September 2018 ZornFast


I’m 73 hours in on a water fast. Started on Monday (weekdays work better for me than the weekend) and initially planned on 3 days but i feel so good I will probably continue until tomorrow.

Thanks, Brenda for these ZornFasts every month. They are great support!

Btw, I started my fast after a morning meal instead of after my evening meal as I normally do and I haven’t hit a hunger wall. It’s been great. I did it after hearing a recommendation by the 2 Keto Dudes on a recent podcast since the first, large hunger pangs typically happens about 18 hours into the fast. (This always happened to me in the past.) If you shift the beginning time of the fast to the morning instead of the evening, the 18 hour point occurs while you are sleeping instead of during the day. I don’t know if my start time is the reason, but this was the easiest fast I have ever had and didn’t have any strong hunger pangs.

Have any of you experienced this? What time of the day do you usually start your fast. Does the start time matter?


After 2 days of bad bingeing, even now as we speak finishing my 4th packet of regular potato crisps on top of everything else I’ve eaten - i’m joining starting with a cup of tea in a minute and tomorrow - just intermittent, but OMAD - no snacks, no sweets, i hope nothing will make me break it and hopefully, lead up to at least one 24h day next week. Intermittent fast will do it for me, i do get used to 16:8 or even 18:6. Better than nothing really. On the bad days when I stay in I don’t go without food like 30 mins constant snacking.


Just realized that I’m kind of joining you guys! Today is a fast day for me (one of 2/week that I’m trying to establish for now) and then on Saturday I’m scheduled to start my monthly 3-5 day fast.
Now I need to catch up on this thread! :slight_smile:


I’m a snacker as well, and when I work from home (much of the time) I can easily graze all day. I think that fasting is helping but I probably won’t know for sure until it’s more routine for me.
Good luck to you! there are definitely folks who have figured out how to tackle that successfully, and you can start a new thread if you want advice/others’ experience.

(Tara) #45

Just over 16 hours in and I started to get slight cramping in my calves and then I remembered to drink some KetoAide. Its a really cold day in ND and I hope I can stay warm with green tea. The worst side effect of fasting is I can’t stay warm.


I have the same problem…I get cold! It’s always freezing at work too with the AC set to Arctic temps. I came prepared today with long sleeves and my desk heater.


It will be easier for me only because I’m working in the next 4 days, otherwise when I’m on days off it’s as I said - constant non stop binge.

As for warmth, I wish I was cold, that is the sign I’m slim enough and my body fat is not protecting me :). As soon as I had this bad day yesterday, after like n-th sweet bar, cake, biscuit, snack - I felt my body temerature has gone up, started to sweat unnaturally, and then at night it was night sweats and heat. Not good at all. Had it before, know what I’m fighting against again…

(KCKO, KCFO) #48

Started Wed. night at 6:30 PM. So far so good.

Did my Zumba class around noon today. Went home and made some ketoaid, I am currently sipping on it and realized I didn’t add the salt, but my salt jar is by me, so I am just sipping and noshing on pink salt.

Glad to see all the check-ins from everyone.



I’ve been trying to add a little fat to my Extended Fasts lately. It isn’t exactly a true fast in that sense, but I have trouble going all wobbly after a couple of days. I’ve lost 160+ pounds and now tip the scale @ about 167 and 6’2-ish inches. I hypothesize that perhaps I’m just a bit shy of extra stored energy to go more than a couple of days on just water. That’s why I add some cream to my coffee. It helps.

But this ZornFast, I am ALSO adding a little Bone BrothDURING …the fast. To see if that might help with the wobbles.

We shall see about that, but I have a question:

“Is that NOW so far away from an actual water fast, that I am losing the benefits of E.F.-ing? Like Autophagy?”

I’m 15 hours in and feeling fine.

(TJ Borden) #50

Nothing wrong with that. It’s about what works for you.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #51

It matters to the individual. I have the most success eating late into the night on Wednesday and then fasting for 3 and 1/2 days after that.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #52

Remember, don’t write about food on this fasting thread. I blurred it for you. In the future blur any talk of food. Thank you.


18 hours in. Lunch consisted of some San Pellegrino. I have really grown to love sparkling water!

(Mike Glasbrener) #54

Potassium, magnesium and salt! Most the first two for me. I used to get crushing cramps in my calves when fasting till I dialed that in.


This is my first try at an extended fast. I bought some mineral water and I’m wondering how much I should drink vs just regular tap water?

(Mike Glasbrener) #56

Good for you! The first few fasts cramps really sucked for me. I take pot. And mag pills. When I fast I liberally drink mineral water when I’m thirsty. I prefer ones with high mag when I’m fasting like gerolsteiner.


Thanks. I’m probably drinking more black coffee over anything else :blush: I haven’t had leg cramps since last November and I really don’t want to experience them again.

(TJ Borden) #58

It’s so easy to forget the power of salt. Even after two batches of ketoaide, my head was still killing me. The good news is was enough to completely distract from hunger. It was bad enough I was tempted to break, with both Dr Fung and Brenda’s voice in the back of my head saying “if you’re not feeling well, eat”.

I finally went to the kitchen and had a few pinches of Redmond sea salt and literally within minutes, headache gone. Coming up on 48 and ready to keep going.


Good to hear, TJ. - I’m of the same thinking as well. If I ever do start feeling bad or get real hungry (Which has never happened) I will simply break with eating something.

I actually broke mine at 74 hrs. just now. Though I had a slight headache as well, I believe it was from basically just a having a pretty shitty day. :no_mouth: Felt great all day actually, but it just never stopped. One thing after the next, after the next… Then my motor on my AC unit in my office started squealing and locked up. (which is still being worked on) Then dropped my iPhone and broke the front glass. :woozy_face: (Government issue, so they want to order a new one instead of having it repaired?) … And lastly, apparently we had some stuff at home, that if not eaten, would go bad in the next day or so.

So I just figured everything was clearly just pointing in the same direction, to break and relax, so I took tomorrow off and will get back to it all next week. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone keeps keto-ing along with no issues…

(Lonnie Hedley) #60

Fasted yoga FTW!!!

I can’t do hard workouts (unlike @Brenda), but yoga was great tonight.