Preferences to tracking (apps, devices, etc.)?

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Thanks Paul!! Will do :slight_smile:

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Got it, I don’t think I’ve ever done this on the forum, so glad to know how :wink:

Got it, won’t need to do this often but sometimes on longer posts it will come in handy so I can answer to info someone takes the time to reply to me about ;):blush:

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I use BetterMe app and MyFitnessPal for seamless tracking. Each has unique features; BetterMe enhances my Pilates journey ( MyFitnessPal excels in overall fitness. Combining both offers a comprehensive approach to health monitoring, providing valuable insights and motivation

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Although it’s easier to meet a protein goal if you use different beef. 7 ounces of bottom round gets you over 50g:


8 ounces of london broil will be about the same.

Edit: that’s about 48% protein by calories (not by weight).

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I need to get into more types of red meat since I am so hooked on Tri Tip, they just taste better to me and I can’t almost always get them on sale at our Safeway :wink:

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Dr. Phinney says a good rule of thumb is that an ounce of beef contains 7 g of protein. That works out to roughly 25 g of protein in 100 g of meat. (I once did the arithmetic, lol!)

You know, I never thought to calculate that! :grin::grin:

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You dudes and your numbers are helping me figure this out which I couldn’t wrap my lame brain around it all at first :slight_smile: Thanks much!!

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Tri tip is really good.

And something like bottom round is usually cut as a hunk of meat. If you’re by yourself, it might be too much. For a family of 4 (which I have), it’s good. I cook it partially (stop at 120F internal temp - though it does carry over), cool, and then slice and cook for dinner.

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I think Round Steak is one of those cuts that is kind of tough, but if so, doesn’t the way you prepare it make it more tender Bob? I can buy it and freeze it into separate meals, and less expensive which would help me out too. I need more variety :slight_smile:

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What I do is salt the roast and leave it out for about an hour. It would even be better if you could salt the roast and leave in the fridge, overnight or 24 hours.

Then, I create an herb crust that is fresh or dried herbs, more salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil. Rub this on all surfaces. Put a thermometer into the middle of the roast. Like this one:

Put in a 425F oven for 15 minutes. Lower temperature to 200F (I open the door). Set thermometer temp for 120F. Take out when it hits 120.

Cool. Cut up.

It’s really not too bad, though the chewiness is usually okay, but not always (can be chewy).

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Even my Tri tip is a bit chewy. Safeway is said to have the best meats, but who knows. I thought you were talking those little round steaks, not a roast. Your roast recipe sounds way good though but I usually like cooking in my crock pot because even the toughest roast get tender. Maybe over-cook it though, I’m really just learning to do steaks.

Today I got my Tri bit just right, I think a total of 3.5 minutes on each side kept it nice and Med. rare, not to pink. I was electric stove is new but it’s really not a very good one as far as getting the burners to cooperate :wink:

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I’m so glad I read this again Mark, copying it down this time.

I’m doing great at getting through my 20 min. resistance band video. I added in 10 more minutes of the door-attachment, tube-type bands, and another 10 just doing some dance. So doubled my workout time to 40 minutes. I was hardly tired, and got a lot of energy from it.

I don’t think I really “need” a tracker, didn’t like my fitbit, well, I liked it but think I had buyers remorse since I felt like “big deal” LOL!!

Oh well, just wanted to thank you for your post, and let you know if helped me to see it again this a.m., Denise


Sorry you don’t love your Fitbit. I am pretty happy with mine but my main goals were tracking my sleep, heartrate, steps and movement in general. I lied to it about my weight! so I assume the calorie expenditure is not relevant as others have said even if you are scrupulous in every detail. I like it for tracking exercise and originally got it because I wanted to track my biking route (which it works for but I find I do not bike too much!) and swimming, it claimed to be water resistant (it is not really, I lost my Charge 5 when I went into the ocean when it was over a year old and it stopped working properly, I had warranty protection through my credit card so we will see if they fix or reimburse me). I missed it so much I bought another one (Charge 6) on Black Friday. I like the Fitbit Charge because it is smaller than an Apple watch, I do not want anything too big and holds a charge for 5 days. I find that if I have to take it off to charge it, I forget to put it back on (although I do take it off to shower). I don’t think I could deal with something I had to charge daily.

It shows me my sleep pattern and I am always a little surprised because I am often sleeping less or more than I think. It also shows me how inactive I am when I am not exercising. I don’t find that the automatic exercise works well and I do have to set it and tell it when I start exercising but I am ok with that. I have not been sleeping well lately and have been waking up tired so will see if it can tell me why!

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Hi Saphire, so glad I am getting my email alerts now, when someone replies to me :slight_smile:

I was looking at another fitbit this a.m., one built it '22 it says but don’t know if that’s true. But it’s an Insure 3. I think it would be good to try again as I really felt I didn’t need a watch. Now I’ve changed my mind, and my Charge 5 was not hard to figure out. I just, like I mentioned, felt I didn’t need a smart-watch. I got more active recently and keeping up so far.

I’m interested in my sleep as well, and can tell when I’ve really not slept well. Adjusting my workouts helped a lot, adding more activities, not just exercise, keeping as busy as possible. I’m 71 and seem to lose interest and either force myself to do more, or not. Those days I feel like c**p so it spurs me on to do better next morning.

I’m also busy trying to find a new apartment up in my home-State of Oregon, closer to old friends and family, better Medical for my older years :wink: and dental too. We don’t have anything decent where I live, not for more serious “accidents” and no specialists in my town at all. Just finally looking ahead as I age so I can be as prepared as possible. I do have some family but we are not close, don’t all get together etc.

Anyway, wanted to ask if your fitbit tracked just fine without the APP? Mine did heart-rate and calories, maybe steps, can’t recall, wasn’t paying that much attention. I don’t like using an app on my phone if I don’t have to :wink: denise


The app is really easy, without it I doubt I would have gotten another Fitbit since the small screen is not that useful by itself for getting more details. The watch itself can tell you your O2, how long you slept but not when, how many steps and calories and your current heart rate but not what your heartrate was yesterday.

I find the app useful for things like telling me how long I slept and exercised and specific times (I tend to sometimes fall asleep in front of the TV or while reading), also heat rate variability which is supposed to be a marker for potential sleep apnea (although no idea how accurate it is). It also tells me the high and low of my heart rate and when those occured. It is much easier to see this information on my phone than on a tiny screen.

The app really does not do targeted advertising or anything like that, unless you have no room on your phone I do not see a reason not to download. Also, most Fitbit Charges come with 6 months of free premium (I set a reminder on my calendar to cancel it a day or two in advance) but you have to sign up for those on the App. I had the free premium it with my last Charge and did not find it really gave me any information I needed to pay for but others may disagree. Still the app itself even without premium is very useful and well worth downloading. As I said initially, if the only experience was the tracker without the app, I would not have gotten another one

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Ok Saphire,

This basically tells me I can get what I want without a subscription after 6 month free, if I want to use that. I’ll think it over, and so appreciate all you said, it will help me decide if I want to try the Insure 3. It has really good ratings, and the Charge 5 actually came out in '22 if I remember correctly and some didn’t care for the new upgrades on it.

Thank you again, Denise :blush:

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Wow, I’m so stoked Saphire!! I was looking to order another fitbit online but had some errands, ended up at Walmart and they had a brand new (from '22) Fitbit Inspire 3. I had good reviews, even from a year ago on them, plus, omgosh, it’s small enough for my child-like wrist-size!! I’m getting setup now with phone-app, and get the 6-month free membership just to compare like you did :wink:

Here’s about the one I got, and would love to hear from anyone that has an older version :wink: Denise
The watchband is so great I don’t even need to get a more comfy one, not stiff like the one I got with Fitbit charge 5 :wink:

Fitbit Inspire 3 from 2022.

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The 6 months is the Premium membership. But all of the basic things I read in this thread that you were interested in are all free to use. With the Premium, you’ll get access to the paid services/content. I still have my Inspire 2 that I use daily and use the apps for the metrics that I’m interested in (steps, miles, macros, etc). I like the Inspire. I ordered cloth bands off of Amazon because the band it comes with irritates my skin randomly. Outside of that, I’m happy with it.

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I so love the way mine fits, the other was so big it covered my whole top of wrist, it was just not comfy. Having a little trouble connecting the app to my watch but it will happen. I’ve had that take awhile with other bluetooth devices like ear-buds etc. The little black band is so soft, the other that came with charge 5 was big, even the small too big :wink:

I would easily wear this overnight if I wanted to monitor sleep. Oh, I decided to just stick with free because you are right, all I need is already free for me, Saphire mentioned the premium free 6 month taught her she didn’t need premium either :wink:

yep, reinstalled the app, voila!! it’s syncing, yeehaw!!