Saying goodbye to HWC *sniff*


How is the HWC-free experience going @mikki and @BillJay ?

I don’t drink coffee, but I have been making some keto/BP hot chocolate every now and then. I use almond milk and some HWC. I am 95% certain that I need to give up the HWC too. It’s starting to bother my stomach and possibly causing slow weight loss. It took me too long, but I’m finally seeing a connection. I like how the HWC thickens the almond milk though, so any suggestions on substitutions?

PS: I am unable to drink milk (for years) unless it’s cooked in something. It appears the same thing for HWC. I have had no issues w/ HWC in the egg bites this week (that I know of). Does anyone else experience this? Or am I just fooling myself that cooked HWC is ok for me? lol


I hardly every have to take medicine for headaches since putting the HWC in the freezer, so they have decreased significantly.

My stomach also feels better and I’ve spontaneously done 24 hour fasts on a couple of occasions where in the weeks before, I found it hard to do 16:8 IF and that’s something I’ve only realized retrospectively because I thought my fasting issues were related to low body fat whereas I think it was digestive issues from the dairy.

I am otherwise convinced that I have some absorption issues from leaky gut in general and dairy just seems to exacerbate it, so I should’ve realized that it was affecting my fasting sooner.

In the podcast episode below at about 53:10, Carrie Brown recommends using guar gum to thicken smoothies.

I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that cooking does something to whatever it is (casein, lactose, etc.) that’s affecting you.


I can say for sure that is it not “just” the lactose. I tried lactose free milk with the same horrible results.

I forgot about that (guar gum)! Thanks! I’m still catching up on podcasts; not much time to listen so it usually takes me 3 or 4 hours just to finish 1 podcast.

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #24

This may not apply to allergy-induced headaches, but I found that taking regular magnesium (in reasonably high doses, like 400mg per day, or sometimes more) seemed to reduce the incidence and severity of my headaches. I got the idea by reading that it sometimes helped migraine sufferers.

I don’t think I ever really got migraines, but occasionally used to get extremely bad headaches that didn’t respond to any of the common painkillers, but (touch wood) that rarely seems to happen now.

(eat more) #25

i’ve been using primarily canned coconut milk as it can be even thicker than cream.
i haven’t noticed an issue with cooked hwc but that’s a once in a while thing and the bpc is daily.

(Brian) #26

For a good many people HIGH Fat dairy and Heavy whipping cream are not an issue at least not in moderation. But quite a few people are lactose intolerant or are allergic to the casein in dairy and others have some misc. issues with dairy. I always have several quarts of heavy whipping cream on hand and buy 10+ pounds of cheese on each Costco run, cheese, butter and heaving whipping cream are in my low carb/keto life style.

Mikki so sad, I feel your pain. One year on a vacation trip to Minnesota/Wisconin (the dairy state) over indulged on fresh cheese curds, sliced cheese, cheese burgers and way too many meals, at a nostalgic dinner near my wife’s home town, each meal consisting of a malt with fresh wild berries, cheese burger with a large side of fried cheese curds.After that became lactose intolerant for about a year and I just didn’t have the will power to resume low carb for the next year with out my beloved go to cheese and high fat dairy. Here’s hoping you find dairy is not an issue for you and find a way to resolve so nasty headaches that doesnt involve cutting dairy.

(eat more) #27

so far my cheese is safe! :happy dance:

i’m thinking maybe the hwc + coffee combo could have something to do with it…haven’t tested hwc on its own yet

(Brian) #28

It is possible the caffeine with dairy is an issue or may be its the brand of coffee, some people react to molds in some brands of coffee that don’t seem to affect other people.

Have you tried unsalted Kerry Gold butter in your coffee instead of heavy whipping cream, fewer carbs an probably lower protein in the butter.

(Ashley Haddock) #29

Thanks for mentioning this. My headaches aren’t as frequent as they were pre-keto but I still get them quite often, and pain killers don’t help. I do sometimes get migraines, but get bad headaches more often. I currently take 200 mg of magnesium but I’ll research this and consider increasing it to see if it helps.

(eat more) #30

i make little “bpc nuggets” out of co, cacao butter, and kerry gold (regular not unsalted)…
i melt all of the above down and pour in candy molds (shaped like little pigs :pig: lol) and then just pull them out of the freezer and plop a few in every morning
i think next batch i will prob omit the cacao

(Brian) #31

Have you tried your usual coffee brand just black, I know a little hard to do once your use to bpc, and skip the HWC and maybe all dairy for a couple of days and see if it’s just the coffee that is the culprit.

And Mikki please don’t hate me for this, but I probably have fewer head aches in a year than your having in a wk.

(eat more) #32

i don’t hate…usually…not over that anyway :blush: (be mean to an animal and you’re mine!)

i probably exaggerated…ok i did…it was like 4 days in a row and that seemed like an eternity since headaches are rare
probably seasonal allergies but… i don’t really miss the hwc

n=1 is hard…so many factors lol

(Brian) #33

Not just so many factors but variables and evan worse multiple combinations of variables and factors. good luck finding your n=1 solution

(Wendy) #34

Just wondering if anyone has seen this product at your store? I have an allergy to HWC. So while I was shopping at Safeway. I came across "Leaner Creamer "
Coconut creamer. Powdered. Gluten free,no sugar, no imitation sweetener,lactose free. Has 15 calories per 2teaspoons, 1fat, 2carbs. Pretty good! Only draw back is its expensive.

Not bad though for a treat.