Red wine


Thank you I’m back !!! :grinning:

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I am curious about something. A friend of mine has mentioned that she gets severe headaches when she drinks red wine, too. I’ve wondered about why. Is there something specific in red grapes that does that? Or is there something typically added during the wine-making process that might do that to people? She claims just the grape juice doesn’t give her a headache.

My friend has never tried my wine but has had some white wine and bits of other harder drinks (rum, whiskey) primarily in making desserts with them. She claims none of that bothers her but the red wine does. It’s just a puzzle I haven’t figured out.

Oh, you were mentioning erythritol… I do kinda remember when I first went keto that I was seriously into the homemade keto treats which meant a lot of erythritol. I do remember that I pushed that a little too far and got some headaches that I think were related to a higher than appropriate erythritol consumption. I have kinda gotten away from all of that anymore, rarely make any of that now. I might still make a little something for a special occasion but even at Christmas, I really didn’t do much. Tastes do change. I was just remarking to my wife at supper, I didn’t used to like mustard. I like mustard now. Then again, I used to eat a lot of salads, can’t stand 'em now.


I think there a few theories about what causes red wine headaches and I bet each is true for some people and not for others. One theory that has been around a long time are the tannins in the grape skins cause it. I tried a product that removes tannins from the wine before drinking it and I still got headaches. Maybe it’s just a gimicky product and it didn’t remove anything or maybe tannins aren’t the problem for me. Another theory is histamine also in the grape skins. That might be a likely culprit for me as I also have coughing and itching problems related to histamine. Sulfite preservative also is a theory and could be a likely candidate for me because those are in other alcohols too and they all give me headaches. I recently read something about a specific kind of quercetin found in red wine but I can’t remember the details. Something about it limiting something else in the liver and causing headaches??? I’d have to Google it again, but I thought it an odd reason since people take quercetin supplements. Lol. Hopefully that’s a different kind though.

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That wasn’t a mistake, that was just an experiment to see if you could handle it. :wink:
I tried a few glasses of wine awhile back just to see how I did. Well needless to say, I won’t be doing that again. I felt terrible for several days.
So, forget the mistake but remember the lesson.


I think you are totally right there Geoffrey . I felt really bad yesterday but better today but been drinking lots of water. I bet my glucose will be increased for a few days. And the strain I put on my liver!!! Before keto I never use to have hangovers. I think it’s just that my body is teaching me a lesson. :rofl:


I think I seen something about it being different types of grape. The wine I had was Pinot noir and when I was drinking it I did think to myself it tasted like berries really nice and surprisingly sweet though I never thought of it as a sweet wine before. I think it was tasting sweet because I haven’t had any sugar for 2 months.


That is such a good advice thank you. I will be remembering your words Juju. I’m back!!! More then ever.

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It’s quite common for alcohol to hit the system harder on keto.

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I used to drink a lot of wine…. And I mean a LOT, and consistently. Every day. Alcoholic-like consumption. I decided a decade ago that this was bad and I simply stopped cold turkey and have not drunk since.

But from time to time I get a mental trigger/thought that it might be nice to have a glass of something. But then I remember… as you have said… alcohol has carb-abuse follow it, and I know that this would be very bad for me. So, the thought (so far) is always dismissed as a really dumb idea. I have removed all alcohol from the house a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago. We just don’t have it any more.

My advice if you fall off the wagon: stand up, shake yourself down, climb back on the wagon, and remember for next time… falling off wagons can hurt! :joy::joy::joy:


Sounds like a rough day, glad you are better today. Alcohol seems to affect everyone differently. I don’t get headaches but one of my adult kids who is prone to migraines does. I am mildly allergic to sulfites so do get some reddening but I ignore it!

When I first went keto I had no idea red wine was low in carbs, I particularly like Pinot Noir (which I discovered when doing some taste testing while planning a work event!) but I would instead have vodka over ice with lemons and limes. That worked great until I got a bad lemon at a wedding (I have a very quick reaction when I get food poisoning but it is mild compared to some people). I knew it was that because I knew about 30 people at the wedding and no one else felt ill, including my husband. Note they are sadly divorced now so perhaps an omen! (kidding) After that incident I switched to martinis with olives but now mostly order red wine. Alcohol is not really something I crave except at a wedding or celebration, I enjoy being able to toast. I drink a glass of something maybe 0-3x per month, I really do not have more than one glass with dinner since I refuse to pay $14 x 2 or more for 6ozs of liquor. I find it does not trigger a carb craving so much as it changes my control over my food intake. Although, I find if I have taken some Berberine, I can usually stop


Thank you :blush: back on the wagon and back in ketosis and strong. Saying that it made me realise that is better not to have wine at home. I bought it just in case for Easter!!! Other types of alcohol doesn’t bother me and there is lots of it at home. I don’t think it was worse it. I use to drink quite a bit but trying to reduce that and possibly stop just not prepared in my head to say no more alcohol just yet, though I don’t intend to have a drink any time soon.


Hi it’s good to read people’s experiences and what works for them. I previously when I did keto 2 years ago I tried to switch to gin and tonic but was quite concerned what it will do to my liver and never really find it that tasty. Maybe a good thing as I didn’t drink much of it. In retrospect that was a good thing :rofl:.


Yes tonic if it is regular has a lot of sugar. The diet tonic has artificial sweetners which I try to avoid. I do have erythritol monk fruit etc. Never like stevia unless its in a commercial product. The vodka over ice allowed me to avoid that. I enjoy the fancy mixed drinks but those are not an option due to the sugar. Also, since I try to stop eating by 5 except on special occasions (about once a week on average, also so my body does not get too used to the same patterns), I am not really inclined to drink since I do not want to be fuzzy in hours I might be driving or working. I try to exercise evenings (have a regular 6:30 tennis game) or go to the gym, alcohol would prevent that

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If you want to have wine, I have found Fit Vine to be a good option.they used to be hard to find, but I saw a bottle at Walmart recently. Their pinot noir is my favorite.


Thank you. I’ll better stay off but it’s a good suggestion if I get tempted :rofl:


I’m adding my two cents to the discussion as a person who drinks a glass or two of red wine with dinner almost every evening. I am under no illusion that alcohol in any amount is good for me, but I enjoy wine as an accompaniment to food. You might compare this to a mildly dangerous hobby like sky diving: it’s admittedly more likely to reduce than to extend your lifetime, but you make the trade-off and try to minimize the risk. Dry red wine is not itself a big source of carbohydrates. There are fewer than 4 grams in a 5 oz glass. A bigger issue for most people is that it can act as a cue for a certain kind of high-carb snacking, the way that stepping outside (which is healthy in itself) can act as a cue for some to light a cigarette, and moreover the drink my also reduce inhibitions against eating carb-rich food. One thing that I believe helps me, although I won’t promise it will help everyone, is that when I pour my glass of wine I have already planned and prepared a low-carb meal that I will enjoy and that will leave me satisfied. The carbs in the wine (like those in other parts of the meal) will hit my gut in combination with protein, fat, and fiber, and thus be less likely to spike my glucose than something like a sugar cookie eaten in isolation. I realize, of course, that people have reasons to avoid alcohol other than staying in ketosis, and none of this applies in that case.

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All good points. And glad you are able to maintain this

(Brian) #38

I didn’t drink much before I went keto so didn’t really have a frame of reference.

But yeah, a little goes a long way. :slight_smile:


It sounds like the rest of us. Been there, done that. Move forward; don’t look in the mirror. To err is human.


Thank you. X