RADISHES in place of little red potatoes

(Kathy L) #1

Pan fried radishes with 2 T butter and onions - kind of like fried potatoes we used to like! I would never have thought to try this - but a recent post I’ve seen was of the radishes boiled & served with butter. They were great too!!


Going to be trying these when I break my current fast. I have heard good things about subbing radish for potato.

(Doug) #3

@Lueloff - Kathy, what a great idea! :sunglasses:

(Sophie) #4

I usually slice them in half and roast with olive oil. Any heat to a radish makes them take on a mellow flavor. Really good!

(Roxanne) #5

I’ve roasted them as well with good results, and grilled on BBQ.

(Jessica) #6

We roast them with asparagus and have them with fried eggs and sausage

(Kathy L) #7

Yea - The heat just disappears! However, I didn’t quite “fry” these enough - and got a few “hot bites”!

(Liz ) #8

I really dislike radishes but read that the spiciness goes away with extensive cooking so I tried them as potato replacements in my 2 hour beef stew aaaaand…nope. The whole stew took on a radishy flavor, yuck!

I then roasted the remaining radishes hoping for that sweet rooty goodness everyone talks about but again, nope. I’m glad folks are having success with them but radishes are definitely not for me! Now I know for sure, lol :smiley:

(I now use a small amount of roasted rutabaga as potato substitute in my stews & corned beef & cabbage.)

(Sophie) #9

Growing up, my dad used to tell us that once in awhile we should just try stuff that we don’t like, because your taste buds change, and it’s true. Glad you at least tried and who knows, maybe in 30yrs you’ll like them…or not! lol

(Liz ) #10

Lol yes I am totally willing to try things again, and I would be happy to wait until I’m 77 to give radishes another go :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #11

So, I can honestly say that I haven’t tried this. I like cauliflower and broccoli as what they are - cauliflower and broccoli. However, when people started suggesting cauliflower as a replacement for potatoes (and I tried said recipes), I was really disappointed. Is the radish deal the same way? Hahaha I can’t take another disappointing replacement! That said, I may try them just to see how they actually taste.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

If you don’t like standard red radishes, you might try the Japanese radish, Daikon. It is high in Vit. C, has some magnesium and a whole 7 in one is 9 net g. carb. They don’t have the sharp bit of hot that red ones do.

(Sophie) #13

Thanks for the reminder, I always forget about this one!!!

(Crystal ) #14

I’ve heard daikon radishes are better - anyone tried those?

EDIT: missed the post above lol @collaroygal :ok_hand:


Excellent idea! I like radishes (little red ones and daikon) but I’ve only ever had them raw. Must try this! :slight_smile:

(Ethan) #16

Interestingly, boiling radishes is a broth long enough gives them the consistency of a potato–my findings at least.


What is long enough in this case? Roughly?

(Ethan) #18

Sadly, I am a lazy husband when it comes to the soups my wife makes (which is where I found this taste out). She tends to boil them for hours or in a slow cooker for a LONG time.

(Kathy L) #19

When I boiled them it took approximately 20-30 minutes-about as long as the potatoes usually take. Same for frying.

(Susan) #20

Did you have to boil them before frying ? Have a bunch radishes I need to do something with (can only add so many to salads)