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(GINA ) #81

I am pretty sure it is my IT band. It has given me trouble before, but on the side of my knee. This time the pain is on the outside of my hip, right where my leg bends. I did some stretching before I got out of bed this morning and it is better, but not gone. I bend my leg up and sit on it quite a bit and that makes it worse when I get up.

(David Cooke) #82

I assure that you DO get used to the heat, but it takes a few weeks. What affects me most is the humidity, Some mornings we have 100% humidity and 37°C, that really makes me feel old.(But my granddaugher, 15, doesn’t run so well then either).
I’m pretty sure that heat and humidity, though difficult to run through, are worth it when you come to races in the cooler part of the year.

(Edith) #83

Hey Everyone, it’s been a while.

My foot is doing better, but not completely back to normal. I have some changes with my feet going on. My feet are just not liking my five finger shoes. If I wear them, even for walking, my foot problem gets irritated. Walking around in my traditional style shoes, shoes with a thicker sole and firmer material for the upper is much less irritating. It will be interesting to see if this discomfort with my five finger shoes continues once my foot is completely back to normal.

As a result of the running hiatus, I’ve been biking. As a result of the biking, I’ve discovered trail riding. Omg, that is soooo much more fun than just riding along a paved bike path. It’s a little harder on the joints (all the jostling over tree roots and gravel) but I think it maybe worth it. It turns out we have about five miles of nature trails right around my neighborhood that I never even knew were there. I don’t have to drive my bike anywhere to go off-road.

On our first off-road ride, we saw this:

We were only a few feet away. He or she was not going to leave that squirrel for anything.

Today, I did a short running workout with some hill repeats. I ran in my traditional style shoes. The hills felt fine on the foot. So far, so good. Foot is okay! :grinning:

What’s going on with you? This thread has been quiet.

(GINA ) #84

That’s cool! I saw a kestrel catch fish today, but yours is better!

My IT has still been annoying me, but I walked up and down and up and down my hilly driveway a couple of days ago and it feels better. Maybe it needs more work, not less.

We are camping by a lake with our kayaks, so I have been paddling the past few days. When we get home I will try running again.

(GINA ) #85

I went back out on the lake this morning and saw a bald eagle take a trout out of the water right in front of me. DH was fishing and let one go. It swam off like it was going to be fine, then came back up to the surface maybe 25 feet away. I turned around to paddle over and check it out (if it wasn’t going to live it was coming back to camp for dinner) and I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. A bald eagle took off from a rock cliff beside the lake, hovered over my head for a bit (while I quickly calculated.that he could not pick me up and likely had no reason to maul me with his talons), then swooped down and took the fish. Coolest thing I have seen in along time. No photos though, it all happened way too fast.

(Edith) #86

Love it! The eagle was obviously watching and waiting. Maybe he or she frequently catches the fish that are caught and released. Easier pickins.

I have a similar story. There was an injured bird on the side of the road one day. I decided to go back and try to rescue it. I parked the car and started to head towards the bird. When I was about 15 feet away, a hawk swooped down and flew off with it. Ah, the circle of life.


I can talk about birds… As I can’t about running :frowning: I really will try to do a little but it’s so very hot here I barely can do my walks :frowning: Yesterday I cooked, did my workout and picked blackberries around the same time and I was almost melting…

Lesser spotted eagle, google says. Alvaro (my SO) sees that bird often. I don’t have such experiences, I see some bigger raptor here and there but too far and can’t tell the species.
He even saw a black stork yesterday!!! And I saw a beautiful kingfisher several days ago (catching and eating a little fish at that!), these are very rare sightings!

And I have a young european serin in my cellar, resting. Stupid cat brought it home (then she promptly lost interest in it. it’s odd. she occasionally brings birds but dead ones and she eats them immediately. fortunately she mostly focuses on the zillion mice and voles the nearby fields are full with) but it seems it only got shocked and its leg is hurt but it doesn’t seem very serious, not like I can see that. Let’s hope for the best. We often keep birds in the cellar (not a proper cellar, it’s mostly above ground) when they get knocked out on the windows. I did stick big yellow raptor eyes on them but it doesn’t help enough :frowning: Most birds get okay in no time, only a woodpecker died (immediately), one would think their skull is stronger but it seems going crazy on trees all the time isn’t like hitting glass. Poor thing.


YAY! Miracles do happen, at least tiny ones.
The weather was cooler today and in the evening we went for a tiny run! I did my usual walk in the morning and I needed something… It was very easy, easier than ever! I run about 800m with many stops but I did it :smiley: It’s a start!

I forgot to talk about squirrels the last time… We don’t have those gray ones. We have red and more often, black ones with huge, very bushy tails.

And the serin flew away an hour later, standing on the injured leg wasn’t a problem either. Hopefully it won’t meet other cats and gets those pretty yellow feathers soon!

(Edith) #89

One of the commercials Toyota is showing during the Olympics actually has a great saying,

“You don’t have to be exceptional to start. You need to start to be exceptional.”

I love that quote. That fits you today @Shinita.


Yay, it is a nice quote!

I don’t even want to be good ever :slight_smile: I just want to run a little as a land animal should :wink:
And I feel loads better. Exercise sometimes have this effect on me especially cycling but if running can do this, I will be motivated!

(GINA ) #91

I finally ran yesterday- 3 miles on the treadmill. The hip was OK. This morning I went to a boot-camp-cross-fit-like class at the gym and did so.many.squats, and it is still pretty OK. I can feel it, but it hurts less than it did before.


After some heatwave and rain the weather is cool again! Not in the middle of the day but I will run again in the evening! My “usual” tiny bit :slight_smile:
It’s August so I can’t hope in cool enough weather all month but I will try to remember running whenever the weather will be right. Theoretically a lil run in warmer weather shouldn’t be THAT horrible either, it’s a short one and I can shower afterwards… I try to build up my running habit I never ever had…

(Butter Withaspoon) #93

Good progress Gina, may the injury fade!
Keep trying Shinita, feels good eventually.

I had a bit a progress on the return to running the past week. I’ve been doing a huge mountain hike almost every week while I can’t run, and I feel like my heart and lungs couldn’t be fitter. So last week a tried a few super short up hill sprints (3 x 20 seconds) to try to get the spine to behave. Felt really good to push so hard. The sciatic pain is a bit less lately so hopefully I can do hill sprints again then try some running on flatter trail.

My posture looks bad because I had a loaded backpack on (hard to see) . Just so happy to be almost running again :blush:


It actually felt very very good. I don’t even understand. It wasn’t as fun in the past, only recently. Yesterday I saw a beautiful sky too, it helps not to get bored. I don’t know what to do during running, I can’t think just like when I am cycling or walking (walking is the best and helps with ideas)… I bring my music but that alone is probably not enough. But my tiny runs can’t give me boredness problems yet. I just gets winded easily uphill and gets overheated downhill, that’s the second part of my tiny run… I still stopped many times but I am hopeful.

I still doesn’t seem to run slowly. That’s not my style. I run normally or sprint :smiley: And get winded :frowning: I try though as I am sure I will need it. But running quickly is funnier :smiley:

Today I had energy problems during bad sleep and my run was super tiny but I will stick to it, 1-2 times a day, how hard it can be? We won’t have super hot temperatures in the next days!

(My SO run 7.5km yesterday morning, he left maybe at 5am? His workplace isn’t even that far but he took the longer route :smiley: He says the uphill part is nicer there. Well, asphalt and not the muddy forest path, it’s not nice after rain at all. But he likes the longer route anyway, 5.8km is too short for him. Sigh. While I barely can run a little bit.
He rarely runs and only since some years but he reached 21km very easily and did it once at dawn without water because he forgot. IDK how his body works, I couldn’t pull it off with a 2km long run… I am a very thirsty type. Of course it wasn’t good for him, he just endured it somehow. But I would have noticed immediately and would have come back for my bottle…)

(GINA ) #95

I often run without water, if it isn’t too hot and I am not going too far, it is just less trouble. I am old enough to remember life without a bottle or cup attached to everyone’s hand. If you got thirsty while you out, you went to a drinking fountain. I can remember going out shopping and running errands with my mom and if it was over 3-4 hours we might stop in a cafe for a cup of coffee for her and 6 ounces of juice or lemonade for me. Somehow no injury or illness befell us. They used to advise marathoners not to drink during the race, I don’t think THAT is a good idea though.

I went to the crossfit-like class three mornings this week and Running, swimming & paddling are good for endurance, but my goodness my strength is lacking. I guess that’s why I am there. The darling little 22 year old instructor has given me lots of modifications and has been very sweet about all of them. It is good I am going to a class though. If I was trying to do that stuff on my own I would decide it is just too hard and go get on a treadmill. In fact, the treadmill room is across the hall and I look longingly over there at the people who are just happily running and not dangling off some TRX contraption trying to hold their legs out straight in front of them.


I don’t think my thirstiness has anything to do with other people’s habits. Or my old habits. People change. I get overheated and I am very thirsty now and I wasn’t like that 20 years ago.

I can survive 90 minutes without water if I walk in a cool weather alone (so I don’t talk). I don’t prefer that but I survive. Running is instant overheating, my mouth probably dries out quicker too and I need water.

But even sitting in my room, a few hours without water are extreme, I feel parched, drink 1 liter of water and nothing, I still feel dried out…Very inconvenient.
If I don’t neglect this, I am fine with less water but I need it regularly.

I actually often barely drink until the afternoon or even evening. I need my water later. Or if I go out or exercise or just am in hot temperature.

Hot weather kinda came back, not the same hotness but well, not the 15-20C in the morning… I will try to run again though, I felt so… maybe euphoric is a bit strong but running cheered me up very seriously, I don’t even understand…

I am weak as a kitten though, shows my weightlifting this week…

(Old Baconian) #97

It was Dr. Tim Noakes, the sports physiologist and marathon runner, who first advised runners to hydrate, but the sports drink manufacturers have gotten so excessive with their recommendations that Dr. Noakes has had to start warning against the dangers of over-hydration. And sure enough, many marathoners have ended up in hospital from severe electrolyte imbalance from over-hydration, and several have died.


But this is the opposite, not drinking during a whole marathon. Sounds insane to me - unless if someone is fine with that, of course. It’s not a long distance, some people sweat less than others, maybe the temperature and the humidity helps… I am no expert for sure. My SO said he felt utterly horrible after a half marathon distance without serious elevation or hot weather… I would feel utterly horrible after 5 mins :smiley: But maybe some people are fine with a dry marathon. It seems extreme to me but it doesn’t sound surely impossible.

I don’t understand why others want to tell a different person what to do… I sure as hell would drink very regularly. Just little (and I probably would think about eating salt after crossing some limits… no idea which limits but as I can’t run for 5 minutes now, I have lots of time to figure out what to do at longer distances). My body is smarter than the people feeling entitled to tell what to do, that’s for the amount. The sodium thing is what I learned, my body surely never told me to eat any salt, not even in the 1-2 occasions when I suspect I needed that (I felt funny not having any sodium for 120 hours… nothing serious and it was truly funny but still. maybe I would feel something before real problems appear?).

(Edith) #99

quote=“GME, post:95, topic:108656”]
I am old enough to remember life without a bottle or cup attached to everyone’s hand.

Yes, me, too. In fact was thinking about this not too long ago, in a similar way. Throughout my school years, none of us carried around water bottles during the school day. Like you said, if thirty I used the water fountain and otherwise waited for lunch to have something to drink.

Now a days I wonder how I did that. I am always carrying a water bottle around. Although, I have a feeling if we drank less, our bodies would eventually adapt to the decreased input.

On the other hand, I was listening to a podcast with Zach Bitter discussing his training for his transcontinental run. He was running 30 miles in some extreme Phoenix heat. He mentioned that his heart rate went up as he started to develop some dehydration. So, being well hydrated is important to keep your performance from slipping over the coarse of a longer workout,

I add 1/4 teaspoon of salt/no salt mix yo my water every time I fill it up. I do believe it helps me hold
onto water and become less dehydrated.

(Old Baconian) #100

It’s really quite a wonder how, back in those benighted times, we weren’t all dropping like flies. I can’t understand how we managed to survive without dying of thirst, especially since, according to the sport drink manufacturers, by the time we realise we are thirsty, we are already severely dehydrated and require great quantities of their products. I also don’t understand why there don’t seem to be any fossilised Contigos found at any archaeological digs . . . you’d think our ancestors would have known better! :grin::rofl: