Saying goodbye to HWC *sniff*

(eat more) #1

i have a headache everyday…morning to evening
i know it’s partly the time of year and although i’ve never had “allergies” before…anything is possible
it’s bad right now for allergy sufferers as we had a lot of rain (for us)
the plus side is everything is happy and green lol

i’ve always been a splash of coffee with my cream kind of girl so it’s sad to eliminate it but at least i can self-test

crossing my fingers


Maybe it’s not HWC (although it probably is), do you use Stevia? It’s in the same family as ragweed. :frowning2:

HWC isn’t good for me either, so I limit it although I should probably eliminate it like you for awhile, but like @Daisy knows, it’s really hard to completely eliminate dairy, so I’ve just been suffering through it for now…

Besides, @acrunchyfrog mentioned opening a container of sour cream, eating out the center to wait for the liquid to pool and “reduce” the remaining sour cream into something much more delicious! So you see, I can’t give up dairy yet! :laughing:

(Michelle) #3

RIP HWC!! Hope you figure it out soon!! So sad to say goodbye to dairy. :frowning2:

(eat more) #4

hold them horses lady! :joy:

i’m starting with HWC…i just bought cheese at costco a few days ago :upside_down:

(eat more) #5

i’m still on the hunt for tillamook sour cream…i’ve heard it’s amazing

(Ashley Haddock) #6

I have been stalled over a month (actually gaining/losing the same 4-5 lbs) so this week I decided to give up all sweeteners because I figured I could do that easier than dairy. I may do dairy down the road, but for now I don’t wanna! LOL

(eat more) #7

me neither!
i’m almost hoping i still have a headache after no HWC tomorrow :joy:

(Ashley Haddock) #8

Yeah I don’t blame you! Hahaha


I’m just going dairy-free. I echo this sentiment completely!


Well, I looked it up on the Internet and the general consensus is that I can freeze my heavy cream, so after listening to my conscience for several hours, I put it in the freezer so I could join @mikki in giving up HWC for awhile; maybe it’s silly, but it helps knowing that someone else is going through the same thing. :wink:

Yeah, I just bought some Kerrygold Reserved Cheddar and I’m not freezing that!

…now my conscience is telling me to fat-fast until Saturday morning when I normally go out for breakfast. Geez, I gotta stop reading these posts! :laughing:


Maybe we should have a shared support thread for this! I had bought a huge block of cheddar and now I might have to donate it to cheese-eating friends.

(Guardian of the bacon) #12

Cheese stores for a long time. It only molds on the surface. Just scrape it off and enjoy. How do you think they make a 7 yr aged cheddar? They just scrape off the mold before they sell it.


That is very happy news, if it turns out I can eat cheese, all will be well.


I’m not sure I understand. Why would you think Heavy Whipping Cream is causing headaches?


@mikki can answer for herself, but in my case, it’s dairy intolerance in general, but on a more specific level it’s known that dairy intolerance can exacerbate leaky gut issues and cause even more undigested food particles to leak through the intestinal lining resulting in issues above an beyond the basic dairy intolerance.

You might ask if leaky gut is an issue that’s contributing to headaches and it can exist even without HWC specifically, or dairy in general, why not go on a complete elimination diet and/or resolve leaky gut?

Because it’s hard! :laughing:

Personally, if I can see a reduction in symptoms by eliminating something, such as HWC, that’s at least confirmation that it’s involved and something to be addressed. This does mean that I have to be careful to NOT replace HWC with yet another source of dairy for it to be a fair test.

I had NO HWC today and I didn’t have to take anything for headaches whereas in the days before this, I was popping aspirin and/or acetaminophen every time I could. That’s too soon to conclude that HWC is definitively causing the headaches, but it is suggestive.

(eat more) #16

for me it could be a sinus issue/allergy and a possbile sensitivity to some dairy…
i can’t do cottage cheese or yogurt without it wrecking my stomach and giving me a headache

“they” say that dairy doesn’t affect mucous but i don’t think that is true for me

it could be completely unrelated but an elimination test doesn’t cost me anything

(Ashley Haddock) #17

So, how is the head today, @mikki ?

(eat more) #18

it was about the same but i forced some HIIT and i functioned better the rest of the day.
i’m going to try almond milk in my bpc for a few days-week…could just be environmental (kind of hoping…but almond and/or coconut milk can be cheaper than hwc lol)
thanks for asking ashley :blush:


I’ve tried a couple of different coconut, almond and coconut/almond blends and so far, this one from Califia Farms has the best taste for me. I have a few non-dairy variations on a creamer and this is a base in a few of them.

Edit: FYI, the specific link below doesn’t seem to be available for me, but it might help others since I’ve heard that people with dairy issues can often use these A2 dairy products with no problems. :smile:

(eat more) #20

i’m thinking i might actually prefer coconut milk (canned not carton) to hwc
i tried it once at starbucks on a road trip and it was dissssgusting but that was apparently a starbucks problem and not a coconut milk problem :joy: