Red wine


Last night I fell of the wagon and had red wine. Not just a glass but a lot of it. With wine come eating in my case and that was potato crisps. Not just little bit. Until it’s gone. I have self sabotaged and gave into commercial pressure of Easter. Just to prove that our bodies do respond to this abuse I have been recording my blood sugars. Coming from 4 mmols I am now 8.5 mmols and out of ketosis. I know it will probably not take me very long to get back in to ketosis and reduce my glucose but this is such an eye opening. As much as I try not to blame myself and move on I feel so foolish. Please don’t judge me as I am the worst judge myself and I know alcohol is bad for us full stop. I will be going walking soon to make up for this.

(KM) #2

Hope your head’s not too bad today. Back on that horse, girl! :woman_climbing:


My head is bad!!! But that’s my punishment I’m going for a long walk with my dog. Sun is shining here so that’s a plus. Once I put my walking boots on and I’m out I’ll be fine. I keep saying myself that one day does not ruin all my efforts. At least no hunger due to hangover. I’m just trying to see positives in this bad situation. One day in two months, I’ll have to see bigger picture and don’t beat myself. X

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punishment I’m going for a long walk with my dog.


That’s a reward. A beginning!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

Spoilsport! :rofl::rofl:

Seriously, though, stuff like this happens. Just pick yourself up, keep calm, and keto on. You’ll be fine.


You are right !!! But punishment because of sore head :rofl:.


Thanks :slight_smile:

(Brian) #8

Stuff happens. Can’t change the past. Just make today a better day. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I like a glass of wine from time to time, too, but really drink very little of it, probably a 750ml bottle size would last me a year or probably more with the little bits I drink.

I know several of the low-carb / keto / carnivore docs say that no amount of alcohol is actually good for us. But once in a while I’ll have a few oz’s and that’ll be that for a while. Haven’t had a sip yet this year, I don’t think, maybe this weekend with the holiday, I’ll have a sip. :slight_smile:

The other goodies… hey, it’s gonna happen on occasion. Just don’t let them become a habit again, which is easy to do. Like I said, just make today a good day.

(Robin) #9

Welcome to a very inclusive club!
We should keep a running log of how many of us fall off the wagon at LEAST once.
I’ve decided it ends up being a blessing because I learn from it, in no uncertain terms. A strong message.

(KM) #10

The longer I do this the more I identify processed carbs as poison, and it’s not that hard to steer clear. But the wine, now, that’s another story. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes it feels I am the only one like this :smiley: And my SO isn’t into wine so I don’t open more than 1-2 bottles a year… I used to have very sugary wines as they last long open (maybe not for a sensitive one but I didn’t notice a change even after several months), I started at 20% sugar, 11% still worked but drinking it was like drinking honey… Not much wine for me. I drink stronger spirits where I use the amounts I just want. Like 12ml vodka…
How do you do that, drinking only a little bit of wine? Do you have someone who helps?

Per week? Me, me!!!
Okay, maybe not the keto wagon, just the carnivore one. Going off keto all the time happened in my first years, after my continuous 7 keto weeks (to get fat adaptation. I was on a mission. but missed my vegs and got no keto benefits).

Sometimes it’s even fine and conscious. Sometimes it’s a bad, bad mistake and we better learn of it. Or of the 10th… We aren’t all so great to do it right very quickly.

(Brian) #12

Not really sure. My typical is having a little drinkie before heading off to bed. I’m the kind that it only takes just a little bit and I’ll get “happy and sleepy”.

My wife sometimes will have a little with me, too. But she drinks about like I do, just a few sips.

I have no idea what the sugar content is of our wine. I make my own. I’ll add a cup of sugar to a quart of red grape juice, a little yeast, and set it in the closet with the water heater for about 3 weeks. Wine. :slight_smile: It does still have some sweetness to it, definitely not dry, but not overly sweet.


I love wine, especially my cream wines, but even a nice simple red in small amounts gives me atrocious headaches in the morning. It’s so sad that I can’t enjoy one half of a drink now and then without seriously paying for it the next day every single time. I’m such a light weight. But I guess that protects me from a lot of things.

As for falling off the Keto wagon, I haven’t once in two full years. Not even during emotionally trying situations. I guess that’s worth celebrating??? When I cheated it was with excess Keto foods. LOL. Or with a desert that had more erythritol than I usually eat in one day. I think what has protected me this long is the sheer terror instilled in me about what our food supply does to us, and I’m 58 so I’m becoming afraid of damaging myself any further. It’s really easy for me to stubbornly refrain from all the foods from my past. I can’t bring myself to eat any of it. It’s kinda gross to me now. I wish I knew how to inspire others with the same fear I have. :rofl:


Well we need someone like you for inspiration :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experiences.


Thank you.


Back on the horse now. Thank you


Thank you Robin.


Just want to say thank you to everyone who shared their experience and given me encouragement. I have survived the day. Walked about 8 miles and god I can feel it. I’m back in ketosis thank god as that’s the only way I keep cravings in control. I’m going to have early night. Maybe I am already fat adapted as by 3pm after I finished my walk I was producing ketones. Once again thank you all. :pray:


Yes that’s the great thing about Keto! However long it may have taken you initially to become fat adapted, future efforts are practically overnight. It’s so much easier to get back on the horse with this diet. I’m really happy to hear how well your day turned out. :blush: Tomorrow draw on that raw energy to remain steadfast. Think, “I know how I feel when I do that and I know how I feel when I do this, so how do I want to feel today?” And make your choice. I always want to feel good and full of energy and strong. Too many years feeling the opposite keeps me making the right choices.