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I like to ride a bike, but not as a regular workout. You may get use injuries running, but you can get serious accident injuries biking. A few years ago, one of my coworkers at another site was training for a long bike ride at the same time I was training for a half marathon. We would talk about our training plans and progress whenever we saw each other.

We were both due at a meeting early one morning. I had already been out for a run that morning and I had fallen. I went to the meeting with a skinned hand and knee . He had been out for a ride and had also taken a tumble that morning. He was in the hospital for over a week.

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I got used to having a little pack or vest on - now I actually like the feel because it signals a long adventure compared to a shorter run.

I’ve realised it’s good to mix some mountain biking in with my running- note to self! I actually did have a bike accident this year that sent me to hospital emergency department- but when a kangaroo takes you out there’s not much you can do!

I’m still building back up to running. Did some good squats this morning and had an absolutely fantastic steep 6 hour hike on the weekend. Feeling stronger and less of the pain


The hydration packs you get used to. Make sure there’s no air inside otherwise they slosh around and sound annoying!!

Many people think running is bad for you but the best exercise is one you enjoy otherwise you won’t go out there and do it. It’s also a weight bearing exercise and therefore good for your bone density.

If you’re a fit person and going to have a heart attack whilst running then I maintain you had something wrong with you in the first place that you didn’t know about.

I ran a 100 mile race last November. I truly don’t believe its done anything to me to cause a heart attack to happen at some point


I like running for several reasons. One of them is that you don’t need much equipment. Another reason is that I need to bike a lot to feel the same kick and biking a lot means hurting. I suffer with saddles.

I’ve tested all saddles and saddles inclinations, etc and still haven’t found what works for me to allow me to bike as long as I wish without hurting. So, biking isn’t pain free for me as it seems to be for you.

So, I need to mix and match depending on time available, what hurts, etc.

As for HIIT, I’m not interested. I don’t exercise for health. I exercise for fun. HIIT is for folks who want the health aspect and hate exercising, I think. They want to get it done as quickly as they can and be over with. Another public for HIIT is the super athletic type who’s worried about maximizing everything. I’ve never been there.


Yes, Virginia, it puzzles me, too.

The reason I moved to carnivore was that @PaulL wrote something about needing mitochondria for using fat as fuel (sorry if I’ve misunderstood something). Wendy started carnivore and I thought I should follow her example and try harder to get it sorted. Since I was feeling so weak, I decided to go carnivore to kinda force my body to make me more mitochondria, or fix what I have. But it isn’t working yet. I’m really doing my best at it. No cheating at all! I’m very strict. No coffee, no tea, nothing I’m aware of that is coming from plants. After a few months I’ve introduced a tiny bit of 0 carb cheese about twice a week. Besides that, I’m super strict.

I think I must have some bad genes that interfere with my ability to use fat as fuel. Some weirdness particular to me.

Anyway, I’m keto for life, because though I’m not diabetic, I have some level of insulin resistance and I want to keep carbs low to avoid that becoming pre/diabetes, if I can.

Mysteriously, exercise that doesn’t raise my heartbeat as much as running, such as cycling, I can do. I really think I have some weirdness in my genes, or heart. My blood pressure is very low (like 90/65) and heartbeat fast (like 76 while resting). Perhaps this is all related.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. I’m happy I have no serious illness. There are people out there without legs.


I use a pack with a bladder when I hike and it does jostle around and drives me crazy. However, I use something similar to this for running in the summer:

I have a very short torso so the small bottles work great. I just have to remember to alternate which side I use so I don’t feel uneven. :grinning:

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And that doesn’t jostle around?

I thought about getting a pack for around my waist to keep my phone in, but I worried about that being annoying. I can’t imagine water hanging off my waist.

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Wow! 100 miler, that’s amazing!

How are you finding all the running with keto? Do you use targeted carbs for workouts? I would love to hear what dietarily works for you.


It never has for me. I keep the belt as snug as I can without it being uncomfortable and I’m good to.


I have used a water bottle round the waist with 1 large bottle on the front. Make sure its tight and you get used to it.
The first time I went out with a hydration pack I’d only gone 10 meters and it was sloshing all over. I went back home and googled it and you have to get the air out. You get used to that too. But for a half I’d either take nothing and depend on aid stations or water round the waist. I hate holding bottles.
The running with keto is fine but to start with I nearly called for an ambulance!!!
I never have breakfast before I run just my usual coffee with cream and collagen powder but for the 100 miler it was during lockdown and was virtual round my village so my garage was my aid station and I just prepared all sorts of things which did include carbs and coke. When running that long for me its just having what the body craves and I really wanted lots of coke that day. I have to say I’m not strict keto. Lockdown has been good from that point of view, cooking for myself all the time. I’m too weak willed when I go out. But I don’t eat targeted carbs (last year I began to have porridge before I went out for 20 + miles but in all honesty maybe egg and bacon would have been fine) And I just have a normal lunch when I get back. I haven’t done much this year as I’ve lost my mojo and so have cancelled races. I don’t take anything with me for up to 15miles.
I would love to be super strict and also knock the wine on the head and see how the running goes. But if you don’t want carbs on an ultra you really do have to carry everything yourself.
Oh and I’m definitely not quick.

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I took the last two days off running because I did something to my hip. I work at a school and when summer came I got excited and went overboard. Trail run, speed work, then a spin class. I had not been to a spin class since before the pandemic. I felt fine doing it, even OK the next day, then I hit the treadmill and did a few KB swings. The day after THAT was no bueno. It is much better now and I may head out tomorrow for another trail run. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

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So easy to do when one gets all excited again! Hope the hip improves quickly.

I’m still doing some big hikes and my back exercises. I’ve booked into a sport and dance physio because it’s not getting better on its own- will be good I think!

I’m so fit. Really!! :laughing: just can’t run


Heatwaves here, I don’t even go out for walks unless I have to (last time I did it at 2pm and even the most tempting slopes couldn’t make me running. the ones I never ever could resist before, not even in summer, not even in mask. except when we had sleet but that was an extreme case) and my weightlifting sessions take forever (but what’s new?), I overheat too easily. I actually started to get up super early, 4-5 hours before my normal time just to get some outside time (and air the house)! But running would be a tad much. But I will try.
And we won’t have this record heat all the time, right? It can’t be…
Is running at night dangerous…? Maybe not in moonlight when I actually see something. The soil is soft… But can I overrun mozzies? That’s the big question. (Probably not. Mozzies are formidable, I am full with bites and I don’t even go out much.)

I came and read and write to make me run at least a weeeeeeeeee bit already. I really do nothing at all in this scorching heat :frowning: But if I wait for long, I will be even rustier. And I can handle a few minutes from the hilltop, right? I can get a nice shower after…
So I do my best to go back to my tiny running plans partially to and back the hilltop!

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I decided to give my hip another day and went swimming. I think it will be OK tomorrow.


Hope the hip’s ok

I would love some weather that vaguely resembles a heatwave.

My mojo is still elsewhere and my runs tiring. Decided to get back on the vitamins.

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This Targeted Keto Diet sounds well enough. I was strict Keto for two years, went for my first half marathon and took some carbs with me, bars and drink. Seemed to work well, so did it again and got a good result. However, the dam broke there and my lust for carbs came back with a vengeance, took me more than half a year to get back on the wagon. For my third half marathon I derfinitely wasn’t really in fat burning mode but tried to do it with electrolytes alone, I really hit the wall that time.
Since going Keto I lost 3 Kg in two weeks, and seem to be running well for my age (73).
I’m not sure that TKD is for me, I’ll find out in September when I have another half coming up.

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Ha, ha, I had the same thing happen. I got over zealous and hurt my foot. I think it’s probably plantar fascitis (sp?). Although, I actually think it may have been aggravated by my shoes. I wear five finger shoes and I wore through the toes, so I bought a new pair. They were tighter than my old pair, but I thought they would stretch out over time. I think my foot couldn’t move naturally enough in the new pair.

I’ve been using five fingers for over a decade and my feet have changed shape over the years. I recently noticed they’ve gotten wider and stockier. I’ve decided to try the men’s shoes instead. They are wider than the women’s shoes. Those arrived yesterday. I’m very excited to try them out once my break is finished. I’ve been taking off for the past week. I’m going to do more trail running for some softer ground, so I’m not always pounding the asphalt and cement.

I LOVE the heat and humidity. I have noticed that when it’s hot, it’s harder to stay in my heart rate zone, so my times are a little slower, but it’s just sooooo nice to be outside in the warmth. If I go early enough, the temperature is in low 20s (deg C). That is quite comfortable for running.

I have found if I keep in my heart rate low enough during my long run, I don’t need the carbs. If my run is too intense, my body craves carbs for the rest of the day until I give in. The one and only half marathon I’ve done, I just ate some bacon prerace and then electrolytes during the race. That seemed to go well, but it was three years ago. I signed up for a half in November. I don’t know if I’m going to snack on anything during the race. I ran 9 miles a few weeks ago and was fine, but who knows, maybe a little energy boost during the longer distance would be a good thing. I’ve got some time to experiment.

I really upped my B-vitamin intake a few months ago. It has really helped: energy levels and sleep. My hair is also growing much better. My only complaint is I now have to shave my legs way more often. :laughing:


I went out for a walk at 8am. Around 25C? It was insanely hot, suffering all the time.
I usually am fine around this temperature (it’s too hot, sure but I can handle it, my walks always include shadowed areas, those were nice today as well) but we have too hot weather since too long so my body just want anything below 20C all the time and suffers above. Even my house isn’t that cool in summer. So I basically suffer from the hotness 24/7. Sleep isn’t nice now.

So running is out of question now but I will resume those tiny ones when I get out of this phase when I even neglect my very important daily walks as they just cause suffering.

We NEVER had it this bad. What is with 2021? We always had 2 hot weeks in August and the (for me) too warm summer… But this year almost all of my smaller plants wilt, even the very sturdy ones. The lawn in the sunniest place is dead and dry since long. I never had the problem of raspberries unable to get juicy before!
Interestingly, my leanders that always complain about water even if it’s winter in a quite humid room and lots of watering (not once in every 2 weeks like all my other plants… I have sturdy plants, I learned I can’t handle others. it took some time until I adapted to my leanders’ needs, they lost lots of leaves), well they are blooming and seem to be pretty enough (they lost some leaves but nearly everything did in this weather). I take extra care of them, of course, I think they are the only plants getting watered twice a day. But they are close to my front door (it’s enough work to put the big one just outside in spring. as Hungarian winters are too cold for leanders) so its easy :slight_smile:
I feel worse than my leanders. But better than my grass (okay, most of the grass is still green, just the ones in the southwest part are dead)… There will come cooler days, they say…

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I may have to go for some PT. We have been on a road trip and my hip practically seizes up after a couple of hours in the car. I get out and walk like a peg-leg pirate for a few minutes until it loosens up. I can walk and run OK, and went a a pretty good bike ride the other day, but something isn’t right.

We will get home tonight and I reserved a lane at the pool tomorrow before work. If I feel OK I will run before the swim.

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It could be your lower back. I was having hip problems years ago, but it turned out it was trouble with my lower back referring pain into my hip. A physical therapist should be able to figure it out for you. I highly recommend going. I’ve had to go two times in my life (so far) and found it really helpful both times.

I hope you get things figured out. It’s very frustrating not being able to do what you want. I tried out my foot this morning and even though it is feeling much improved from last week, it is not back to normal. This afternoon will be a bike ride instead.