Runners' Hangout

(GINA ) #41

No. I immediately reached up to feel my nose and she said the passages can be crooked even if the nose is straight. I have never broken my nose or anything. Just the way I am I guess.

(Butter Withaspoon) #42

I’m very crooked up there too! The very popular nose swab that we are having so often is not even possible up the left nostril (and has confused a few doctors temporarily) , but my right is good :woman_shrugging:

I never used to able to reliably nose breathe until fixing my diet, doing lots of hiking and running, and years of yoga with breathing exercises. Now I can’t handle the thought of an open mouth while sleeping- I couldn’t sleep!

(GINA ) #43

Food makes a difference for me too, too much dairy and there is no nose breathing at all. Normally, I can sit and even sleep and breath through my nose, but not run or exercise.

I get covid tested every 2 weeks at work and that’s fun.

(Edith) #44

Well, I signed up for a half marathon. It’s not until November. That gives me plenty of time to train and not have to increase my mileage too quickly.

I ran nine miles on Saturday. I got started a little later than usual and it was already warming up. I did not bring enough water and should have brought some extra salt. The last time I ran my one and only half marathon it was held in May, so most of the training was done in cold or cool weather. This time most of the training will be during the warm/hot weather. I will need to figure out how to bring more water and get started much earlier, say 6 am. Maybe I will try one of those water backpacks. (I’m not sure what they’re called. :grinning:)

(Karen) #45

Well done you. I have one of those backpacks but I just use it for the CrossFit as it is nice and small, took the water bottle out. Used to use it when I ran to work, it was great cos it didn’t jiggle about as it had straps that did up round the waist. Think if you google water backpacks it may come up.

(Butter Withaspoon) #46

Hydration pack is what they’re called here. Well done and that’s exciting- great to have a goal to train for.
I’m still not quite running, but I’m hiking and doing my exercises.

(Bob M) #47

These were the original manufacturer:


But you can find many others now, as hydration backpacks.

I used one when I’d do my 60+ mile bike rides.

(David Cooke) #48

I get by with a pint of water, definitely mixed with electrolytes, for a half marathon, although I may be tempted by ice water on offer on the way. My last run was in the upper 90’s and very humid, it’s extreme conditions like that that make you realise what you personally need on a run.
For instance, I’ll eat a protein rich breakfast fairly late the night before the run, eat a chocolate bar and a coffee when I wake up for a 5 am start, AND take some non-melting carbs with me! Sorry about that, but that really does help me. Only happens three times a year so I guess it’s OK!


I need my mouth even for my tiny runs, I never could get enough oxygen elsewhere!

Well I think I will try to run in October or something. Summer arrived and I have serious problems with walking as it’s too hot for that even in shadowed areas. I get overheated in no time. Maybe it gets better later. I remember running a bit even in summer, it was hot but I could do it… I didn’t totally give up but nowadays I usually hide in my house. My room is hot too but less hot… 23 Celsius/74F, normally I can stand it, I only start dying around 25-26C but it’s early summer, May was rainy so I am not used to even this.
The idea of running is simply very much not tempting and I had problems with it anyway. I still do my tiny occasional downhill running, I can’t resist those but that’s it.
But I don’t give up, we surely have colder times, it’s a windy place anyway… If I was a passionate runner, surely such things couldn’t stop me but I don’t really like running, I just wish to.
I am super curious what I would need and do on a half marathon (I probably wouldn’t need electrolytes and very sure that no carbs either but as I never did anything like that, I can’t possibly know) but it’s so, so far away… It must happen in winter though or an unusually cold day, I have my limits… I like hiking under 15C (once I had a nice one on a frosty spring day, that was great) and I have no idea about running but I need a lower temperature for that. I have no idea if my throat would have some lower limit, it’s possible. My SO can’t run in winter.
I would be willing to run a short distance in a very nice place in hotter weather (like 20-25C, sounds bad but I would survive a few km I suppose) but not a half marathon. But who knows, maybe I will surprise myself, I can do cycling on the hottest days with some uphill parts and I don’t even feel I am dying, it’s crazy but cycling is too fun :smiley:

Now I feel desire to do more walking and cycling… Poor running. A big part of me is too much against it but my conscious mind still want it.


What a fantastic thread, @VirginiaEdie!

I’m a runner, but nowadays I’m crawling. Since starting keto about one year and several months ago, I’m too weak for running. I’m carnivore now, trying to get some mitochondria going, but I only feel weaker.

So, for the moment I’m mostly mountain biking.

I totally agree with you that doing 1 min workouts completely miss the point! Exercising is my leisure and I can’t see any better way to occupy my time. Even if it’s just crawling.

(GINA ) #51

@Karen18 How do you like CrossFit? Does it help your running? Overall fitness? I am 54 and decided to handle the pandemic by baking and letting myself go, so I am not in my best shape right now (not my worst either, so there’s that).

The issues that sideline me from running are usually my hamstrings (mostly) and IT issues. I have been using a kettlebell at home here and there to try to strengthen my posterior chain. I just joined a new gym and the class that best fits my schedule is a ‘CrossFit-like’ add on that is hosted by the gym. You always hear scary stories about CF and injuries, but you hear stupid stories about running too, so I take them with a grain of salt.

(GINA ) #52

If you ran 9 miles Saturday you have plenty of time to get ready for a half in November. Good luck!

I don’t care for hydration packs because they make my back sweat. I carry a 20 ounce handheld bottle and plan my LR routes to pass by my car or a drinking fountain (those aren’t open around me now though) or even a store if I will need more than that. There will be water on your race course (probably, check to be sure), so it isn’t like you have to plan for that much water on race day.

(Karen) #53

@GME hi Gina, I think my running helps my CrossFit lol. I am quite a good runner, I like sprinting and also like mid distance. I always thought I was pretty fit but within 3 weeks of starting CF for the first time 2.5 years ago, my fitness level soared dramatically.
I didn’t let it drop during the pandemic/lovkdowns as that’s when I started doing my daily stair running and that truly helped when we returned to the CF classes. Only my strength had been depleted as I didn’t have any heavy weights at home so had to make do with 10kg db’s and 7.5kg kettle bells so I noticed the difference going back and using heavier weights. Mind you the strength is gradually returning thankfully.

Yes there are lots of people who would like to put the scarey stories around but the only injuries you get are when you’re not doing the stuff correctly. We are fortunate to have fantastic coaches who make sure we are fully warmed up before we start and who ensure we do the moves correctly. I guess not all CF boxes are the same but ours is a very good one.

I started keto in May 2020 and decided to try carnivore/zc beginning of November and still doing that woe. I noticed feeling weak and tired when I started keto especially not having enough energy to get through the workouts, I was flagging toward the end of them but my energy soared when I started carnivore and I haven’t looked back. I’m 64 this week and on this woe for the health benefits not weight loss though it is keeping my weight stable.


Hi all
I’m a runner too but definitely seem to have lost my mojo this year which I don’t like at all and I completely get it about the HIIT training. It just doesn’t do it for me.


We can get injuries with any sport even when doing it right. Our bodies are all different and we go through changes, age, etc.

For professional reasons, I was responsible for a while of a lab where we did, among other things, stress tests. We put materials through all sorts of tests, actually (strength of materials lab).

Eventually, things break, bend, etc. Same for our bones, ligaments and muscles.


450 meters running for me today with 2 breaks. Downhill. Well I had to start somewhere! We have cute colder days now, yay!
I realized I need different bras for running, these were horrible, I probably shouldn’t have stopped so many times with better ones…

I have plans. I will run down from the hilltop, there are some nice routes without using asphalt, up to 10km or something like that, my SO will show me the longest one when I will need them. Around the pond with coots and swans and ducks and seagulls, sometimes herons too. It’s still pretty despite the many cut out trees, there was some serious construction for years.
No uphill at all. I don’t think I will be ready for uphill running for a long, long time.

I have a water bottle strap, only a small bottle fits but it’s still useful for slightly longer runs. I bought it when I still thought it’s possible for me to do running and walking on my tiniest round except the lil nothing hilltop one (a bit over 4km, probably it’s tiny for a walk even if impossibly long for a run for me).

I felt stronger than normally today, maybe because I have big plans for the future now and my mood is zillion times better! :smiley: My running couldn’t show that, that was tiny but I did weightlifting and I can raise my weights, yay! Or how one says that…

Maybe I go for a lil run in the evening too. I try to stop only once this time :smiley:

(Bob M) #57

If you’re mountain biking, why use running?

I ask because I stopped running a long time ago due to injuries. With running, I was always injured.

That’s why I gave up running for biking: I never got injured while biking, unless I tried to increase mileage too quickly.

Even now, many years later, I ride one of my bikes instead of running. (One reason I’m not putting much input into this thread.)

There is one detriment to biking relative to running: it’s easier to find something aerobically challenging when running than when biking. I, however, live in a fairly hilly area, so it’s easy to find hills I can climb on my bike.

As for HIIT versus longer exercising, the vast majority of what I do can be considered to be HIIT. For instance, I ride my bike to a hill and ride up and down it multiple times. One might not get “runners high” for this, but to me, that’s OK.

I think longer runs may not actually be good for you, so that’s my reasoning behind doing HIIT rather than anything longer.

I tend to side with the people here who think long bouts of exercising are bad:

But that’s due to what has happened to me.

Also, longer takes time away from doing something else. I used to bike 60-90 miles on the weekends, but for me, 60 miles would take 5 hours. Start at 9am, don’t get done until 2pm. That’s basically the whole day.

My priorities have changed. I’d rather go find a hill and ride up and down it for 30 minutes than spend several hours riding, and interact with my family during those hours or do home improvement projects. But each person has different priorities.

(Edith) #58

I’m pretty slow, 12:30/minute miles. I run with some walking mixed in so that I’m mostly in the moderate heart rate zones. I have a feeling that is not going to cause heart damage. But, if I drop dead, I’ll have my husband inform the forum. :laughing:
Besides, I HATE biking.

@Corals, I can’t imagine why you would be so low energy after such a long time on keto/carnivore. I did have an adjustment going from keto to carnivore, but it was probably only a month of low energy and I was still able to exercise.

I did find that having 1mad days or just low food days in general negatively affected my energy for exercise the following day. Are you intermittent fasting? Are you eating enough protein?

So true. It’s a great start because you started!

(Edith) #59

Yeah, I was worried that I would not like the weight and jostling of the water pack on my back.
We have the same problem with water fountains being closed by us.

I usually do an out-and-back route so I don’t cheat myself. I guess if I switch to a loop that I have to do more than once, I can plant some extra water.

(Edith) #60

Right now, I’m with my family 24/7. I work, I manage the home, etc. My time exercising/running is time for me.