Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant

(Daisy) #362

Covid messed up mine too for a few weeks. It’s been over 3 months and I’m just getting my smell back! Hope you get yours back soon!!

(Robin) #363

Boy oh boy, am I pulling for you!

(Edith) #364

Sounds like we are all ready for Clean Carnivore January. Is that going to be the new thread @Fangs?


Yea VE I think FB nailed it for what all of us wanna do in that while we might focus on our fat intake or our lean meat intake that works best for us, at the same time we want CLEAN which can mean a few diff. things for each of us. Drop dairy. Drop coffee. Drop processed meats. Watch our drinks etc.

I think we got it, something just we all want and applies to all of us.
Hey thanks FB :wink: I am sure we are all cool with that :sunny:

----------------------SO I DODGED a damn big bullet yesterday.
Long day, no food, got tired with elderly mom dealings and on the road and this and that and nasty icky rainy yuk day…got home kid says there is NO food in the house. Shoot me ok…yes there is, just nothing SHE wants HA So I say off to the store we go fast…she found these fancy fancy crackers on great sale and got them. OMG I tell ya I was loving the packaging, they ‘read delish’ and looks delish on that package and I thought, gotta taste them. Home she opens for a taste and I nibble one. HOOKED instantly! A train wreck coming full speed ahead at me. I ate one. Ate 2. Ate a third and kid grabs a few and was walking away and says, I will leave the package open so you can eat all ya want and BOOM! I WOKE UP! I was in a carb free for all ready to go down. I was eating that 4th cracker and brain was thinking, what is next in carby land, cause I was going there for sure! and when she said that…I flipped. MY BRAIN CAME BACK to me. Put down that 4th cracker, shut the package and mentally I said OMG I just caught myself right on the cusp of a major binge, and believe me I was gonna go for it LOL I know me, I don’t have a doubt about it.

One nibble, 1 cracker, 1 bite away from total backslide and I know this is me. As much as I have learned and held plan and done well, I am that taste addict when it hits me right, boom, I am a goner but thank heavens the kiddo said that and it just jolted me into reality.

SO VE I am dead on board with Clean clean clean and more clean.

I started this challenge years ago when I kept eating a few bites of 90% chocolate and Cheryl started this challenge and I dumped it and I did fine. Chocolate never to return :slight_smile: Now I need it again as a reminder I am not safe EVER. I feel very safe on plan, but I am that one damn nibble away from what I never want again, a massive backslide…so yea CLEAN WE ALL go!!!


today is a wake up. I am full on smart today and woke up out of my nibble stage and I got 2 NY Strip steaks and some burger meat for today. I plan on eating big, good, hefty and satisfying to fill the brain and body and give me that calm peace I love on ZC.

AWAY WE ALL GO! AND I know we all got this!! Some longer term like me need big reminders, newbies need support on what it takes for big change to come. We as a group will just make forward great movement, a good year for all of us!

(Robin) #366

You just described my worst nightmare… the first nibble and the immediate onslaught of more, more, more! I will take your close brush with catastrophe and keep it in my back pocket as a reminder.

My hubby was keto for many months then went back to his usual woe. So my cupboards are full of temptations again, even my fave booze from back in my own personal dark ages. For some reason I am okay with it. Maybe because I watched him quickly gain the weight back and become a slave to his constant snacking again.

Glad you were able to pull out of that swerve over the carb cliff. A brush with death, to be sure!

(Will) #367

Found out yesterday that my beef order from my local farm will not be ready for another week, their business is booming, so I went to a local grocery store this morning and got a nice load of ribeye, ny strip, ground beef, and took the advice from Fangs and got chicken thighs and drumsticks along with salmon filets and shrimp in case one of those “I can’t eat beef today” moments, but my plan is to focus on BEEF.

(Robin) #368

I love the photos. I can’t think of any other place where there is constant sharing of pictures of raw meat. Or cooked meat, or bones picked clean, crispy fat straight from a sizzling skillet. It’s like the new porn!


I know ya feel me on this. US people WHO are this know exactly what this whole issue is all about :100:

Luckily most foods are ick. As in my kid loves stuff I do not like, won’t touch it, my hubby is a carby but eats strange in his taste, don’t like how he does his foods ya know. SO for me I am very fortunate on that. I have a few things in the cabinets I could eat, but again, most is so chemical tasting etc. that I have 0 desire.

but damn, I take that one nibble of something that hits me I love on my tastebuds and all bets are off LOL

Kiddo bought ice cream. Thankfully she bought what I wouldn’t eat. No desire for ‘that flavor’ and I thank the heavens she did not buy what I loved and she loved! If that was in the house, omg I don’t know if even what she said to me would have woke me up, I mighta been inhaling a 1/2 gallon of ice cream to be sick as a dog real fast.

Worse is I am the type that does ‘weeks off plan’ when I go down that rabbit hole. I used to be able to do a ‘cheat day’ and be fine til that changed real fast. Once that junk is bad pure addiction takes over and weeks of hell hit back in the day of struggling SO hard to regain my footing.

I lost and gained 50-70 lbs, maybe 5-6 times easily. OMG I AM SO over that crap LOL

So yea my ZC brain woke up fast enough. But damn Robin, this ain’t no cake walk truly for any of us!

How many coming back and saying, time to commit again?
New year, new threads on trying.
I am here, I best put every darn bit of energy on STAYING here :slight_smile:

yea I feel I got very lucky yesterday. I felt so off ya know that it was a day for destruction but the zc brain did kick in and say hell no and thank heavens for just that.

Of course now I got massive forward moving strength! I love that part LOL

Carnivore Food Porn is wonderful and legal HAHA


wow that is fantastic.

yes as much as the ‘beef and water’ is a more strict carnivore start, there is never ever anything wrong with chicken for a change or fish or seafood or pork or ANY combination of whatever you want :slight_smile: WE EAT on this plan, we never restrict anything so your carnivore way should do great on that haul! I can’t wait to hear how ya do thru adaption and how you feel changes. Sending great zc vibes to you!

(Linda ) #371

Yeah I feel you Fangs I might step a step out with sf coolwhip with its chemicals one or twice but I have not gone to carb anything because I too have lost weight and gained it all back so I won’t open that door…so a step back towards keto might happen twice or more a year with onions or something but that’s my limit I just happy with the freedoms I’ve gained…
I can’t even do my diet soda anymore unless it’s watered down with sparkling water and even then I don’t enjoy it like I used to so no longer hooked…
But we went to pick up my Christmas present two days,ago, my husband ordered me a chai tea with sf vanilla one sip told me it was way too sweet so prob loaded with sugar so nope I didn’t go any further he drank it…



Happy New Year from the future and down by the bay.

Finished 2021 with scotch fillet steak, a piece of middle cut bacon, halloumi cheese and flash fried thin squid strips. Washed down with bubbles = sparkling rainwater.

Best quote of the day, anyone?

how in the heck are ya making your rainwater sparkling with bubbling?
inguiring homesteader type people wanna know HA

(Daisy) #374

Whew @Fangs I’m so glad you caught it! I’m on day 2 of Lion diet and doing well. I am having a little bit of loose stools, but I think I’m trying to eat too much at once. I’m doing omad and struggling a tiny bit (not unbearable) with evening hunger, so I’m trying to stuff myself to prevent it. If it doesn’t work out after a couple days, I’m not against going back to 2mad. Today was a giant porterhouse and 2 burger patties.
image image

(Karen) #375

I am so glad I live on my own @Fangs else that could be me doing a downhill carb slalom!

How others sabotage things … even unintentionally. Its like subconsciously they want to test your will. Well done for turning it round in nick 9f time!

(Karen) #376

Quiet day , took Raymond to the Doctors for an ear infection. I wonder if all his problems stem from his standard diet as he is always having some problem or other , he wouldn’t change the way he eats though.

So I had chicken with melted cheese for brunch after I got home about 1.45pm. It tasted so salty …
Too salty for me so I put it down and then finished it cold I used a cheap grated cheddar and there seemed to be far more fat running out as I used a smaller amount of butter. You can see all the fat on the plate… looks like a sauce!

A bit later i ate a few small lamb chops, very thin ones so literally showed them the pan. And I have just had a very small salmon fillet and prawns sauted in butter but I left the butter in the pan, couldn’t face it being over the meal

One thing I have noticed is that my meals appear very small to some on the pics you guys pin on here. I have only eaten off a side plate today for all three dishes and they didn’t really fill the plate! Most of my meals are this small though the steaks are usually a good size but again I don’t think they are as big as what I see posted. I don’t have the hunger ot inclination to eat anything more. My weight doesn’t seem to change which is fine as I don’t really want to lose any and I’m not doing the exercise anywhere near to what I was doing before my stroke.

Anyway I suppose so long as I’m not hungry thats the main thing. I would like to try and cut down on the cheese from tomorrow… I don’t think I could cut it out completely but cutting down would be better for me I think. I stopped adding salt after my stroke and haven’t used it since which is maybe why I noticed it so much in the cheep cheese. Cant think of anything else to cut out. I can’t give up my tea at least not in the winter as it warms me up. Need to start boiling up some more chicken carcasses for drinking stock. I only boil it up and don’t add anything to it but thats how I like it.

A big Happy and Healthy New Year to you all and look forward to seeing you all in 2022 hahahaha, tomorrow :grin::grin: xx


Rain water, sky tears meet the joy bubbling from my heart.

It’s 8 am Saturday morning. I’ll take some meditative moments to do a yoga nidra body scan to set a start point baseline. I resolve not to make any new or new year resolutions. That immediately resolves that problem, and I can move on to a year of new mistakes. Paolo Coelho said, A mistake repeated is a decision.

Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022
(Edith) #378

I think it’s up to you to start the January thread.



Go ahead and start the Clean Carnivore January 2022 thread

You are going into the new year with definite focus on real change.

Get us started :slight_smile:


Join us at the janitor’s closet over in January 2022. Click on the link heading (below)


I saw chicken bone fragments on our doormat this morning so I have even that… Sigh Cats… Normally they don’t even do that with a bone, they just gnaw the cartilage part but now they were excited, it seems.

I have an older photo if you like… The main, carni part of one of my mostly OMAD but not exactly carnivore days… It was on the 27th I think.

Nice, fatty, soft pork chuck roast, pancake filled with ham, scrambled eggs and I had even salmon! But I prefer it fresh and raw and I am totally a pork person now so Alvaro ate some of my share… He did the same with the chicken, even the soup. I probably ate very much lately and I couldn’t eat so much in the last days and my appetite was totally off. My body really needed the change and December passed and it killed the compulsions and I will have it easy for a while. Even the last fruit season in my garden ended 2 days ago but that wasn’t a temptation anyway.

But finally it’s over! Yay.

I have that too :smiley: Okay, I can eat anything and I can enjoy even certain carbs but the list gets smaller and smaller, I don’t even get it. I expect it being super tiny after some (mostly?) carni months if my desires are this trainable! :smiley:
Of course, it’s impossible to tell what will happen but I am hopeful.
I still can go too wild but at least not due to desires just curiosity, compulsion and who knows that. Stupid things, I will be a way better hedonist in 2022! I never regretted eating carbs when I desired them, that’s pretty normal for a hedonist. Unless it really harms me but that seriously lowers or turns off the temptation anyway. But now I can try most of my old big favs and it’s meh, I can eat way more enjoyable, better food.

Normally I try to make sure not to have anything tempting in the house, it’s not so hard, fortunately (but I can MAKE such things, unfortunately :smiley: but that’s still less dangerous).

But it’s January now so Alvaro may eat anything, I hardly will be properly tempted. I can be pretty serious like that. I did 2 weeks carnivore without ANY proper meat in November of 2020 because I was determined and it was my goal since months. It’s waaaay easier now. And January is an even better carni month than November.

Things will get interesting after some weeks. But I start so very strict that I will be wriggle room even on carnivore let alone carnivore-ish.

Still don’t understand this :smiley: But I totally forgot my traditional ice cream eating. Though I know that the biggest ice cream box in the supermarket is way smaller than 1/2 gallon and we always bought only one for multiple persons… I don’t think I ever heard about people eating them galore before I met this forum.
My own ice cream is special (denser, fatter than “normal” ice cream and not as fluffy) and 60g is just a perfect portion and I am really not shy with it but it’s just dessert after my eggs and meat. But my first carnivore trial pretty much killed my interest so I never eat ice cream. I PLAN to as I remember how I loved it (we even bought the rum I need for my carnivore-ish eggnog ice cream in December) but it never happens.
I dislike the normal ice cream since a decade, maybe I try some at a relative but nope, it’s soooo inferior to my own. I like cream but I eat that in other dishes.

I can be tempted with crunchy biscuits though. And wafers. I should do something about this but maybe just doing January right will help enough :slight_smile:

WOW! :smiley: Not very surprising from you who showed many times you have a way with words and thoughts (oh my words are so clumsy but maybe you understand) but still, wow :smiley: