Red wine


Yes for me it’s mainly about over eating carbs when drinking so I’ll better keep away though can’t promise it forever :rofl: thank you for sharing

(KM) #42

I think that could be the exact issue, for me anyway. I do like wine but I usually avoid it. I am just fine (except for the price) with my one glass of wine in a restaurant. But when I pour my glass at home, it’s often because I’ve had it up to HERE, and I just want to reassert a sense of elegant, graceful living that reflects my ideal world. Ironically, this ‘expression of grace’ with my best crystal usually collapses into diet chaos once the wine takes effect. The upper class rebellion goes off the rails, the elegant glass of wine is followed by a shot of cheap vodka and coke and a pound of pretzels eaten directly out of the bag, in other words. :rofl:


Wow you have described me!!! And very openly!

(Robin) #44

Girl, what a great post! Funny but true.
I no longer drink, but I remember well.