Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant

(Michael) #382

My posting and reading have essentially stopped, but here is my breakfast today. Beef heart, pork belly , chicken liver ( having 2 ounces daily) and egg shell dust as a condiment. I ran into gastrointestinal issues with Balderson cheese, so while still eating Jarlsberg without issue, I may drop cheese for eggshells, for today at least.

I am finally starting testing other foods again now that I resolved the cheese issue. Peanuts to start, will see how my gut reacts with large daily doses of peanuts.

Happy new year everyone

(Robin) #383

Good luck with the nuts. Oh how I miss them….


is highly processed meat okay on carnivore? i was noticing some that had zero carbs and thought that was the major requirement to follow but not sure how bad it would be compared to “real” meats.


Each to their own. I say and I think @Fangs agree that if a little here and there helps you, that’s one thing, up to you but you shouldn’t depend on it too much…

I personally went from more processed meat to currently zero but I will bring it back in very tiny amounts. They help me with variety, I can’t eat normal meat in big enough quantities all the time.
We go through phases. I clung to processed meat and dairy for long then it went lower naturally and now I plan a January completely without them but if I badly feel the need, I will allow a tiny bit. It sounds good to me.

Processed meats aren’t all the same, there are better and worse, no wonder. They often has added sugar and plants as spice but the amounts differ and not all has them. Our body may have a different response to them as well… And some people gets triggered into eating a ton of certain processed items for some reason. Just like with cheese, some people eat too much of it while I always liked it in very little amounts and now I easily eat none at all… Except I am left with eggs and meat only and while I love both, I can get bored of them… But I can use spices instead of processed meat as I realized the charm in many cases is the presence of some spices I like. I don’t even want the fattiness of sausages so it makes much more sense to use some proper meat, ground, mixed with my own spice mix :smiley: So some items have a good enough replacement for me, others don’t.

(Robin) #386

I did mostly processed meat, in the beginning. And I still probably have more than most folks. But I know many who promote and love eating clean… no processed.

A big part of my excuse is being lazy. :unamused:


Speaking of “processed” I’m always stocked up on these. 3.5+ year shelf life, cheap, lot’s of fat and protein, pre-cooked out of the can with it’s own can opener on each can. Perfect food for when the power goes out or apocalyptic times in general. I like to slice it into can shaped steaks and give it a sear then eat with mustard or Japanese mayo.

(Robin) #388

Looks like our version os Spam, though I’ve not had it since I was a kid.Ill have to look up the ingredients/nutrients. I remember my mom frying them in slices for sandwiches.

(Robin) #389

@Iskandar, should have known… Spam is pork. It lists 1 carb per serving, but I can’t find ingredient lists. Suspicious.


I occasionally have Prince’s tinned corned beef, and their ingredients are: Cooked Beef (98%), Salt, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite

Spam is a much lower percentage of meat. In our cans, it’s: Pork (89%), Salt, Starch, Water, Ham (2%), Sugar, Stabiliser: Trisodium Diphosphate, Flavourings, Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite

So the starch and sugar will make up the 1g of carb.


Processed is great when starting into this lifestyle, not a doubt about that :slight_smile: but also as one goes way longer into ZC one usually drops tons of processed stuff, BUT might Keep that one darn processed thing that suits them…for me bacon. I ate so much darn bacon it was insane, lbs per day if I wanted til the FLIP came and I barely eat bacon anymore so…

eat as one loves til ya don’t require it and be sure to always check labels and then follow your wants and needs on this plan.

I hit into fresh food minus ‘some spices’ I try to keep in life is the best way forward for me personally. I lived on ‘taylor ham’ a product that I ate with abandon and now I rarely eat it cause it NOW tastes weird off to me, cause when WE ALL eat fresh red meat/seafood/fish or fowl or pork etc we cook, our lives and tastes change SO much.

_Personal walk thru it all

Processed is a great crutch and sometimes an end to a means to get our ZC lifestyle changed over and we heal more to find truth of us, but again, very personal walk on it for each of us.


I’ll be honest - it’s only in my cupboard because the chatter around Brexit supply chain issues and food shortages made me nervous, so I wanted a stockpile of meat/fish that had longevity in case I ran into problems sourcing fresh.


I sure understand that. I remember a while ago when I was fighting for my meat at the meat dept. Wiped out, no trucks running for replacement and I thought, OMG! but never fear in full truth cause I just would run to another store and see what they had, somehow I always found enough plus gotta love our freezers :slight_smile: But yes, even now the supply chain is still sorely lacking. But I do feel alot safer now in my meat purchases, so far :slight_smile:


Sounds extreme.

(Edith) #395

I think if one sticks with carnivore long enough, the natural tendency is to slowly move farther and farther away from processed meats. It just seems to happen. :woman_shrugging:


I am curious about corned beef since the time I heard about it :smiley: But I can live without it, I suppose :wink:
Spam… Oh my, the thought of buying it never crossed my mind and it never popped up in front of me. But we probably still have such an item, I only remember it from my childhood as I was a vegetarian for quite a long time and even afterwards I barely ever ate meat and that was good stuff in restaurants or at relatives…

I have some tinned tuna for emergencies and my salmon spread too. The latter helped me out a few times. I can’t always stomach my normal food in big enough quantities… Fortunately the little carbs in it aren’t a problem for me.

I never saw supply problems here so that isn’t a concern (but I wouldn’t die for months without shopping, it just would be more and more carby, sadly. So I hope apocalypse won’t come at least until I can get a bigger freezer but rather never in my life. I didn’t tried to can meat yet…).

(Robin) #397

I stood in the grocery store today and looked long and hard at some SPAM. Ended up walking away. Some memories are meant to be forgotten


How so?

(Karen) #399

Yes don’t go down that route … it is full of stuff you don’t need. I had a stock of tinned Corned Beef and ate quite a bit when I started carnivore but have gone off it now. I would eat it with a bit of mayo but I haven’t bought any mayo or similar for ages and eating everything quite plain now even my cold meats. One thing I did find was that the corned beef was handy for easy work lunch boxes. Lots of fat in the tin too. It is the brisket cut off the cow.


Processed a crutch? Fresh meat from your local farm to local butcher is “processed” I take it you mean “heavily” processed.


oh yea…processed as in a list of ingredients from man made production label slapped on made for us products.

processed from a custom slaughter house not included LOL