just done one.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #124

Weed makes me get the munchies. You are impressive to do this on a fast.


(Lonnie Hedley) #125

Much prefer cannabis over alcohol, but smoking on Keto gives me the munchies for the wrong kinds of food. So, I’ll just avoid all intoxicants. Except maybe on rare occasions like my birthday.


My very first fast longer than 22 hours. I made it 84 hours! Much easier than I though it would be.


I’m out at 87 hours. I could have gone longer but I am super amazed I made it that long without any serious hungries. Good luck everyone! Fast on :slight_smile:


I dislike over selling things, but the way I feel after a couple days of fasting is almost a kind of euphoria. Even after years and years of fasting off and on… that never seems to change.

I made it to 72 hours, mostly pretty easy… supplementing with some fats. Breaking fast now, reluctantly.

(KCKO, KCFO) #129

Broke my fast at 90 hrs. Had a nice lunch outside on the patio with DH because it is a lovely day here and 90 is plenty in my book.

We live in one of the legal states, so can get custom blends. More CBD takes care of the munchies, it is the part that helps with pain & inflammation relief. Sativa gives most people the super munchies. I don’t toke much but when I do I like something high on the CBD side. I really prefer to drink wine and have for over 40 yrs. now. I only started doing pot occasionally mostly in social situations now. Rarely do it if not doing it with others.

(TJ Borden) #130

Might be time for a new thread :thinking:

(Hoby Bradfield) #131

Broke my fast at @ 90 hours… this is the longest I have ever fasted… won’t be the last 4 day fast… if the scale this morning was right, I’m down 5 lbs… :+1: now it is time to go enjoy this fat feasted satiation…


Now at about 60 hours and feeling fine. If all continues to go well, I’ll fast for another day or two. I have a big work event tomorrow evening so I have to still be feeling really good at that point, and 4 days is often when things start to go downhill for me.
In any case, I’m at that point of being kind of amazed by fasting. I had a very busy weekend both in terms of work and exercise, and I’m fine. At any given point over these last few days, I’m not sure that I would be aware that I’m fasting (so no euphoria, but no problems either! And very little hunger - a moment or two now and then but they pass quickly).


Well, after having to break 4 days ago, I got some foods in since then and back at it as of a couple hours ago. Hope to go through the week with this one. :slight_smile: … Hope everyone is doing else is doing fine with theirs.

(8a37b36176e47902a5a1) #134

I missed this start time. Just started water fast on 9/25 & still going…tho I was doing 24 IF previously every other day. Will catch next month’s for sure.

(TJ Borden) #135

Awesome. It’s never too late to Zornfast.

(8a37b36176e47902a5a1) #136

I have to say…my very 1st reading of a thread had u ALL over it. I started reading bcuz the woman that started the thread had some genuine concerns. Then HE asked questions. He took over the thread…got SEVERAL responses/suggestions. Debated EVERY one of the responses then it slowly turned ugly. I had long gotten annoyed and kept telling myself to stop reading Bonnie…go to another thread. But…like watching a person run down the street butt naked…my mouth is wide open with shock but I just can’t look away. I felt with each back & forth that I had already invested way too much time & energy and told myself to ride it out til the wheels fall off! YOU were SUPER patient…held ur composure until eventually I could envision u throwing ur hands up & saying some choice words 2 urself then letting it go. It got even funnier when everyone started ignoring him. Smoke started coming outta his ears & he blew a gasket :joy: He started ignoring the ignoring by cussin & using da finger emojis til he got himself suspended. He was gone & sadly the thread went on without him :-(:disappointed_relieved: (oozing sarcasm)

(TJ Borden) #137

I kinda miss the guy.

(8a37b36176e47902a5a1) #138

:joy: :-):joy:
I have to say that it made for some VERY interesting reading. I went from extremely annoyed to truly laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of it all. I kinda felt bad 4 the lady who originally started the thread. But us newbies REALLY learned from the knowledge that u were trying to share with him. Actually I think we didn’t have a choice but to retain the knowledge bcuz u had 2 repeat it soooo many times. By the end I felt like I had been beat over the head with it. LOL

(Adriana) #139


(Mary) #140

Just finished my first Zorn fast. Jumped on board late (evening of the 24th) but just completed 90 hours. I do a lot of IF’ing but not much EF’ing because hunger makes me crazy. I knew it was time to stop when I was on my 6 km walk this morning. Possibly not enough electrolytes but could also just be a weak fasting muscle…