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A human survives much (I definitely would survive a nutritious and plentiful HCHF woe, I don’t want even to think about HCLF, I wouldn’t want to survive that for long. Did I mention I am a hedonist…?).
I definitely don’t want merely surviving but I like my water intake keeping in the pleasant, natural range anyway. Not too little, not too much. My body hates both extremes. Well, it hates the too little water, I physically can’t drink too much. Okay, it hates that too just can’t have it.

Sometimes I do wonder how people handle no water for a long while… But I would survive that too as I am a human. I merely would suffer horribly. It’s bad enough when I am sitting at my computer and neglect drinking for quite a few hours. It’s very unpleasant and I have problems afterwards.
So nope, I won’t do that.
I theoretically would survive eating 70g fat a day too. It doesn’t mean I don’t do everything I can to avoid that suffering. It’s similar with water. No one can take away my water.

And we have no water fountains here, just a tiny spring. Well okay all springs are tiny (are they? maybe there are some interesting place where everything is big :D) but ours is super tiny. The lil brook(? is there a word for the tiniest such things? my English still have its holes, obviously, even after decades of using the language nearly every day. now it’s every day, I even think in English very often) itself almost never can reach the river a few hundreds meters away, it loses all its water way before. But I don’t always go into that direction. And I am a very, very thirsty type as I said. And I see zero problems with drinking so…?

(Butter Withaspoon) #102

The therapy is going well, I’m doing loads of steep hiking on the weekends and I swear today my legs feel stronger. I’ve tried half a minute of running a few times and am more confident that I can get running back into my body. So it’s a yay from me and here’s a photo

(Central Florida Bob ) #103

How can you run in terrain like that?

I don’t run anymore, but I’ve only run in places as hilly as a pool table. Well, only lived in places as hilly as a pool table.

(Butter Withaspoon) #104

I’m the upside down of everything, the rougher the better for me. Smooth even flat surfaces give me back pain in no time. I think it’s the variety of movement that rough hilly ground provides that protects my body, but I’m very used to it. I’m not usually boulder hopping like here though!

Also- every up hill is an opportunity for a walk break :laughing:

(Chris) #105

Hi there! Fellow runner here! Currently training for my 3rd marathon, in Oct. Only 4 weeks back to keto tho then went off the rails almost a week, hoping to get back on track and get fat adapted for my race. First marathon was on carbs and SUCKED, it was so hard & I was so sore. 2nd was on keto after months of fat adaptation & it was wonderful! Such a huge difference, felt great, recovery was better too. Im hoping to get back to it!

(Central Florida Bob ) #106

Way back when I was a newbie runner, we’re talking 45 years ago, one of the running books said to run on the crown of a road, right down the middle, because you’ll get repetitive stress injuries from running on the slight angle. One leg will have different forces from the other. I didn’t believe it until it happened.

I still wonder if that was real.

(GINA ) #107

I don’t run on city streets very often, but when I run a race in a town I really notice it the slant of the road and avoid it.

(Edith) #108

I believe it is real. I don’t really notice the slant on sidewalks, but definitely on roads.

@Hallie, I am going to follow your lead with running off trail. I’m still not 100% back to normal with my foot, so I’m alternating biking and running. I’m also running as little on hard pavement as possible. I have a nice trail near my house. Up and back it is possible to go about 10 miles almost all on dirt. As my foot continues to recover, I’m going to try to go to on my longer runs on hiking trails. That should make a flat half marathon relatively easy. Btw, that scenery in your picture looks beautiful. What a great place to be outside!

The half marathon I signed up for is towards the end of November. For now, the plan is to train the distance as if I was running, but mix in a lot of walking for the longer “runs.” This way, I’m at least covering the distance.

@Ketochris73, thanks for joining in our discussion. I would like to get up to a marathon at some point. I’ll have to see how my foot does for the half I signed up for.
It seems you know keto works for you for your distance running. I bet you don’t have long to get fat adapted since you’ve been there previously.


I almost never run on roads. Well a slope with extremely uneven surface has its own problems…

I couldn’t even go out to WALK today, I am way over my limits, I feel I am not melting, I am melted. We will have some cooler days very soon so I will run again! I always do when the temperature is right for it in the evening. Silly cats come with us (as my SO does it with me. but he goes for way longer runs, like 9km before 6am today… I need my sleep at that time and I am a zombie in the morning anyway).

My stamina drastically dropped in this heat. Cycling is hard even without elevation now, I get winded without any good reason. I am not functioning correctly at all. I hope I will regenerate quickly, my last run wasn’t good while I really enjoyed them and found them easy before (yes, I stop all the time but still. that’s my usual and it never was that easy and lovely and cheerful before). I want that great feeling back.

I don’t want to whine about the heat anymore in 2021… But we still have some very likely hot weeks… Whatever just gimme my tiny respite first!
And I will run and cycle and hike and walk so much in autumn, my favorite season :smiley: I plan to run in winter too but we will see. My SO says it’s not good for him so he always stops at winter but he goes for way, way longer runs.
I started to feel the need for higher activity lately. My body really wants it but can’t handle the heat. But soon things will be better.

(Edith) #110

I was listening to a podcast with Zach Bitter who mentioned doing a workout in very high temperatures, about 46 or 47 degrees C. He said he noticed his heart rate going up as he started to get a little dehydrated. Starting off already hydrated is very important for exercising in the heat.

I run in the winter, too. The coldest temperature I ran in was 3 deg F (-16 C). I was having a contest with my son about who could run in the coldest temperature. (I won, btw. :rofl:) I probably won’t do that again, though. I’m a slow runner and just never got warmed up. Now 16-18 deg F ( -8 to -6 C) is about as cold as I’ll go. Must be my old age.


I warm up way too easily, I never could use 3 layers or a winter coat in light frost while walking (a thin jacket and a shirt is perfect. sometimes I must open the jacket), I can’t use a hat or scarf either let alone gloves. And I grab cold objects to cool down. And it’s walking.
I don’t know what happens in deep frost, we rarely have that here and I rarely go out then.

I think Alvaro had problems with sweating and then feeling bad, getting a cold…? Not the warming up part. He has that problem with cycling in winter too, getting sweaty uphill then going downhill and shiver… Something like this.

I surely will give winter running a go! But I will have so many nice weather running until then. I start tomorrow - maybe today evening, I so miss going out as much as I want - just not in this heat.

(Chris) #112

Im in Ontario Canada and run all winter long. I prefer fall & winter running, I hate the heat. My coldest temp I’ve run is -26C. As long as you prepare properly, dress in layers, face & ear coverings, goretex shoes, hydrate properly etc. Its not bad, you get used to it! :blush: Generally tho anything colder than -25C I’ll run on the treadmill. It truly depends on the windchill factor most days


Oh. Shoes. I finally have warm enough winter footwear (I hadn’t in the previous years but it wasn’t a big deal except when I had to stand for hours, that was painful) but they are hiking boots. I doubt I will be serious enough this winter and I can run in my hiking boots, I often did that as I live in an area where hiking boots are the best but I probably will need to think about it later. I do like my smaller shoes for running and my SO who runs way, way more and longer than me, definitely prefers his. Not fancy shoes but better suited for running.

Coolness arrived, I will go run today and tomorrow and the day after! If I do it every day and do my comfortable best, I must get better, right? :smiley:
(The cats like to run with me, they just do it in their weird cat way. Super quick short sprint, I have no chance, of course… Then lying down… Sprint again… Wow there is a hole in the ground, check it out! It’s much more interesting when I don’t run alone. I usually run with my SO though, he is around me somewhere and ends up with 1.5 times as much distance though.)

(Edith) #114

To run in -26C I would probably have to dress like an Artic explorer. Luckily, where I live we don’t get down to -16C very often. In fact, I don’t think we hit anywhere near that temperature last winter. You Canadians are a tough lot!

I actually do like running in the heat. It’s challenging when things first heat up in the summer, but after a week or so I like it. I’m not sure why. It’s grossly humid here in the summer and usually in the low to mid 90s F (32-35 C), but there’s something about going along the trail, among the trees, in the moist air that I just love.

@Shinita, it’s nice that Alvaro goes with you to provide encouragement. :heart_eyes:

Yesterday, I ran on asphalt. It was early morning and dark, so I did not want to run along the trail. My foot felt a little tweaky, but overall it was okay and wasn’t painful after the run or today. I’ll take that as a good sign. I’m being very careful, so my next run won’t be until Thursday. That will definitely be on the trail. (I’m cross training with biking the in between days.) I’ve got fourteen weeks until my half marathon. :grimacing:

(Central Florida Bob ) #115

I love this. :laughing: I live with cats and always have, so I can see this vividly in my mind.

(Butter Withaspoon) #116

I seem to be running again, along with a lot of hiking on the trails. Spring is in the air and I mix company outings with peaceful solo days. Each week I do some stair sprint intervals, and hike up a steep hill with a friend then jog down. Each week I get to the top a bit quicker 28:30, 27:40, 26:45. Onward and upward!

Doing some random not very structured strength stuff too, partly for entertainment


I keep doing my tiny little runs but always mixed with walks. It seems running got easier…? I still have awfully short running times but they are easy. My resting time between runs already got small in the first months years ago. In the very beginning I got winded in half a minute and had to wait for many minutes to run again… I was horrible at it. 30-40km hiking in our small Hungarian mountains? That’s fine but running? That is more intense! (I still get winded super easily uphill.)
I always could do a marathon if walking is fine… But if I must run, 1 km would be a huge challenge.

Oh well, I run a bit more than before, maybe I will reach some breaking point and will able to run longer distances! :smiley:

(Edith) #118

Hi Everyone,

I think I may be back on track for the half marathon I signed up for. It is in mid-November and I’m right on schedule for the training plan I’ve been using. I am still being very cautious with my foot. Running only three days a week, but biking two days to keep up the cardio. I also strength train with body weight exercises twice a week.

Last Saturday was a long run of 8 miles. I took it quite, well almost embarrassingly slow, but I got the distance covered and that is what I care most about at this point. I’m also sticking mostly to dirt paths with some pavement. I haven’t had a chance to make it to a hiking trail to run. I’ve been too busy to drive to one. It saves time just stepping out the front door to begin the run.

My feet really seem to have rejected the five fingered shoes. I tried them out for a short run about two weeks ago, and boy, did my foot hurt after the run. It’s taken me a bit to get used to the more conventional running shoes. I felt like I was just clomping along in them, but now they no longer feel like lead weights on my feet. I think I am also enjoying the cushion for those longer runs.

@Hallie, it’s good to add strength training in with the running. It’s definitely helped my body withstand the “pounding” of the running, particularly my lower back.

That’s the key. You gradually make the running intervals longer and the walking intervals shorter. And if you ran a bit more than before, that’s progress. I still do some walking intervals when I go for for runs.


I think that too :smiley: Now I actually remember to run when I need to walk and I reach my destination significantly quicker! It’s great as I always was the type to manage to find things to do before stepping out of the house and being late… I tried to put my “let’s getting ready” time way earlier and it still didn’t help… And it’s stressful to be possibly late or a bit late. Running helps and it even feels invigorating! Not always but often :slight_smile: So I am hopeful I will improve. I typically do if I keep doing something regularly, it’s stopping and forgetting that comes into my way, be it exercise, drawing or almost anything else.

If I add enough running (my current amount is still super tiny) to my weightlifting and walking/cycling, I will be quite pleased :slight_smile:
Meanwhile my SO makes sure to run 3 times a week (on workdays) if possible. The little hero went and did it on Monday while being a bit sick (just some cold but it’s bad enough for a basically healthy one who doesn’t consider life too easy even without sicknesses)… At 5am in the dark… He even wonders about doing it more… Not easy as he needs special food that can handle running as he needs to bring his breakfast with him (his box lid doesn’t close good enough for that. we have better boxes but they aren’t big enough). He is standing for 8 hour at work and then runs back… He didn’t do it last year, only to work! And he runs back, potentially with a lot of heavy stuff in his backpack… And he runs even uphill… I never will reach his level…
He even want it to be quick. Today he did 30:55 for 5.8km (this is the shortest route. if there is enough light, he runs 7.5km because why not :smiley: I would rather sleep…). He was better last year. He did 30:20 last week but he had tiny blackouts uphill.
It would be nice to catch up to him just a weee bit.


My mojo seems to be coming back bit by bit. I even managed to do 200km last month and this month I’ve put my longest training run in in a while and did a half marathon. I even got back on my road bike a few times, which I haven’t been on for years!! Won’t get time to do too much this month but I’m just glad I feel happier about it all.
Those trails and wildlife look great.