Rattle your pitchforks and say #yes2meat

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Let by pernicious purveyors of carbage, i.e., Kelloggs, Pepsi and Barilla "EAT-Lancet” is about to launch a campaign to get us to eat more carbage. These guys are like crack-addicts.

To hell with that. #yes2meat

It's really concerning news
Great info about EAT Lancet Report - Lies, Half Truths and Damned Lies!
EAT-Lancet report
EAT-Lancet report
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There are those who would Tax and Regulate meat so that it would become too expensive for most of us. We can’t let that happen

I would like to think the meat industry would have a big say in not letting a meat tax happen. Would politicians sell out one sector of big food if another sector outbribes them?

It’s a scary thought to say the least.

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U.S. corn revenue in 2014 was $51 billion dollars, beef, poultry and meat was $211 billion. I’m not counting on the meat industry to get it right. I fully expect this “EAT-Lancet” group to couch their proposition as, “you’re either with us, or you’re a science-denier.”

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Yup, it’s a common technique among the crazies.


Wish groups like that would target the Top 100 richest people and corporations, since they’re responsible for over 70% of global warming damage. But, y’know, cow farts.

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Here’s exactly where this group makes me nervous:

Cutting through the deluge of often contradictory dietary advice, the group will review the scientific evidence that describes a healthy diet and present a universal reference diet – what every human needs for a healthy life. [emphasis mine]

Wait, what? Didn’t we do enough damage with such one-dimensional policy as with the McGovern commission?

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So as we mindlessly overpopulate and push our planets ability to supply us all with food we will resort to eating carbage so we can all live out our sick unhealthy lives. That really does sound sustainable. I say eat keto and let them eat carbage.
Eventually us ketonians will inherit the earth after they all die from diabetes or coronary disease or veganism.

@Screenack thanks for teaching me my new favorite buzz word!


Mmm. Smells like colonialism on their end. There’s no “universal human diet” but forcing people to eat the diet that the Powers That Be decides is the most civilized, I mean optimal, is apparently back in vogue.

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All I can think about is the Boston Tea Party… but I grimace at the idea of throwing my beloved bacon in any harbor. Maybe throwing some of these Eat-lancet folks in the harbor would suffice to prove a historical point?


Yes, scary indeed. The purveyors of unhealthy, non-nutrient dense foods are going to tell us what we should eat based on the science they determine to be science. Let me guess, they are going to recommend we eat the products they produce.

Yes, we need to fight this!


It’s worth pointing out that we’re not overpopulated (all of America could live comfortably in New Hampshire) and starvation exists because of inequality and poverty, not a lack of resources.

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Heck, look at the French “Yellow Jackets,” who don’t take kindly to elitist policies.

Rattle the pitchforks, to hell with the self-appointed “nutritional Illuminati.”

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Sorry quote got messed up: @anon2571578

“ It’s worth pointing out that we’re not overpopulated (all of America could live comfortably in New Hampshire) and starvation exists because of inequality and poverty, not a lack of resources.“

That may be true if the whole state were a suburb, which would leave no room for cattle to graze or food to be grown.

This planet has many unproductive areas because of lack of water, rocky mountainous terrain, polar wasteland or extremely poor soil. That’s why much of the third world relies on grains for survival. Grains planted on a given acreage produce many time the food that livestock grazing on that land could. That’s why the grain fed meat industry has become the standard. Tons of corn versus a bit of grass per acre.

I would say that the myth of the world not being overpopulated is vegetarian propaganda against the meat production industry and meat eaters. I think the estimate was more than 10x the grain as meat possible per acre. Might’ve been considerably higher I can’t remember for sure.

I have seen your recent post mentioning global warming. If we’re not overpopulated how could this be happening. We all have a carbon footprint according to the global warming proponents.

We may have wide open spaces but that doesn’t mean we have to populate every bit of it we can. I enjoy nature. I enjoy places unspoiled by humans where wildlife still thrives. To say that world hunger only exists because of greed is oversimplification of the issue. Peasants historically farmed and had food from their lands to eat. They ate whole grain breads while the rich ate white bread. Peasants were muscular and healthy while royalty and the rich developed disease more often and died younger. Overpopulated areas no longer give the poor a place to grow foods to live on. This is happening throughout the third world as people have lots of children with little resources to support them. That’s what causes starvation not some grain growing corporations that are too cheap to feed the world. South Africa has been decimated health wise by corn subsidized by the government for poor people to live on as a staple. Diabetes is rampant. These are the effects of people overpopulating until the lands where they live cannot support the population.


Only about 100 companies currently are responsible for 70% of global warming damage. Overpopulation didn’t cause this problem, human greed did.

The world isn’t overpopulated. Some cities might be overcrowded, but that isn’t the same thing. Birth rates globally are actually in decline. “Overpopulation” is a dog whistle. Hype about overpopulation always leads to talks about eugenics, always.

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But we all support and buy products from those companies. It’s irresponsible to just point your finger at BP or Exxon while filling up your gas tank. Or using disposable batteries or whatever that list of 70 companies produce. We’re all guilty for giving them our money or they wouldn’t be at it, would they?


Hey I’m all for toppling the violent capitalist system that exists only to exploit people. Blaming the individuals for the system that was put into place before they were even born tho? Seems a little disingenuous.

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I’m not arguing with you about those companies producing the global warming that you’re claiming. But the world has always worked off of a supply and demand principle. If no one bought corn, corn products or grain fed beef or alcoholic beverages distilled from corn it’s pretty likely Monsanto would look to make money elsewhere.

If the whole world decided to turn to the keto diet tomorrow it would not be possible. That’s evidence of overpopulation, people not being able to have what we accept as a healthy lifestyle and WOE. We are lucky to be able to do this, probably impossible in the third world areas like Africa and other underdeveloped areas. Industry grows around what humans want or buy, it’s that simple.


Has it, tho?

Most people say they want greener energy yet here in the States we keep dragging out feet, aside from a few cities and states. Maybe we just didn’t want it bad enough? Or is the lobbyist system too impenetrable? And doesn’t the fact that subsidies exist kind of interfere with pure supply and demand?

You really just going to call all of Africa underdeveloped? And there’s a reason why we can afford to do this while places like the DRC can’t: colonialist exploitation of resources. Not because they overpopulated themselves.