September 2018 ZornFast


So I am almost to my 24 hours. Not physically hungry but I definitely mentally want to eat. The man ordered delivery … so not excited to smell that. I can do this!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #62

I broke my fast after 91 hours. Good fasting everyone.

(KCKO, KCFO) #63

Nice run. Enjoy the feasting now.

I am in the 26th hr. So far no real hunger. I did walk through the kitchen and smelled something my DH had cooked and thought, I could eat that, but then I remembered, I’m Zornfasting, so nope, no way.


(TJ Borden) #64

51 and out. I was hoping to go longer but I need to practice and build up my fasting muscle

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #65

I keep planning a meal into my day. Like, I’m going there then, so eat here before I go… doh! Nope. I’m fasting. I’m taking this as a good sign. Part of my bad eating habits in the past was not planning ahead and then making bad, desperate choices. So. I’m learning to plan ahead so I make good choices. Now I just need to remember that I’m fasting :joy:


28 hours in and all I can think of is food and more food. I’m not even hungry, in fact I’ve drowned myself in so much water I’m bloated. But mentally, all I can see and think about is food. How do you guys break through this mental block? Especially if you’re stuck in a boring desk job.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #67

Can you listen to music or podcasts while you are working? Or use a break time to take a short walk?


I’m at 36 hours and the plan is to break it today but then start a 3-day fast tomorrow (because Thursdays are one of two fasting days/ week for me - that was yesterday’s - but I have a monthly 3-5 day fast coming up).

Actually I need some advice: because of the way I’m timing things this month, I’ll end up with just one day of eating between fasts. I know that Megan Ramos recommends two full days of eating between fasts. Anyone have any thoughts? I’m pretty used to short fasts and very good at breaking them if I’m not feeling good (and not so good at easing into eating after them - working on that).

I’m actually not fasting for specific goals right now, but for long-term health I want to build up a rhythm of regular fasting.

(Kirk) #69

Back before my heart attack got me booted from the blood donor program (maxed out at 121 whole blood donations), I used to donate regularly. We were doing some demanding scuba dives in 30 feet of dark lake water running search patterns looking for an old WWII aircraft. Between dives I was lying on the pontoon of the zodiac wondering why I was so wiped out. Then I remembered I’d given blood the day before. Idiot.

(Nathan Toben) #70

ok i think i’m joining in a bit. Wish i didn’t have work the next two days so i could de stress as i fast but we will see. i will do my best! 13hrs in.


I’m sorta having a Red Letter Day.

I’m officially HALF the man I used to be!!!

Ta taa d’ Daaaah!!!: Here it is. I weighed 333 a decade ago. I now weigh 166.5. And I’ve lost 166.5!!

Back to the topic, I’m over 30 hours in and doing okay. I’ll pull the plug Saturday Morning, so what is that…60-ish?

I have to supplement a little, cause I’m not packin’ much extra storage these days. So it is a modified fast, but whatever. I like it, and I’m not gonna stop fasting.


Congrats and well done! :slight_smile:

(Lonnie Hedley) #73

You’re at one of the hardest times of an EF. Many successful fasters (@Brenda) plan their fast so they are sleeping from hours 28-36 (maybe 24-32). If you can persevere, it will (should) get easier.

(Lonnie Hedley) #74

38 hours. Feeling good/borderline great (knock on wood). Down 3.2 lbs from the 11 hour to 35 hour mark.


I haven’t had any real issues with any of the fast I’ve done so far that I can recall, but I’ve never even thought on planning out the timing as you mention? Though I think most have been started after the dinner the night before, I have started some after eating an early morning/mid-day meal. … But it is something to think about. :slight_smile:


So, I am kinda amazed. I am at the 35 hour mark. I have not been hungry at all. I am feeling empowered by the knowledge food does not have to control me. So I will continue on for as long as I can.

(KCKO, KCFO) #77


Big congrats on being half the man you used to be. Awesome job.

I’m working on the 39th hr. currently. So far it has been easy. I really like the ketoaid made with sparkling water. Seems to be helping with stomach growls.



I am 36+ hours in. My tummy is grumbling. I may need to drink some coffee. I was trying to only drink water. Decisions decisions :slight_smile:

(Nathan Toben) #79

ugh, 19hrs in and i’m already flagging. How do you decide when to stop or stick it out?

(Jim ) #80

Joining in on this fast with you all…started last night around 630 pm & aiming to end on Sunday evening for a 72 hr fast. Its been a while since I did a 72 hr. Preparing some fasting tricks & tips should I need them along the way, would love to hear yours. KCFO :smile: