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(Edith) #141

I am using something called the 80/20 method for my half marathon training: 80% low intensity, 20% moderate to high intensity. I’m following one of the training schedules in the book for my half marathon.

Last weekend was supposed to be an 11 mile long run. The previous day I was helping out my parents and ended up only eating one meal and I didn’t drink enough fluid. The run was terrible. I wasn’t feeling it before I started and the feeling did not improve as I ran, so I stopped at the six mile mark.

I still have over a month until the half marathon, so I’m not too worried about one shortened run. I did find it interesting how much nutrition matters the day before the long run for me.

@Amanda1, how do you train for such long distances, workouts and fueling?


VirginiaEdie - Definitely don’t worry about a missed or shortened run. Your body was telling you something.

I only run 4 times a week and that doesn’t change for ultras. I also don’t specifically eat any differently. I write myself a schedule which is usually a 6 month one and just build the runs up as you would with a half or full marathon. Its just that the distances are longer. At peak training I might have a 30 mile run one day followed by a 15 mile run the following day. I might also enter a shorter ultra as a training run for a longer one. Of course you don’t start the schedule from nothing. I take water and some food with me on the longer runs.

Shinita - if you enjoy the runs you won’t find it too difficult to carry on in the winter


13 miles for me today. Longest for a while and it actually felt ok. Ran fasted with just a coffee beforehand.

(David Cooke) #144

If you’re (also) running to get/stay healthy, then running fasted is the way to go, I am usually 16 - 18 hours fasted when I go run, whatever distance. That really gets you into fat burning. Important is to eat as soon as possible after running, accent on protein to help recovery.
Before a race I’ll eat the night before, drink some high protein milk before and coffee. Still getting those half marathons done at 73, a bit slower now.

(Doug) #145

:clap: That’s great, David. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done. Keep it up.
I’m normally fasted about 12 hours

(Butter Withaspoon) #147

Impressive David!

I’m very happy to say that I’m back running. About 20 minutes on Tuesday, in a session of total 2 hours of hiking biking and running, also fasted. It felt great to have the feet lightly tripping down the trail.

I had a couple of short run tests today while walking with a friend. She didn’t want to run so I didn’t do more. Tomorrow is a long hike, probably with lots of good walking in water. Should be interesting…

(Edith) #148

I do not think I’ll be making my half marathon in November. I had two weekends in a row where the long run was just a total struggle. The last long run, my glute and hamstring tightened up like crazy on my left side and I had to walk the last mile. It was only an 8 miler. I haven’t run for over a week and I’m still having tightness in those muscles.

I think maybe I was really just trying to force things and my body let me know it. The plan for now is to back off, not worry about November and try for another half marathon is the spring.

@cooked, thanks for chiming in. I would like to still be running longer distances when I am in my seventies. That’s why I’m not forcing things now. The goal is longevity of running because I do enjoy it.

I am a morning person and I love getting my exercise done right away in the morning. It actually makes me a much happier person when I get in the morning exercise. If I run soon after waking up, I run fasted. If I’ve been up for a few hours before the run, I need to have a little something beforehand.

Enjoy the hike. I bet you are getting into some nice weather now. I’m hoping to get a least one hike in over the next few weeks. We are heading into the fall foliage and I would like to head out into the mountains to see the trees.


@VirginiaEdie - definitely don’t worry about the half. It’s all about enjoying yourself and being healthy. As you say, they’ll always be another one.

@Hallie - enjoy that long hike. Sounds like great fun.

I am super bad at stretching after running. Having not done any yoga this year everything definitely feels tighter. Must get better at it.


Another 15 miles this morning fasted. I have not been very good about food choices recently but I do consistently only have coffee with cream and collagen powder for breakfast


Nice!!! 15 miles is long! Even my SO thinks it’s very respectable, he never ever run that much. I probably could run 0.5 mile if my life was at stake…?

I should go back to my tiny runs, I was away (where my SO run to the 3rd village from the town we were staying and back… and this week he doesn’t have the car so it’s 5.8km running to work where he is standing all day and run/walk the way back… he doesn’t run uphills now) and I was not so well emotionally and little runs didn’t happen, I even neglect my walks now that it’s colder, today was sunny though… (It’s very bad as being out would cheer me up but when I am very down, I am not a good hedonist.) But it’s time to go back to it. Now that it’s November, it starts to get cold enough for me to run more often. I still should remember not to try it in a long-sleeved shirt in the sunshine (when I actually have motivation to go out) as it’s definitely too hot even with my tiny distances… Maybe winter will be my time :wink:
But I keep up my weightlifting, it’s something…