Problems with stomach acid/GERD

(Rob Grantham) #1

Suffering at the moment with serious acidity heartburn issues. It seems to be worse when eating high fat foods… which puts me at a loss as to what to eat on keto


Eat more lean. I had some gastro issues a few years ago; all medical tests were negative, and the only relief I got was from eating low fat. My doctor told me that he’d seen similar problems and that I might be fine if I limited fat for a while. I was eating very low carb at the time, and I lowered fat with NO problems at all.

Eventually, I lost close to 180 lbs, and for the majority of the time I was keeping fat low. The doctor was correct because I can now eat fat without those gastro problems. It may not be a typical approach, but ketosis depends on carb intake–unless you’re trying for a therapeutic diet, low fat is fine.

(Janelle) #3

I have the same issue. Controlling with a daily Lanzoprazole. Doc knows about it and is ok. Others have suggested digestive enzymes or papaya in small quantities. I hate pills but I hate feeling like my stomach acid is going to kill me more. I’ve been keto for 11 weeks. Once a week, I don’t take a pill on purpose. By around 4pm, my gut tells me that the keto hasn’t “cured” anything yet. I’ll keep trying. Others say the way of eating eliminated their heartburn altogether. I’m a slow loser though - about a consistent pound a week. Others have lost 3 times more by now. If the solution is weight related, that might be why.

(Rob Grantham) #4

If i dont eat carbs or fat that pretty much eliminates most foods. I thought a high protein low fat low carb way of eating is not good for you? Do you notice any difference with types of fat? Maybe eating less saturated is a way to go?

Is coconut oil easier to digest?

(Rob Grantham) #5

Yes hear you on that one… i dont want to have to medicate… this issue has only surfaced since going keto

(Mike W.) #6

Have you been tested to see if you have ENOUGH acid? It seems counterintuitive but you might need some to add some ACV and see if it helps.

(Steve) #7

Yep, @MiKetoAF is right - acid indigestion / reflux is actually caused by your stomach contents being too alkaline, not acidic. Many of us have had complete relief of our symptoms by having a glass of water with 1T of ACV before each meal (or a couple times a day if doing OMAD). Me, I add 1tsp each of lemon and lime juice to the glass as well - makes the flavour better as well as giving you a wee bit more acidity and a bit of Vitamin C. :slight_smile:

(Karen) #8

I get some real benefit from HCL with Pepsin.

(Rob Grantham) #9

Thank you i will try adding the ACV tomorrow and see if it helps. Its tricky to get the organic stuff here with the mother but i think bog standard ACV will do the trick.

(Rob Grantham) #10

Im not sure what that is. I will check it out on google. Thanks for the tip off


Apple Cider Vinegar is probably the closest thing there is on earth to living up to its billing as a “miracle cure” for everything gut and blood sugar related. Learn to like it and it will take care of you. I use it daily and have never taken another antacid or prescription reflux medicine in six months.


I had horrific acid before keto, I would gag up acid all night couldn’t sleep. Multiple scopes and bad looking spots in my esophagus. I started Keto and it stopped immediately, not a single incident in over 100 days!

Sorry you are struggling with this, and I know my situation is opposite but that’s been my experience.

(Regina) #13

Twenty years ago I bought a book about all the uses of ACV. I so wish I had kept it. Drink, wash your face, etc. When I get a glycolic acid peel, my derm says the Very Best Thing to heal the peel is ACV/ He says actually, one should use it every day, but people generally don’t want to smell like a salad. :rofl::rofl: When I do use it on my face I get compliments. And I absolutely love the taste. The only thing I worry about is the effect on my teeth. When I do drink it, it is very diluted.


Drink it through a straw.

(Karen) #15

The idea is that you have the reflux from not having enough stomach acid and that the food tends to ferment and rot and then go up your throat. So I add this extra acid to my stomach and meats and things digest better.

(Bunny) #16

Digestive bitters need to stimulate that stomach acid production…

(Janelle) #17

This discussion is really interesting about not having enough acid. However, if an acid reducer seems to work, is it acid or not? I bought ACV and diluted it but had a hard time gagging it down. Just like I wouldn’t drink pickle juice, it’s just gross to me. Maybe I need to keep trying.


Acid recucers make your esophagus feel better because acid isn’t supposed to be there in the first place. But because the real problem is too low acid, they actually make the problem worse in the long run. This counts for remedies like milk, too. Tums is a self perpetuating cycle.

(Karen) #19

^^^^ THIS^^^^^
Don’t use acid reducers. HCL w/pepsin on amazon.

Try burp test


Try ACV, it helps a lot of people with that. Does the total opposite of what you’d think. I wound up on a PPI for a while because of that and it wasn’t worth it.