Protein-rich Diet (Liver Shrinking Diet) vs PSMF



Only for about 3 weeks. I haven’t noticed the bruising yet but I’ll be on the lookout. I’m dosing high partly because of the PSMF and partly because I’m trying to heal some dental caries with vitamin D and K2 supplementation which does appear to be working BTW.

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Any reference material on that? Curious, as I supplement D3 and K, for other reasons, but if it helps keep cavities at bay, all the better. :slight_smile:


It depends how much you wanna geek out. If you want to get really deep into vitamin K2 (or better yet the half-dozen or so vitamins all lumped into the K2 category) I’d probably check out episode 29 of Chris Masterjohn’s podcast Mastering Nutrition. I use overcast so no promises on the link but you’ll find it.

As for the dental aspects, it goes all the way back to Weston A. Price as you may know. Although he didn’t know it was K2 he was talking about when he wrote about “activator X”. But he did discover the combination of vitamin A, vitamin D, and K2 were great for dental health. Essentially, K2 tells calcium in your body where to go. One of the functions anyway. If you haven’t heard of this book I highly recommend it. It’s very keto friendly, it gives some good history on dental health and nutrition, and it has just enough science to keep you hooked without reading like a textbook.

The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health

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I’m giving PSMF a go myself, currently one week in. I am loving it far beyond my expectations. My ketones are hovering between 3-6, glucose 70s- low 100s like normal, lost 4-5 lbs so far and my energy level is excellent. When I’ve done extended fasting I’ve sometimes felt cold or physically weak but not with this PSMF.

I wonder if part of how I feel is due to a reaction to some of the non-meat foods I was eating on my regular keto diet. I’m doing this PSMF ZC-style, just lean meat for 90g protein daily plus 6g fish oil and various supplements, no veg. When I break the PSMF I’m going to try to investigate that.


I’m glad to hear it’s working well for you, I have also had great success. The reality is that protein is nothing is to shy away from on keto. The other reality is that fat loss is best achieved by restricting energy intake. PSMF is the result of these two facts, therefore it works like a charm. Well formulated crash diets have gotten the same bad rap as intermittent fasting amongst the mainstream, which is unfortunate because both are very effective for fat loss. The issues come from people making bad choices after a crash diet or IF (skip breakfast, become hangry, eat five things out of the vending machine). This is part of the reason the Biggest Loser example we keep getting around here is so flimsy. Eventually you have to return to maintenance following any calorie restricted diet, if you start gaining fat on “maintenance” then you have exceeded maintenance levels of calorie intake, pretty simple. Yes BMR can drop some on calorie restriction but it’s not anywhere near what some would scare you into believing.

Keep us posted on how you do, I’m saving my results for a write-up next month but it’s been awesome. My bet is in a year or two this will be the default advice for how to break a stall on keto. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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@Rian I will update, and keep an eye out for your write-up as well.

For my part I had been at 145 lbs on the scale for the past 1.5 years and was stalled just doing keto + IF/EF… I’d get a little below 145 but not as much as I should’ve given the calorie deficits or fasting schedules I was doing, and immediately regain if I let up. I then found out I had hypothyroid & anemia which was an impediment to progress and have been working on getting those fixed, yay. I am just about back to functional levels so I decided to make another push at cutting by more extended fasting again, but with my thyroid being finicky I have been told not to do that… oops. So PSMF!

I had heard about PSMF before of course but figured it was just for bodybuilders overly concerned about their lean muscle mass. And why should I try when simple water fasting was so easy for me and holds the additional promise of autophagy maybe shrinking loose skin? Well, I should have recognized I was pushing fasting too far, what with getting cold and not having great energy. So far with PSMF my thyroid seems to be very happy judging by energy level & body temp. And, fine, I’m lifting weights. Actually fun.


Just listened to Dr. Ted Naiman. He hasn’t changed his tune in the past year.

Wondered where I can find the n=1 write ups mentioned in the posts above?

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