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(Bunny) #21

I usually get the organic sauerkraut (store bought stuff) if I can find it! But making it myself is so much better!

(Bunny) #22

I like this research angle, very well done! :+1:

5 Reasons Why Concerns About Mercury in Fish Are Misguided: “…#5 Ignoring the protective effects of selenium underestimates the risk of eating some fish: Although most ocean fish contain far more selenium than mercury, the selenium status of freshwater fish is much more variable. Mercury tends to accumulate in fish, in lakes where selenium availability is limited. That leads to a double-whammy where some freshwater fish have relatively high mercury levels along with low selenium levels. This may explain why adverse effects were observed in a study of freshwater fish consumption in Finland, a country notorious for its poor selenium status, and was so low that it became the first nation to add selenium to its fertilizers. (13) …” …More

(Mike Williams) #23

I was a “hater” of sardines for the longest time. Now I love them. They are my go to protein booster. lol

(KetoQ) #24

I eat sardines several times a week. To me, they are a “superfood.” High in omega 3, vitamin D and protein, among others. Excellent for heart health, and a very keto friendly food.

Be careful when you buy them, make sure to get them with packed with olive oil and not soy oil.

When I eat them, I make sure to also eat all the oil as well as bones. The bones have lots of good minerals, are soft and should not get caught in your throat. Its not like dealing with bones from a trout. That said, most tins I buy have the bones removed.

I add lemon, onions, dijon or stoneground mustard, salt and pepper to them. I also eat them with avocados. In fact, you can also mash them together.


Thanks for that link.

(Norma Laming) #26

Eat the bones! They’re soft after they’ve been canned and contain good nutrients

(Doug) #27

Sardines in olive oil, in hot sauce, in mustard sauce - all good and you don’t even notice the bones.


I stock up on Sardines when they go on sale. I have always enjoyed them immensely.


I have never eaten sardines. I checked Amazon and they have the Season brand packed in olive oil - 12 pack of 4.375 oz/ea for $18.19, and the Wild Planet brand packed in olive oil - 12 pack of 4.4 oz/ea for $29.99. I went w/ the Season brand because they were less expensive; 1-click shopping!! :wink:

(Mike Williams) #30

I have to confess that I am now a “sardines eating” convert!! Sardines in hot sauce are my favorites. Aldi’s has them at a really good price. That is where I mostly stock up on them.

(CharleyD) #31

I’ve also tried the canned fish this year for the first time. Kippered herring, mackerel, sardines, etc.

I make a dressing with Duke’s mayo and sriracha or Cholula sauce over a pile of the fish chunks.

(Doug) #32

Oh Yeah Baby. :slightly_smiling_face:

(CharleyD) #33

I had no clue what to expect, so it ended up being pleasant!

(KCKO, KCFO) #34

Scrambled up with eggs and Cholula sauce on top is my idea of a breakfast of champions.


Just got a case of sardines via Amazon. Will take suggestions on how to eat them. I have never eaten them before, so hopefully y’all have some good ideas!

(Bunny) #36

The CAN makes a great bed?



The CAN also makes a great car?

(KCKO, KCFO) #38

They pair well with other seafoods from a can. Salmon patties with a can of sardines added are great, I do seafood salad instead of just tuna salad, make your regular tuna salad and add in a can of sardines. If you don’t love the taste of sardines, the tuna mix is a great way to go or use canned salmon for the seafood salad with the sardines. If you do like the taste, then have them on keto crackers along with mustard or hot sauce if you like it spicy. You can also cut them into chunks and add to a big bowl of salad along with meats, etc.

I grew up away from the sea, so have always enjoyed canned fish or all kinds.

(Katie) #39

Their smell is more pungent than their flavor. I used to be repulsed by them, but I wanted to eat them for their quality nutrition. A good gateway is to cover them with mustard, I used a brown deli mustard. That was actually tasty. Now I like to eat them plain, and I really do enjoy them! The bones used to freak me out, now I like them.

(Diane) #40

Any other suggestions for a sardine newbie? A brand that’s milder in flavor maybe?