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(Edith) #121

Just got back from a biking/camping trip. I do think the biking has helped my running. I have never been a fan of biking, but I started doing it after I injured my foot in order to keep my aerobic fitness up.

I was hoping to do a jogging-hike while we were on our trip, but we got rained out and left before we could go on the run. I still haven’t had the opportunity to do one of those around home, since it actually requires planning: I have to drive to get to a trail. :slight_smile:

The half marathon I signed up for is on November 21. Yesterday I “ran” 10 miles. My feet were pretty tired and my ankle a little irritated for the rest of the day, but today they are feeling fine. I may actually make that half marathon after all!

@Amanda1, I’m impressed that doing 200 km in a month is getting your mojo back. That is some mojo!


I keep doing several tiny running when I go to the neighbor town through the wildlife park forest! :smiley: I never forget about running now. I don’t run when it’s steep uphill and almost always run when it’s some nice downhill (there is one where I don’t run, too steep). I expect to get better.
I keep forgetting my separate running to the hilltop where I just run - or I am too full or tired or something. But a few walks per week include running, it’s something. I should do more, though…

I barely cycle nowadays but I keep doing my workouts (I stopped a while when I was sick and not in a mood even though my energy was normal) and I keep getting stronger! At least my weights grew, it’s not necessarily stronger muscles, maybe my spirit or brain-muscle communication is better or whatever. But probably my muscles got a tad stronger too :wink:

(Butter Withaspoon) #123

Good work Shinita! Sounds like it’s becoming a pleasurable habit. Mixing with walking is great.

Having said that I’m back on my mtb while a knee problem settles down. Thankfully keto results in miraculous healing times!! And I’m enjoying the bike anyway, stopping for flowers and birds whenever I feel like it.

VE 10 miles is a solid effort! Nice work


Well done on the 10 miles. Keep it steady and hopefully the ankle will be fine.

Having had a good August I hardly did anything in September and have been away. I’m now home and all fired up as I have agreed to a 40 mile run just 2 weeks before my 50 miler and was then going to do a 56 miler 3 weeks after that. That race has now been moved to the end of August.

(Butter Withaspoon) #125

That’s some huge goals Amanda! Keep us posted about how they go. I find recovery on this way of eating miraculous, so you should be good

(Ivy) #126

I did 12 miles before work 1 year ago [ 1 year pre keto ] I started jogging slowly yesterday as I’m only on week 3. It felt way better.

(Edith) #127

Wow, @Amanda1, that is some pretty impressive mileage. I’m a little jealous since I’m having a hard time just getting up to half marathon distance. :crazy_face:

I did finally find a pair of more conventional style running shoes to replace my beloved Five Fingered Shoes. They are the Altra Escalante. I think they are a nice minimalist but cushy alternative to the absolutely no cushion Five Fingereds. It’s been a slightly expensive trial and error trying to find something that works for my feet. Luckily my daughter can use one of the rejects.

(Butter Withaspoon) #128

I’ve always wanted to try the 5 fingers, but eventually realised I can always wear actual bare feet in my house and yard if I want to exercise them properly.

I’m still in a hiking phase, a few niggles. Yet I’m at a very good level of fitness and feel stronger all over. Home calisthenics is helping


To be fair VirginiaEdie I haven’t done much mileage yet but I do at least feel enthusiastic again.

Having had plantar fasciitis some years back I have tried all sorts of shoes and it is indeed an expensive operation!! I now use saucy Guides.

Having bare feet at home is probably the best. Too cold for me now though. I persisted in flip flops yesterday but was really cold once I’d finished shopping:cry:

(Edith) #130

I wore five fingered shoes for everything, even hiking. My feet seemed to suddenly change, my right foot more so than my left foot. It’s bigger and wider. My regular shoes no longer fit comfortably on the right. I’m 55 years old. I’m wondering if this is age or menopausal related somehow?

(Edith) #131

Found this online:

“One of the effects of menopause is the decrease in production of oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones regulate the development and maturation of our connective tissues including ligaments, muscles and tendons. With the decrease in these hormones the function of the soft tissues throughout the body decreases.

We have over 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles that create the shape function of our foot, so it is simple to see how the foot is affected by hormonal changes in menopause.

Unfortunately, weight gain is another side effect of menopause (how fun is being a female!). Weight gain increases the load on the feet. The combination of these two create a huge range of problems. We usually see an increase in shoe size up to 1.5 sizes at this stage of life.”

So, yup. Age and stage of hormonal life, and most likely pounding the pavement.


Back from my tiiiiny run from the hilltop (I walked the way to the hilltop now) :smiley: Sunshine and everything, I am cheerful now. We will have rainy days so I go out multiple times today (it was the plan anyway). And do my workout. Did I say here that I got stronger? I did and keep doing that. Odd, I did my workouts without much improvement for some time and now I suddenly get better and better and raise my weights for all exercises. Wow.

And soon good weather comes when I can run without getting overheated in no time especially when I am wearing my favorite but warm t-shirt. September was a tad too hot, at least around noon when I frequently went out. My SO is running a lot and I like to go and meet him and I run a bit too then. It’s useful to make this common as I won’t end up lazy and just not going out for a while. I need walking and running is cool too but I still can neglect it too much in worse times. And I NEED my exercise and the little extra energy and cheer it brings. Whenever I run, I don’t understand why I don’t do it more, it’s good. In the very beginning I hated running. That’s why I never run, just walked and cycled but I preferred walking and hiking. But I was stubborn. The idea of being able to run was tempting and quite basic for a land animal.Then my body learned how to breath, it got easier and I stopped hating it but still didn’t like it the least so I barely practiced it. But since this topic started and I try… Better, I wouldn’t say it feels harder at all, it gets better and better. I am hopeful now and decided to go out 2-3 times a day if the weather and everything else allows it.

(Ivy) #133

Ketovore today [<1gr c]

Jogged 17 minutes, then walked 2 1/2 hours AT LEAST. Drank alot of water, Sat down and felt like I ran a few miles. Feels like I accomplished something on this diet so far.

(Edith) #134

Great job! I love it! It is always amazing to me at how quickly the body adapts to new things.

Running is always terrible when fist getting started, but once you can go for a little bit, even walking mixed with running, it can be quite pleasurable.


Rainy days here. It’s good I went out 3 times yesterday (I still run for a very short time every time but longer then before and I don’t want to stop all the time like before. running is fine, I just stop soon. but as I kind of like it now, I will do it and improve. when I disliked running, I almost never did it, no wonder I couldn’t improve, I had no idea what to do but I am over that!).

I was okay today, not being out and only doing some lifting but I think I need to figure out something for tomorrow. Maybe power walking, some videos have running included too… Power walking is my solution for multiple rainy days.
Once I run in place :smiley: But I have enough place to avoid that…
And there are times without rain. Even if it may rain again soon, the hilltop is 400m away… I won’t skip another day unless I must due to really all day rain. Though one can run in the rain I suppose… But I need to be more determined for that, it’s rain and cooler weather, not so fun.
I am just spoiled here, so many sunny days and I like that so I typically go out then.

(Butter Withaspoon) #136

Another power hiker who likes a sprinkling of running reporting in here :grin: I did my steepest hill route yesterday, the steepest of the local hills. I rode my bike to the start, met a friend who I haven’t walked with before (we are both cheerleaders on a MOST diverse cheerleading team) and showed him my secret track that begins easy, then gets steeper and steeper, and even steeper. Never see anyone else on it. After a few minutes rest at the top I showed him the best set of big stone stairs which lured us into a bit of stair sprinting. There’s nothing better than fast stair running!

We walked down, saw a fat shingleback lizard and lots of roos. Then I rode my bike to the shops and bought almost too much food for my backpack and shoulder bag. I teetered slowly home with my load and call that last part weight training :smiley: I’m a bit tired this morning

(Edith) #137

Sounds like a wonderful morning with some beautiful scenery.

I’m still hoping to get myself trail running, but it is just so darned easy to walk out my front door, start running, and not have to drive any where.

It can be fun to run in the rain as long as it is not pouring and the rain water is not too cold. I really try to avoid running in the rain in the winter. I have tried running with a little bit of snow on the ground, but it was just a little too slippery. Probably won’t try that again.

(Butter Withaspoon) #138

It’s funny because the thing I struggle to do is that run straight from my door. I’ve conditioned my body to want a warm up hike- very time consuming!

Shinita, I love running in the rain, as long as it doesn’t start raining until I’m out running. Cool and beautiful and I feel kinda hardcore. But Starting in the rain is Hard!


Ha ha - I agree with going out in the rain. Have spent 4 hours before now running in solid rain but it was dry when I left. Getting out of the door when it’s raining is hard.


I have problems with going for a WALK in a gloomy, not rainy weather so running in the rain would be possible only in the right mood and in summer. It’s autumn now and colder days. Not very cold but I like to be inside when it’s raining…
Getting wet in the rain once in a blue moon in summer is fine.
But I very much like sunshine. Except when it’s too hot. I try to go out very little in summer but shady forest paths are acceptable. But running generates more heat so longer runs in summer? Nope. Maybe if there is some unusually cold day or a cool dawn.

I get lazy in not sunny weather too. Harder to make me do things I am not very used to. Like running. Walking is almost like breathing to me. But running starts to get normal too. I don’t want to stop even in winter when my SO will.