Satanhead pizza 😈


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Sourdough porkrind dough:

This version is made with yeast and PORK RINDS! It came out very chewy and satisfying. More importantly: no blood sugar spike.

Warm 1.25 c water to 105-110 degrees. Mix with 1T active yeast and 1T fermented honey (next time I’ll try less honey, although the yeast eats the sugar anyway). Leave in a warm place till bubbling. Add 1T tapioca, 2T psyllium, and 2T chia, mix with the yeast mixture and leave till gelatinous. Meanwhile, crunch up 2.5 oz pork rinds (about 2 cups). Add other dry ingredients together with pork rinds: 1/3 c coconut flour, 1/2 c superfine almond flour, 1/4 c hemp hearts and 1/4 c egg white powder and 1/2 tsp sea salt. Set aside. Mix together 1 tsp baking soda with 1T apple cider vinegar; blend with 1 whole egg and 1T kefir. Knead everything together. Let proof at least 3-4 hours till doubled (preferably overnight). Separate into 12 portions. Brush with an egg wash and bake on a preheated stone to 375 degrees for 8 minutes; rotate stone and bake another 8 minutes.

Video of inspiration that shows the yeast bubbling is at:




I seriously need to try this recipe! Thank you!




I seriously need to try this recipe! Thank you!

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Let me know how it goes or if you can improve it. Thanks!

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I wonder if you could make this in a bread machine? After removing the amount for the pizza of course. Gotta have something to eat while making the bread. :grinning:

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Worth a try. Found this post that discusses considerations:

Uses oat and soy flour, which I would not use, but the tips might be relevant.

Also found an interesting blog in which she states NO SUGAR is needed for a yeast bread:
•You do not need sugar to activate the yeast. This is a half-true old wives tale leftover from when yeast wasn’t preserved as well as it is now. A pinch of sugar will make yeast bubble up, thus proving that the yeast is still active and hasn’t expired. However, it doesn’t actually help (or hinder) the rising of the bread.
•Yeast will feed on the sugar and starches in your dough and expire CO2, which is what causes the dough to rise.

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That sounds amazing!

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Even better!!!:-):slight_smile:


So we can use yeast in our doughs? And vital wheat gluten?

Sounds like keto blasphemy! Gotta try it!

p.s. thank you, and bookmarking :slight_smile: