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(Edith) #141

I am using something called the 80/20 method for my half marathon training: 80% low intensity, 20% moderate to high intensity. I’m following one of the training schedules in the book for my half marathon.

Last weekend was supposed to be an 11 mile long run. The previous day I was helping out my parents and ended up only eating one meal and I didn’t drink enough fluid. The run was terrible. I wasn’t feeling it before I started and the feeling did not improve as I ran, so I stopped at the six mile mark.

I still have over a month until the half marathon, so I’m not too worried about one shortened run. I did find it interesting how much nutrition matters the day before the long run for me.

@Amanda1, how do you train for such long distances, workouts and fueling?


VirginiaEdie - Definitely don’t worry about a missed or shortened run. Your body was telling you something.

I only run 4 times a week and that doesn’t change for ultras. I also don’t specifically eat any differently. I write myself a schedule which is usually a 6 month one and just build the runs up as you would with a half or full marathon. Its just that the distances are longer. At peak training I might have a 30 mile run one day followed by a 15 mile run the following day. I might also enter a shorter ultra as a training run for a longer one. Of course you don’t start the schedule from nothing. I take water and some food with me on the longer runs.

Shinita - if you enjoy the runs you won’t find it too difficult to carry on in the winter