Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant



I enjoyed reading your post. When I was earlier into my plan years, I did the same. I ‘tried to get crap back’ LOL believe me I tried but in the bitter end I listed all the issues with doing it and not feeling well…so yea, I walked your walk for sure. I think WE need it in a small way cause for me personally, I felt having some junk back was a way to pretend to myself I could still have carbs, I could still ‘eat normal’ and I just wasn’t mentally ‘giving up the garbage’ as of just yet ya know. I held on thru allowing eating crap til that one day, after I chatted with myself like you did :slight_smile: that I finally said, hey this truly isn’t what I want cause I know that one bite will be a total backslide and lbs gained back and the vicious cycle starting over again. So I knew in the end for me that it had to be an all in lifestyle change and I had to accept it. Then I got calmer on plan without ‘still wondering about the junk’ and I know I had a ton of talks with myself too :slight_smile: I think ya did good KD. You are seeing your limits, checking your controls, learning from each issue you experience and just foraging ahead. It is your journey, you work it good and how it suits you best.

you are me. I can’t eat off plan either. I only can take 1 nibble or 1 teaspoon of something and I have to stop. I finally am able to do that, old days 1 bite meant I was off and running for more carbs. I do this very rare also now cause I know me, I can’t go there. Cause if I take nibble 2 or 3 tablespoons of something I am a goner. Ask me how I know :frowning: So when I take a small nibble or a taste of something, it is final. Done. Never bite 2 of it. I also only allow this on vacation or some crazy situation where I weigh the worth of every nibble. I don’t take many now…but back in the day I could take alot and off plan I would go, like you, with the more cheating and we aren’t fooling anyone, lol, eating crap hurts only one person, the person doing the eating :slight_smile: So yes I know my exact limit for my personally. I think it is wonderful your control is so well and you are doing great…wishing you getting over that virus fast and your taste and more comes back easy now for you!! Woohoo q is over soon!

-------------So long day. Got so off on eating timeline. Didn’t get home til around 3 and starving. brought home pizza for mom and my kid and believe me I was one step from inhaling a slice cause I was so tired that I just didn’t wanna cook anything. But I ‘had the talk with me’ and begrudgingly flash fried my ribeye steak and omg it was delish and after I was full, I knew I was safe.

Convenience food. I need to get me some bulk burgers back in that fridge. I need some extra pork chops sitting in there for fast meal. I kinda got a tad off doing that since I am getting busy with life stuff and now I see real fast, when I am not wanting to cook, I must be able to open that fridge and grab meat. Simple as that.

Back to some good bulk meat in fridge for me.

So today was good day. Hold plan guys :slight_smile: Every day we do just that is a day we keep changing our lives for the better and learning thru our experiences!


Tongue isn’t weird at all, it even tastes like some kind of normal meat!
And in my country eating organs is very, very normal.

But it’s mostly heart and liver and the like so it’s always exotic to see the unusual things like eyeball, testicle and diaphragm :smiley: Even spleen but I saw that in a supermarket so I can try that too.
These are normal parts of an animal, very normal to eat them… :slight_smile: I still wouldn’t eat lungs but it’s the texture and taste, not being a lung.
(And I am not in a hurry to eat testicle either, call me choosy, I am :smiley: But I can get away with it. And no way eyeballs are good. Even though shipwrecked people loved them in a real story. Nope. And I never want to taste tripe as it’s not meat at all.)

Variety is nice and experience too :smiley:
But each to their own, obviously. We have different sets of “nope” items :slight_smile:


It’s like the year when we had no water for a while because our pipes got frozen… And we didn’t know where… (We solved it soon enough, it was loads worse when our water pump died and we had no water for weeks. It’s good to have some good neighbours. 2 streets away but it’s a sparsely populated area.)
It was below -20 Celsius then but that’s quite rare in Hungary, happens once in several years.
Normally it’s around zero. January has a below zero average temperature, the other winter months have a positive one. Today it’s freezing all day but some years ago we had 20C on Christmas.

And some people live in places where -70C happens. Some even work outside… I can’t even imagine, -20 - -25C is already quite cold to me and most living beings…


It’s only possibly “good” a few times. People are amazingly good at forgetting the problems right away. Not all, sure but too many. Or feeling it’s still worth it. Or knowing it isn’t worth it but compulsions are impossible to resist… That’s sad.
I almost completely lost desire towards wrong items. It doesn’t mean I am safe. Especially after steps into the wrong direction were already taken… But I still can eat something else when I can’t stop eating.

My last days… Weren’t so good. I gave up on making decorated cookies, by the way. I make soft low-carb things and that’s it.
I don’t track but I surely eat very much, I try to stop this today (then I started to make savory cookies and ended up eating half at 11am, oh well, it’s still fine. not fully carni ones but close enough for Christmas. mostly quark and cheese as flour, I will make it carnivore later, I have lots of quark as the dry crumbly trype comes in 500g package, Alvaro helps to eat it, fortunately. I wonder if quark is freezable…).
My pork roast consumption dropped from the original nearly a pound a day (not little if one uses very fatty pork and it’s just one item) as I started to run out of it but we got some nice sausage we both like for today and tomorrow we will make pork chuck roast for everyone!
Cold pork roast is the best thing ever to me at the moment, I don’t seem to get bored of it but it may be different when I will only eat eggs and meat in January.

@Redrobins: Yay! But not so yay as well, I hope you will get your proper relationship with your food. It must be quite bad, I only can extrapolate from my “I am hungry but I don’t want any food in existence” times, they lasted super short, still had something I could eat somehow (never had a time when I couldn’t eat pancakes. I didn’t want them, didn’t enjoy them but I could eat them) and even so, it was extremely frustrating and tiresome :frowning: Get well!

It’s soooooooo true for me as well. Carbs usually mess with my mind (but if it’s too much for too long, with my body too. and it hints at them being not good for me physically either - a tiny is fine but not more -, I just don’t notice it right away).
Doing these things aren’t polite to my body and mind.

(Edith) #286

[spoiler]That’s the problem with the holidays. All the Christmas gatherings which can be wonderful for sharing the joy with friends and family are also filled with cookies, and cakes, and candy.

I always do a cookie exchange with my girlfriends and then give the cookies to the neighbors. This year my neighbors did their own cookie exchange, so now I have nowhere to go with all the cookies and they are sitting on my dining room table looking delicious. I have to admit, of all the junk food I’ve given up with keto and carnivore, cookies are still my weakness. I LOVE cookies. Other sweets just aren’t as good. Lol.

Good luck staying strong during the holidays.

Edit: This is supposed to be blurred, but it is not looking that way to me. My apologies if it is not.


Too much temptation around me!

That is being said around the holiday times by so many of us guys changing our ways to healthy eating. I know I said that and walked it a ton of times LOL

I think what works best to combat that…EAT so darn well on carnivore to get thru the crazy few days of so much temptation around us, a full full belly can beat alot of issues out there for sure and second is time, time on plan with healing/changing behaviors/setting new priorities you desire for your health in stone. Takes time. I can say that my personal take on ‘temptation is all around me’ has changed mega good for me. Temptation is fleeting, where before it was a long long train wreck of misery to me. Temptation is a flash in my mind and easily dismissed…all this took time to come to me. Time means the world in changing our mindsets, our bodies, our old habits out the window and replacing with all new paths forward.

But we all will always have certain personal triggers. Those few that hold onto you come hell or highwater :slight_smile: Then we just have to fight a tad harder and just look away.

I think too…that old saying…used so often but is now so old and over used that it ‘means nothing’ anymore but shows full truths of it all…WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. So simple yet so dismissed. I think every day I am improved, feeling great, that satisfied tone of my well being overall and having a good vibrant healthy life because I am what I eat.

Mindset changes. Don’t come fast to any of us but they do.

Like that pizza last night I wanted to inhale fast cause I was starving, my physical hand could not even touch a slice. My brain said eat that NOW but my inner brain said, there is no way you will eat that flour doughy crap. Not a chance in hell you are eating that entire slice of pizza. Yea, my surface cravings were just I was so damn hungry at that point and very tired and it was an easy cave, one I would have reacted on before when I started, but now, nope. My inner core mindset is there is no way one bite of that crust of that pizza is passing your lips :slight_smile: So I crave and wanna, but in the end, with SO much time on changing me, my inner ‘set in stone’ changes do keep me off disaster times and more easily.

OK just chatting me and my journey here :slight_smile:

SO Xmas Eve Dinner is lasagna for the family cause they want it.
Filet mignon and tons of peel eat shrimp.

Xmas Dinner Day is ribs. Racks of lovely ribs from Boss Hog. Must call and get order in. 1 full rack for me and more racks for them with the trimmings.

Done deal. Food handled. Life is good.

(Karen) #288

Went to CrossFit again today and it was a gassy, long and boring workout lol. 40 mins 40 rounds 5 kb swings, 10 double unders (skipping) and 15cal row … well none of us managed to complete 15cals every round, most we averaged was about 6 lol else we would never have done 40 rounds in 40 mins! We had just 55 secs per round to complete the whole 40! Oh well i got through it lol

Remaining pork chop for brunch and a bit of cheese plus 5 slices of topside beef.
Dinner was 3 scrambled eggs in butter and added melted cheese. Followed later by some more cheese!


Crazy, crazy times… Why I must make a new recipe for cheesy cookies(? they look like cookies to me) TODAY? I baked 5 different things today (2 to bring to the Christmas dinner. in the end, it seems 2020 was the last Christmas when I made gingerbread. I made some this year but my effort was tiny and I just won’t give them away, Alvaro can handle them. I only have 3 decorative ones), made some other food and realized I didn’t paint the gift rocks yet… But that was the relaxing part.
We will cook tomorrow (I put the meat into the oven and Alvaro can make the plants :smiley: no, I help but it will be simple!) but then I don’t want to see the kitchen for days. I bring a cute, 2.5kg pork chuck slab, Alvaro’s Mom thinks 1 kg should be enough for us 4 as there will be other meat (and food) as well. I honestly have no idea about the normal meat eating abilities of normal people. I always considered zero and much as valid options. If I eat meat, I want to get satiated with it, it’s not spice or decoration. I was like that as a kid too, a (smallish) chicken drumstick made me cry once in the school despite being a tiny girl. I just felt it seriously lacking, I even bit the bone into two but it didn’t help. And I didn’t even like chicken that much.

I probably will taste everything but nothing will be very carby (well, the rice but it’s not that interesting) and I will focus on my pork, the best item among all.
Especially after the tasting in the last days (and fruit. It’s December and me, of course I eat fruit. After several years, I finally could get mangos! On sale. Too sugary but nice I suppose.), I definitely NOT want carbs. Ew. I would rather fast. I ate too much anyway as I ate too many times a day. I suppose. Never can know without tracking but my daily energy need is in very little food.

But tomorrow is finally Christmas, we cook good food (we bring even coconut oil and xylitol, I WON’T make the mayonnaise of someone with a diabetes and obesity and zero exercise for months with sugar… and Alvaro wants it sweetened too just to a way less extent and with less oil too - it’s good I don’t even want mayo, 3 versions would be a bit much. and he doesn’t want lard even in his rice - that won’t be sticky this time - or chicken breast let alone in his mayo so coconut oil it is).

Hopefully everyone will like the food. We are 4 persons with very different ways of eating and we should pull it off with only a few extra versions not requiring much effort. I don’t think anyone is particularly choosy. Maybe me sometimes but I will be fine this time.

In the end, we didn’t need the sausages today. Alvaro had leftover pork roast, I had only a bit but I had to taste all my carni and very low-carb experimental baked things (the cheese-quark ones), they were nice. I made sponge cakes with quark too. Even white ones. Angel quark sponge cakes or something. It’s not that bad, the quark adds a little flavor :wink:

I really try to be scarce until I do carnivore as I actually totally should now but I just couldn’t before Christmas :frowning: But today was so tiring and we cook tomorrow and it felt good to write here. Thinking about my wonderful pork chuck roast, it was SO LONG! But finally I will have it again. Yay. It will be made in an earthenware dish. I couldn’t use ours since ages as only our first mini oven was big enough for it. Oh I must check it out again as our new one is bigger!
I am quite happy with my normal roasts though.

(Michael) #290

Where’s the beef? All beef on my plates today ( food orders arriving).

Beef heart, liver, thymus, oxtail for first meal, large ribeye for second. I might have cheeses as well, but otherwise all cow :grinning:

(Robin) #291

I used to go to a group for cross training… just one minute per exercise and immediately switch to the next that worked a different area or was cardio instead of strength, etc. I adored it. I can do anything for 60 seconds. Great music and a timer/trainer/cheerleader. And by the end of the hour I was whipped. Great fun.

(Linda ) #292

All day today I been reading on carnivore forums of ppl eating Christmas treats and sugar and junk. So before jumping. In and making a keto desert i decided I’d make my egg bread in a small 7 inch cake pan and cover it in sugar free cool whip and cream cheese …
So not completely carnivore but close enough…

Not overly sweet and I don’t feel I went too far off plan…


Added lillies choc and a few berries for husband and he was happy as…

(Karen) #293

Yes the EMOM’s like those.myself makes for a good gassy workout :slightly_smiling_face:


you did good. that is very very close to all carnivore :slight_smile: I like your thought in that if you wanna try a little something keep it as close to plan as possible. Smart move.

-------------All going well.
Having a small Xmas Eve dinner here. Hubby’s mom doesn’t feel well so she begged out. So just me, hubby, kiddo and my mom.
Lasagna for them and having filet migon and alot of shrimp for me. Making extra shrimp, I know the family is going to attack them LOL

Taking day easy peasy. Just eating normal zc foods. Holidays don’t draw me to ‘that carby side’ anymore. Yea I get small pangs of ‘remember when I inhaled all this crap and I could do it again!’ but in the end, older I get less I give holidays any strength to work against me :sunny:

Enjoy the day everyone. Carnivore on strong!!! A holiday is just a time for fun and not for eating crap. No reason to have an unhealthy day ever, in the end, it is our own choice to stay on our healthy lifestyles!

(Edith) #295

I went grocery shopping yesterday and I am now well supplied for the next few days.

I wish happy holidays to everyone.


what happened? Everyone wipe out the meat counters before ya got there?

(Edith) #297

Ha, ha. I just read me message and corrected it. It was supposed to say “now” well supplied.

(Robin) #298

What are EMOMS? And is “gassy” what I think it is?:wink:


YEA YEA I wondered on that :slight_smile: I know carnivores won’t ever allow coming home empty handed or less than we require for substance HAHA
You are the predator VE! Cool!

(Karen) #300

Every minute on the minute so you do one exercise for about 55 secs and move straight to the next ready to start on the following minute and so on and so forth . Usually incorporates about 5 exercises resting on minute 6 for one minute before starting the next round. When I say gassy I mean it gets one very much out of breath … nit the other type of gassy from the other end lol hahaha :laughing::laughing:

(Karen) #301

Just had a day of popping to shops, met Raymond at the local town and he finished his shopping with me at Ssda and then I gave him a lift home and had a brew with him. He gets so tired and 8 didn’t stay long else I would have been chatting to myself. I am going over for a couple of hours tomorrow for a bit of Xmas cheer. I prepped the lamb leg and then realised I had prepped it a day early. Been getting mixed up with Xmas eve, Xmas day and boxing day all week! Oh well won’t have to prep it tomorrow night now. I just did a lemon rind and crushed garlic rub for the skin as I know my daughter and son in law like it like that.

Brunch was a r8beyr steak which I could only eat about a half as the rest was just not edible, really disappointingly grossly. I chewed as much of the meat which was just that … chewy… and chewed out the fat. I hate it when I have to fuss about.

Had some cheese and some cold polish turkey deli meat.