September 2018 ZornFast


I’m coming up on 40 hours. Packed my San Pellegrino for ‘lunch’ again. I caved and had cofdee but I feel in a better place to go longer so I am content with my decision. I am feeling pretty good right now. I wish I would feel the surge of energy everyone talks about.

(Tara) #82

I only made it like 22 hours, I broke last night. I was feeling weak, tired, and crabby. I even had 2 bottles of ketoaide yesterday.
But I woke up this morning feeling good and decided to jump back into the fast. Maybe I’ll try more salt today and see if I can go longer.


@Nathan_Toben My personal rule is that I stop my fast if/when I have any of these:
fatigue or pallor;
more than 2 seconds of dizziness on standing;
feeling cold

For the last few months I’ve aimed for a 3-5 day fast every month. I generally map out five days (in terms of family schedule, etc) but as soon as I get one of those symptoms I break the fast with no qualms.

I love exercising during a fast. Nothing like what is a normal day for you! :slight_smile: but hot yoga classes, kettle bell sessions, body weight stuff. A while ago I realized that I was more interested in keeping up my workouts even if they resulted in a shorter fast (though, honestly, I’m not sure if they ever have! I’ve had two of my best-ever Bikram classes on the 3rd day of a fast).

Also - at least for now - I supplement a bit with fat (coconut butter, also BPC in the mornings). Eventually I’d like these monthly fasts to be water-only but my main goal this year is just to do them and build a rhythm and an ease with them and to manage my eating when I come out of the fast. Also my sleep during fasting is kind of messed up and I’m working on figuring that out (well, mostly I’m kind of hoping it works itself out!).

If you’re not used to fasting (sorry, I don’t remember), 19 hours is fine! If you want to come back to fasting regularly, I would recommend you be gentle with yourself and don’t push it. Much easier to re-start another one in a few days if you don’t overdo this one. Also, as amazing as fasts are, they do push up cortisol, and with the amount of activity you do, you probably want to keep a pretty close eye on that and give yourself plenty of short fasts to see how things go.

(Hoby Bradfield) #84

48 hours in… stomach grumbling, but I’m not really hungry, and it’s clock/habit related since this is my normal dinner hour. Just gonna KCKthe fuckO.


I ended at an even 100 hours. Thanks for the support!

I’ll be giving moral support to all those still fasting!

(Lonnie Hedley) #86

Fasted walk with the dog.

(Lonnie Hedley) #87

Also, does this count as a food mention?

Love my neighborhood.

(TJ Borden) #88

:joy::joy::joy::joy: pre-sausage


Awe so cute! The home I grew up in had a family of deer that would hang out in the backyard. The only thing I see in my desert neighborhood is javalina.

(Lonnie Hedley) #90

49 hours. Those look tasty. :grin:


Phase 1 completed, although I have feasted a bit too much today, I guess. But my main goal this time is stick to the plan.
Phase 2: 48h, fat fast. Here I go again.:grin:


So here is my 48 hour check in. I am hungry! I am gonna have some salt and water and push through tonight. I will see how I feel tomorrow I may break. I think I need to binge watch some Wentworth on Netflix tomorrow that will keep my mind busy!

(Nathan Toben) #93

Broke fast at 20 hours. I was feeling worn down after a two hour run and 30 miles on the bike. Hard to muster the energy budget to fast with current active lifestyle but feeling good about the meal I broke it with. No indigestion. Felt sleepy afterwards and took a two hour nap. Woke up with plans to make dinner but felt full so drank some ACV and skipped dinner. This will make a 24 hour fast for tomorrow relatively easy despite having physical demands similar to today. Definitely in deep ketosis. Hope I can drift to sleep without to much restraint right now…

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #94

Over 74 hours, I’m done. I’m going to feast for a couple days and go again. I’m not sick or dizzy… just, done.

(Hoby Bradfield) #95

Starting day 3… not hungry. Some rumbling from my gut, but it’s not my stomach… lets hope it’s not a surprise case of “Disaster Pants” as Richard calls it… lol


Hey all,
I fasted on Thursday, feasted yesterday, and am starting my monthly 3-5 day fast today. I might keep posting on here even though I think most of you are wrapping up today or tomorrow.



No no no… Please post, even though you are behind the usual window. It isn’t a requirement to sync with to the 3rd Thursday people. I’m usually off a few days myself…just not this time.

I’m 55 hours in and doing ok… Actually, maybe better than usual. I’m pretty lean now (finally)… to be doing extended fasting on a regular basis. I supplement with some healthy fats, and still get most of the benefits of fasting. At least, that’s what I believe.

Long fasts used to be nearly effortless. I’ve lost 165+ pounds of fuel. So my all time longest fast of 11 days on water ONLY likely isn’t possible at my weight…not without some significant misery.

(Lonnie Hedley) #98

62.5 hours. Down 5 lbs. Lots of plans for today so we’ll see how it goes fasted. Plan on yoga in 5.5 hours. Doing a lot better than last month. KCFO


:slight_smile: thank you!

(KCKO, KCFO) #100

Always good to pay attention to your body when fasting. I often start a fast, realize my body isn’t into it, so I feast a bit and go into another fast.