Sept. 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME


(Susan) #166

thank you @Digital_Dave that was very helpful.


Quite welcome. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #168

@Callisto thanks for your reply. I am on an island on the west coast of Canada. I am hoping the health food store carries Redmond’s.


I’d trade you my access to Redmond’s to be able to live on an island off the west coast of Canada any day of the week! :grin:

(Susan) #170

Hurray! My ketones are at 2.8 in spite of the sugar in the salt. My blood glucose is 7.5 which is 135 in the US. Hematocrit 37% and Hemoglobin 12.5 g/dl I have been fasting for 77 hours is my BG a tad high? I am not diabetic.


Oh EF, I’ve missed you. I haven’t fasted for awhile and I could use a break from eating for a few days. I’m pretty close to my goal weight and IF is good but EF is better (to me)
I just want to pick lint out of my abs. Is that too much to ask? :yum:

(Susan) #172

A goal is a good thing LOL

I’m now 36 hours in and so excited to have made it back to an EF zone! Haven’t decided how long I’m going, thinking at least 72, maybe longer. Have promised myself ten minutes of Headspace (meditation) every time I think I can’t go any longer.

(Susan) #173

I am such a newbie! My first use of Keto Mojo gave me the result of 7.5 for my blood glucose. I now realize the Keto Mojo registers in US values so my blood glucose was 75 not 135 as i reported. This caused me some worry as I am water fasting and in my mind it should have been lower. Whew what a relief! Today two days later I am happy to report on Fasting day 5 my ketones are 3.9 and my blood glucose is 73. Took me 2 of each test strips to get the blood right and 7 pokes. I won’t be doing that every day! I changed my salt to Sea salt.

(Susan) #174

@xsuebeex Whew! what a relief and happy for you being on day 5!

I’m at 60 hours, and had just a little stomach growling yesterday and meditated right through it. If I don’t start thinking about how to break/what to break with, I think I can keep going now. Would love to make it through Friday. The weekend will be busy, with time to eat but not start some crazy refeed problem.

(Mic Cullen) #175

If only they could join the first world :slight_smile:


Think I will start a fast now. Or, I should say, from an hour ago after eating dinner. … ? Don’t know why I always seem to start a fast, right after going grocery shopping!?! :crazy_face:

But it should make for a nice weekend of breaking/munching. :exploding_head:


Hour 42 and feeling good.

(Susan) #178

some things don’t happen. Made it 3 days. Calling that a win, especially since in several different readings today, my blood pressure is lowest in years! 117/79

(Jane) #179

After 2 false starts I am joining you guys this evening. Probably a short fast -42 hours or so.

I discovered I don’t fast well when not busy. Previously I only fasted during the week when I was gone on a business trip. This past weekend I stayed over in Houston instead of going home and was by myself so I thought - what the heck - good time to fast.

Except it wasn’t. I spent the weekend cocooned up in my hotel room and while I enjoyed the rest - I found it very difficult to fast. Not enough distractions.

My day starts with an online meeting at 7 am with Europe and my day is booked, including my first DEXA scan over my lunch hour. It also gets me out of the office and away from the smell of food.


(Mic Cullen) #180

You’re certainly not alone there. #distractionsFTW

(Claudia) #181

Sooo… atempting my first ever Fast while on staycation… I mean I have thousand things to do, but the temptation is always there currently at 20h. reaching 48 would be cool… I guess it would be nice to have dinner with my new flatmate so he is not too instantly weirded out XD

(Mic Cullen) #182

“NO, I never eat. Saves a fortune!”

(Susan) #183

Well i made it 6 days of a water fast with 2 black coffee a day. I must say the last three days have not been pleasant; weakness, dizziness, headache that electrolytes and salt wouldn’t fix. I had to take the last two nights off work. Therefore my 5-7 day fast ended up being 6 days. Exactly 144 hours. I am ending the fast with bone broth with some full fat yogurt and greens later. I guess I need to be a little more fat adapted before I try that again. I have a habit of immersing myself in a project and trying to do everything at once. Deep breath, KCKO Hope everyone has a good Zornfast. Now I can read (and drool over) the “What did you Keto today” thread.

(Allie) #184

Please keep in mind that it’s best to end a fast if you feel bad. Pushing through is not good for you if your body is not ready.

(Susan) #185

Yes, I kept telling myself that but I am so stubborn. Next time I will listen to my body.