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Is there an app you would recommend to track my food intake? And thus check my fat intake

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Insulin interferes with satiation (think of a bear eating berries to fatten for the winter; she doesn’t want to stop eating), so cutting the carbohydrate is essential, so that insulin can drop low enough. Then its just a matter of eating enough protein and fat. And the easiest way to get enough is to eat to satisfy hunger, which becomes possible when insulin is low. If you find yourself hungry and wanting a snack, eat another meal, and increase your portion size at the meal after that. It should be possible to go for hours before getting hungry again.

So buy fatty cuts of meat, cook with butter, lard, tallow, or bacon grease, put blue cheese dressing on your salad, cheese sauce on your broccoli. Even put butter on your meat, if you don’t think that’s enough.

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But doesn’t protein also have to be watched? I.e can’t fill up on it too much?

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It’s simplest to use items with the right fattiness for you, at least I never liked to add a lot of added fat for various reasons… But if that works for you, that’s okay too, some nice butter or lard or whatever you like.

You don’t need to stick to certain common percentages. I usually make sure I don’t even get close to 75% fat :wink: It works sometimes but super rarely. My goals, energy need, protein need etc. points into another direction, 75% fat almost always meant overeating for me… 60-70% worked better. But it’s me, now. If I wanted to gain muscle on an active lifestyle, I would need a higher fat percentage.

Many of us eat high protein and see no problem with it… If my body WANTS protein, it gets protein, surely it knows what it is doing… It’s an old myth that high protein causes problems BUT it apparently does for some people but it’s a minority.
Of course, we shouldn’t eat too much protein but the unhealthily high amount is so high for most of us that we just can’t reach it. I get satiated if I go too high (or start to desire fat if that is lacking). I know what fattiness works for me and I try to stick to that (but my tastes help with that too).

Fat bombs may or may not be a good idea, it depends on the person.
Is it safe, you ask… It depends on the fat bomb too, what it contains. What kind of fat bomb do you have in mind?

Do you have macro numbers to tell us? Maybe you don’t even eat much protein… Sometimes people have such a weird idea about what much protein is… And much protein doesn’t necessarily means too much… Especially occasionally. If you are hungry, eat some satiating food and if your protein goes up a bit but you wanted protein, so be it… Unless you know you are a special case who needs to be careful with protein. In that case, plan better in the future.

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Thankyou so much for the reassurances and info. I have never worked out my macros but on a typical day l will eat the following protein - a chicken breast, an egg, 1 tablespoon of egg white powder, maybe 6 nuts, a teaspoon edamame beans, a teaspoon of tahini, and about 3 oz cheese. I don’t know what that adds up to, but l know l need to get 75- 100g protein - 52 kg weight and 1.5-2g per kg. What is your impression?


I have no idea how much those things contain, I can’t guess macros if my life depends on it and a chicken breast probably can have very different weights anyway.

75-100g protein sounds good for you, of course I don’t have every infos but there are personal differences too.

It’s understandable you don’t eat enough fat depending much on chicken breast… That’s super lean. it’s fine and dandy to eat lean meat if you like it but you need more fat. Why the egg white powder? Why not something fatty? Cheese is okay-ish fat wise (if you are fine with way less than 75% like me) but the lean protein should be balanced out with something very fatty. Whenever I eat lean pork, I use some very fatty meat as well. I mean, VERY fatty, like 90-98%…? Mostly fat tissue but the tiny meat makes all the difference to me. I don’t eat pure fat. But as I eat much eggs and dairy, I don’t go too lean anyway.
There are lots of places (I don’t use apps just sites) to track, even if you don’t do it for long (as it’s not proper living to track all the time. I know, I do it a lot since years, I am super curious and can’t guess anything), it may help to plan a good day. Or show what a good day is (if you know what works for you, if not, experimenting is the way to go if you ask me). It can be informative to play with different items and amounts. I never follow my plans strictly (or at all) in the end but it helps to see vaguely what amounts should I go for when my appetite and hunger doesn’t guide me well enough. Especially when I started to eat and like leaner meat. It triggered some too high protein days where I ate a lot and still stayed hungry as I lacked fat… Eventually I ate fat too but it brought even more protein… Whenever I changed my woe or style, I found tracking useful.

Sorry if I talked too much about myself (sure I did), I know myself best and tried to use it as an example…

(Eve) #49

That’s great info, and no apologies for talking about yourself! I am grateful for your reply as it shows that probably my fat is too low, and l will worry less about the protein intake. Thanks very much again :grinning:


I can’t imagine your fat not being too low, honestly. You barely eat any, it may be the bare minimum for any diet but as you need a decent amount of calories from fat on keto, it’s not enough.

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I do use olive oil and butter when cooking and lots of butter on keto crackers, but you are right, l am now sure it is too low. Thanks for the prompt!

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Don’t use olive oil for cooking, the smoke point is too low so it goes rancid. Always use it cold or poured on food after cooking.

Why are you always hiding behind the anonymity setting… ?

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My IT skills on my mobile phone and l had no idea l was coming up as anonymous!!! Definitely not hiding, just not very capable when using the phone for the forum. Is it a problem ? I certainly don’t want to upset anyone! What do l do to not be anonymous?

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The easiest way is to log out and then log back in.

If you click on the ‘0’ avatar, you should be able to click on the icon to the immediate left of the gear icon, but I have had trouble with that in the past.

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I will have a go on my laptop as it may be easier. Thanks. Again, there was no intention to upset anyone

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Here l am plus my 3 legged cat !

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That’s better, much nicer to know who I’m talking to - lovely cat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:raising_hand_woman:‍♀ :blush: his name is Archie :heart:

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When you have been here longer, other parts of the forum will open up to you and you’ll find many more cat lovers here :slight_smile:

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I have always loved cats! Your dog looks great!

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Is it OK to have 1 glass of dry white wine and not get kicked out of ketosis? I know it will depend on total carbs for the day, but is there anything else about the alcohol in itself which prevents ketones being formed and used?