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A childhood favourite - creamed sardines.

Chopped hard boiled eggs, mashed sardines and cream.

(Katie) #42

Wild Planet for brand is my favorite for quality. I once had a bad experience with the Napoleon brand. King Oscar is fine. I strongly advise to get plain, in water. Added oils can be sketchy. The international olive oil industry is sketchy (mafia are involved, etc.) and can be rancid. If you want oil, add your own.

This is what I do for all canned fish (adding EVOO to tuna is delicious by the way, just make sure you get it in water). Somewhat of a tangent, but I noticed that a lot of the major canned tuna brands add vegetable broth to their tuna in ‘water’, thus there is soy and other ingredients added.

(KetoQ) #43

Diane –

Some peeps, me included, mash sardines up in avocados, that might help balance out the sardine flavor if you’re not too crazy about it.

And what is nice with mashed avocados is adding a tbsp of Brianna’s Cilantro Lime dressing.


(Diane) #44

My dad used to eat kippered snacks when I was growing up. They were his treat. I remember really disliking them. It’s made me cautious about trying sardines, but since they are such a healthy option, I think I’m ready.

Thanks for the tips!

(Katie) #45

You can heat them up too, just put them in a bowl, cover, and put in microwave 1-2 minutes. Top with black pepper. I actually do this, but I put them over tuna and/or salmon as well.


So a fishy egg salad! I will have to try that.


So probably good w/ a traditional Caesar salad then.


It definitely depends on which brand you buy. I have found some at Walmart that are in olive oil, and I love them (boneless, skinless).

But they also have a cheaper brand, stored in water, that still have the bones and skin on them. They’re okay, and I’ve eaten quite a few of them, but when I discovered the ones in olive oil, I’ve never bought the cheaper brand again. Gladly pay more.

I would say, especially the ones that are boneless and skinless, do taste similar to tuna. I’ve often thought, “these aren’t much different than tuna, but way healthier.”

Generally, if you like fish, I believe you’ll like sardines.

(@Insulin_Resistant) #49

Sardines: my favorite are the kind packed in Louisiana hot sauce. Delicious!

Also love herring filets. Usually sold as “smoked herring” or “kippers.” Similar, but to me less “fishy” tasting. Always in the same area of the grocery store as sardines.


Is there a particular store that sells these, or most stores?

(KetoQ) #51

Darren –

My advice if you’re trying to save a few bucks … I buy the ones in water, and add my own olive oil. The sardines in oil typically cost 50c to a dollar more. Just a few tins of sardines can buy a decent bottle of olive oil. I do the same with tuna.


(@Insulin_Resistant) #52

I see these most everywhere - groceries, wal mart, etc.


(Scott Dunham) #53

I’ve never seen boneless sardines, but maybe they exist. I can’t/don’t want to get used to eating bones. Same deal for me with soft-shell crab. I would forget sardines and go for King Oscar boneless/skinless mackerel in olive oil. Yummy.


Chopped hard boiled eggs, mashed sardines and cream.

Oooh, yum. That sounds absolutely decadent :grinning:


Oh, that is good advice. Thanks!

(@Insulin_Resistant) #56

I thought all sardines had bones. . I think they are gutted, then cooked in the tin, bones and all. The bones are so soft you don’t notice them at all. . .

(Doug) #57

To an extent, it depends on the size of the fish and (perhaps?) how long and hot they are cooked. I don’t notice the bones in the smaller ones, like when they are stacked across the shorter dimension of the can, or as “fish steaks.” Once I got a larger, oval-shaped can and there were only 3 sardines in there - as long as could be from end to end on the long dimension. Those bones were noticeable, not “hard” but still a bit crunchy.


Hmm, you may be right. I haven’t really noticed.

What I do know is the cheap brand I’ve bought the bones are obviously still in the sardine, even though that never stopped me from eating them. The other brand, that cost about a dollar more, seemed to be boneless to me (although I’ve never actually inspected them to see if the bones were there, and only so soft I didn’t notice them).

The sardines in the olive oil definitely have the skin removed. and appear overall cleaner, which led me to believe they were boneless, since I didn’t notice while eating them.

I would just open a can and do a more thourough examination, but I’ve just had a huge supper, and I can’t bring myself to even imagine eating anything else right now. And in my book, once that sardine can is opened, they need to be eaten! :wink:

(Christy Frizzell) #59

I haven’t ate sardines in years…new to the forum and to the podcast (just finished season 2016) because of both I have tried sardines again and liverwurst (on Muenster chz)…my husband swears I am nasty :rofl::rofl: but It was really good! Thanks for all the great info!!

(Troy) #60

Wild Planet are my go to!
Pink salt and Garlic powder, simple.
Had some today on the front half of my TMAD