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(Carol E. ) #1


After turning my nose up at them for years, sardines have become a lunch favorite. I really like the Season brand in olive oil. I toss them in with some spinach or mixed greens, maybe a little avocado oil and some cheese.


I mix a seafood salad instead of tuna salads now. I use tuna and sardines, both canned, 2:1. My husband loves it and he does not like sardines, but he really enjoys this for lunch now.


I too like the seasons brand in olive oil that Costco sells. They regularly go for $9.99 at costco for a pack of 6, and they were on sale a few months ago for 6.99 !
I eat them off the can - tasty as it is.

(Dawn) #5

Hey guys. What does a sardine taste like? Does it taste like tuna? Are there bones in it? Curious to know if that is something I could add to my diet.

(Doodler for @KetoKailey) #6

@Goal179 The Seasons from Costco is boneless and skinless. I love sardines, but taste is subjective.

(Dawn) #7

hmm. I’m intrigued. But I am 7 days into a 14 day fast, so everything sounds wonderful at this point

(Clara Teixeira) #8

Wild Planet sardines and salmon are my go-tos. So so amazingly delicious. I have always been a sardine enthusiest from the time my dad would feed me sardines in hotsauce on saltines.

(Dawn) #9

Do sardines have specific health benefits? Are they high omega 3’s? Someone sell me on them. I want to know more.

(Todd Allen) #10

Several different species of fish, mostly from the herring family, are sold as sardines. In general they are small and low on the food chain and tend to be low in contaminants like mercury compared to fish such as salmon and tuna. Sardines are very abundant species making them a better choice from a sustainability perspective too. Omega 3 content varies depending on the species and where it is from, but in general tends to be good.

(Mark) #11

The list has the ones I keep on hand the trader Joes in olive oil, different subject but I also get the sauerkraut at trader Joes for gut health have a few bites with a meal to help with with digestion, if you can handle the taste of pickles and pickle juice,that’s the basic flavor,one of the better ones I’ve tried,keep that microbiome healthy, like I hear Dr pearlmutter talk about

(Carol E. ) #12

Sardines are a great nutrient dense keto food. I have never had a fresh sardine, but canned/tinned sardines are readily available. My simple preference is with copious amounts of yellow mustard. I will have to try some of the ideas in this thread and in the link below.

From 51 Sardine Recipes For The Fussiest Of Eaters
* Sardines are packed full of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. More than salmon and most other seafood!
* Sardines are a great source of vitamin D. A vitamin many of us are deficient in.
* Sardines are one of the top sources for B12 content (behind beef liver). A vitamin vital for our metabolism and heart health. So if you’re not eating liver on a regular basis, don’t worry, have a can of sardines instead!
* Sardines are high in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium and selenium.
* Sardines are low on the food chain, meaning they have less accumulated heavy metals such as mercury that bigger fish like tuna have.
* Finally they’re a great low carb, high protein and fat food source.


Yeah… I’d much rather go for a can of sardines. :laughing:

(Norma Laming) #14

I would say the taste is fishy with quite a strong umami taste. Because the sardines are cooked after they have been put in the can, you can eat the bones, they are very soft, and indeed you should do so, in my view, for that nourishment.

(Ben) #15

Have a read of this…

(Veronica Ragaglia) #16

I think it depends on the brand as to how ‘fishy’ they taste - I have had some that are so strong…I just ate some now that weren’t too strong at all - the were brunswick wild caught in olive oil…I cooked some greens in butter then added the sardines until they crisp up on the outside and then added some beaten egg for a ‘scramble’. I probably couldn’t eat them straight out of a can though.


So first, I also like the skinless and boneless Seasons brand. Get the ones in Olive oil.

But regarding the nutrition, a lot of the omega-3 is in the skin. Additionally the bones are an excellent source of calcium.

I can eat the “Regular” types with skin and bones but the others are “nicer”. For me it’s mainly the bones. Does anyone know of any that have the skin on but the bones out?

I’ve recently looked at smoked oysters. Mostly what I find in hte stores are the bumble bee brand. They are packed in Cotton seed oil. Good grief! I don’t know a lot about seed oils but what little I do has nothing good to say about cotton seed. I’ve found some on the internet, I guess it’ll have to be amazon prime.

(Donna ) #18

I had sardines once, years ago, and thought they were disgusting. But, because of this thread, I gave them another try. I got boneless, skinless smoked sardines and ate them with mustard and balsamic vinegar. They were not bad!

It was definitely easier than making tuna fish. I will eat them again. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ron) #19

Make sure you buy the right kind -

“Store-bought sauerkraut is typically pasteurized, and the heat is what kills the probiotics. (Refrigerated varieties, though, are sometimes not pasteurized.) In addition, many store-bought brands of sauerkraut contain preservatives, such as sodium benzoate. … Also, store-bought sauerkraut sometimes contains added sugar.Apr 7, 2014”

(Bunny) #20

My favorite!

Dr Berg jumping the gun on Tuna & Sardines:

Published on May 26, 2018 Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Canned Sardines (Part 2 Update): Even More Surprising:

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about an update to his video titled Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Canned Sardines. He talks about the how it is true that canned sardines and canned tuna do have Omega 3 fatty acids.

• Sardines (DHA) – 788mg / 85g
• Sardines (EPA) – 742mg / 85g

• Tuna (DHA) – 57mg / 56g
• Tuna (EPA) – 41mg / 56g

Sardines has 13x higher DHA than the Tuna.
Tuna has 18x higher EPA than the Sardines.

Fish Oil still necessary?