Satanhead pizza 😈



I need to find a substitute for almond flour. Maybe macadamia? Im horribly allergic… like hospital style.

Also, :wink:


Are you allergic to hazelnuts?


Nope, oddly it’s just specifically almonds. I’ve seen a few different powders on Amazon, but none are exactly cheap :confused:

I’ll keep an eye out for hazels though. Thanks!


I will one day repeat this recipe with coconut flour. I have to play with the ratios. It’s not straight forward.

If you can get hazelnut flour, you can substitute one for one with almond flour.

(AnnaLeeThal) #25

What I would love is something that resembles sourdough bread.


You know what…I’m working on that. There’s a “dutch wet process” I’m playing around with. Will definitely report back if I can figure it out. It’s tricky because I got to keep the yeast alive and happily feeding. Hang tight…:wink:

(Cheryl Meyers) #27

Dana Carpender’s earlier cookbooks had a lot of bread recipes using vital wheat gluten, but her later ones don’t use it. I find that my joints ache when I eat low carb bread made with it :weary:


Oh dear. Looks like you may be sensitive to gluten. Aw shucks.


Thank you for the recipe… I have been meaning to come up with my own low carb bread recipe using Malher’s ingredient list.

I even tried air tossing/stretching Carlshead pizza this week…(my 1st job was in a hand tossed pizza joint), it didn’t work.

Many thanks for the pictures and recipes.

Bob’s red mill vital wheat gluten is available via walmart for those that need to find some.

(John) #30

Tried tonight, on its second rise now, though the first time didn’t rise much. I think I used too much water and the yeast didn’t seem to really take off, so maybe next time! My yeast is a little old since I haven’t had a need for it in 6 months!


If the yeast is old, it will take more than one rise. There’s usually an expiration date on the package. Doesn’t mean expired yeast doesn’t rise…it will take longer. In the photographs above, you will see how much the yeast puffed up when I mixed it with sugar and water. It almost overflowed the little glass cup.

(Ashley Haddock) #32

I’m not 100% sure if I have issues with gluten, or if it is carbs only. I think this recipe would be a perfect way to test that. It looks amazing!! Thank you, @Fiorella!

(Ashley Haddock) #33

Yes! I miss sourdough so much! I don’t miss bread too often but do miss that lovely sourdough flavor with lots of butter, of course.


Working on it, Ashley…:grin:

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(Cheryl Meyers) #36

Here’s the cookbook of hers that I used – she likes Bob’s Red Mill too.

(Henna Selnes) #37

Now i want to bang my head on the table and cry. :tired_face::cry: I am high allergy to gluten.


On the positive side,well done! Both looks amazing, and if not the after effects for me,I would be in the kitchen right away. :pizza::baguette_bread::ok_hand:t2:


I also react to almonds when they are ground (not whole - IKR go figure!). For me, walnuts are OK so maybe try?

(Larry Lustig) #39

If only they would develop some terrible industrial process that would produce coconut flour that did not taste like coconut!


I don’t mind that so much. I just find it so hard to use because it dries everything out. I do find it useful in small amounts in some recipes and you don’t taste it either.