Preferences to tracking (apps, devices, etc.)?

(Denise) #1

I’m an android user basically, no longer familiar with Apple devices/IOS. I’ve seen a neat looking Apple Watch, don’t remember what they are called, but I pretty much know I can’t afford anything IOS. But you can still give me your opinion on whatever device you use.

I know about the Fitbit but never had or used one.

I really want to track my average calories burned during a day, and what else they calculate, I don’t know yet, but be nice to calculate as many things possible, and also enter my exercises and foods on it.

I’m also wanting to know what your macros are set at for gaining Muscle-weight :wink: I know pretty much the protein needed 1.2 or more grams per body-weight I think is right. I don’t know about the Keto calculators, and what the Fats, and carbs should be set at.

(Joey) #2

OOPS! Sorry - I just reread you post… you want to know about calories BURNED … not consumed. Never mind!

Ignoring my reply below, you might be interested in tracking with a Garmin product … t can be motivating to stay on course with your exercise, walking, etc.

…But the idea of tracking calories “burned” on any device is extremely inaccurate and “besides the point.” Your body burns plenty of calories when you’re not exercising too, and the burn rates of various exercise on such tracker is entirely unreliable in any meaningful sense. Sorry.

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On Android (+ a nice web browser access) you create an account and use CarbManager for free. If you pay for an annual “premium” subscription you get even more data than you can probably use) but the free version should do just what you asked about. I went for the premium since it wasn’t overly costly - but you can do a lot for free (unless they’ve changed their offerings and pricing since then)…

I used it for about a year and learned a lot about my food macros and eating habits/changes. Then it got kind of boring and tedious … but the things I learned remain extremely helpful years later.

(Denise) #3

Actually I do want to know about both calories in, calories out so to speak Joey :wink: I make a lot of oops in my posts so I’ll go see what I wrote too. I’ll get back to you after I do that :wink:

(Denise) #4

Ok Joey, thank you much and I think you are absolutely right on the calories burned thing. I’ll check out Garmin because I feel for a watch-type gadget, it would have to be as simple as possible, not as convaluted as something like Myfitnesspal ;( arggggg.

(Joey) #5

I actually “bought” a bunch of fitness devices 2 models each from 3 different brands (there’s a certain online store that is very generous with its return policy) to compare and contrast. I wound up with a Garmin “venu” (original version) and it does a few things well and the rest very poorly (like every other brand/model).

For heart beat monitoring, tracking steps, logging time spent in a wide range of activities, it excels. Easily uploaded to a web portal where you can see/graph your history.

It stinks at just about everything else it supposedly does … oxygen, breathing, sleep analysis, even up/down staircases, “body battery” … they all are awful and unreliable.

With that said, if I were looking to get something “on the cheap” that did these basic things, I’d take a serious look at the Fitbit lineup. They do the basic things that you might actually want, although I can’t speak to their connected apps (lack of experience with them).

The Samsung models were overpriced and not at all fitness-related … more like “smart watches” which is fine if that’s what you want. It wasn’t what I was looking for.

I’ve been using my Garmin for about a year now. As a nice highly-customizable LED screen watch with local weather, notifications from my phone for texts/calls, and tracking my daily steps and how much time I spend exercising in cardio training mode (various percentages of my max heart rate) it’s actually quite good. But the rest of the advertised features are poorly executed and highly unreliable. More noise than data for those features.

The online Garmin forum is filled with similar reactions if you are considering going that particular route.

My $0.02 - Happy hunting!

(Allie) #6

Well I’ve had several Fitbits and Garmin too, but switched to Apple Watch and it’s way better than the rest of them. It does require an iPhone to operate though so you would be better with something else and there are masses of affordable but very acceptable options now. I wouldn’t bother with the Fitbit attempts at smart watches though. I was given one for Christmas one year and actually gave it away.

(Denise) #7

Great info Joey, thank you, I think your input will really help me choose something :wink:

(Denise) #8

No on Apple for me and I use Android like I mentioned Allie, so I couldn’t use an apple if I wanted to :wink: I don’t think I want a smart-watch, and I think what my friend Roger has is an apple watch like yours, but I don’t need that big of a deal. It would be a waste of money for me to spend too much, and/or spend too little. I’ll go midde-of-the road most often. Thanks much for the info, it will help me in choosing as well :slight_smile:


Look into Amazfit, they make really good (and affordable) fitness trackers.I just replaced my Garmin Fenix which I paid $600 for, for a $180 Amazfit T-Rex 2, and the Amazfit is WAY better. The T-Rex line is ruggedized ones, but they have everything, in many styles.

HUGE HUGE HUGE NOTE!!! It makes NO difference how “good” a fitness tracker is, they’re only guessing at your calorie burn, they can be close, they can be WAY off! I like having a fitness tracker for a lot of reasons, but calories burned isn’t one of them, I actually remove that tile from my apps home screen and completely disregard it.

If you want to look into them though…

That said, you’d be far better off with something like MacroFactor tracking your macros as it’ll not only do that but it’s AI driven and then you’ll know your true TDEE in a few weeks, then putting on or taking of weight will have all the math of your metabolism behind it. It also serves as a nice reinforcement of progress as you’re putting on muscle and it starts noticing the metabolic change and starts adding calories. Same goes in reverse.

Not a free app, but they give you a few weeks to play with it, and the yearly cost is cheaper than both a fitness tracker and cheaper than having your metabolic rate tested, which thanks to finding MacroFactor I’ll never do again.

Depending on how quick you react and your training, 10-20% above your TDEE. That’s why it’s important to know what that is. Never go by somebody else’s macros, they’re not you. The 1.2g protein is good, just a hare more than the standard 1g/lb takes care of adding a little more and giving you a little more which helps as we age. I wouldn’t drop the fat below 60g, if you can handle more that’s fine too, that may/may not need to be played with if you play with your daily carbs though. If you wind up going near a TKD type of plan you tweak a few other things as well, if you’re getting gassed out muscle wise during workouts it’s definitely something to consider. Or just running them a little higher as a whole, many go up to 50g or so and keep them spread out, some put them around their workouts. With TKD though, you spike yourself with fast carbs right before a workout and typically have them all gone by it’s end.

(Denise) #10

I still haven’t got around to looking but I will check into your info, thank you much, and I’ll be back to let you and others know what I decide :wink: I like the sound of the MacroFactor a lot :wink:

(Joey) #11

Just an additional caution about getting too caught up in weight loss through use of a fitness device…

(Chuck) #12

I have used the Fitbit, and I now have the Apple Watch, but I no longer track anything. I walk or hike the hiking trails around my area and I ride an exercise bike but I don’t keep track of my distance or times anymore, why? It takes the fun out of it and it adds stress and pressure to compete even if it is just with myself. To be honest if you follow the keto lifestyle or low carb and do it because you know it is what you need. You will not over eat and you will have the energy to do the activity you need to do for your health. When I tracked everything from every step I took to every bite of food I ate it didn’t get me what I wanted and that was enjoyment of life. I no longer track anything and I am enjoying life, what I eat, and the activities that I do even yard work.

(Robin) #13

Chuck, I am the same. But I finally realized there are a lot of people who anctively enjoy the measuring and charting and tracking. That does bring them joy.

I suspect they also enjoy the organizational part of jobs and life in general. I’m glad they are in my life. I am incredibly unorganized and often only get away with my free-wheeling approach to life because there is someone who is minding the details, keeping me on track and organized.

I would be lost without them. Quite literally lost.

(Denise) #14

I think you’re absolutely right Chuck and I’m just going to use MyFitnessPal which I already have a account and I’ll just log for a couple of weeks and just see you know if I see a difference in my muscle growth and working out at the gym and adding weights but I’m not going to spend a lot of money I’m I’m not going to spend the money it would take to get any of those types of watches and eventually I wouldn’t want to log anymore just like with mfp and my keto foods the first 2 years I just got tired of logging just bored with it and you’re right kind of takes the fun out of it

(Chuck) #15

Then do what works for you. Honestly I did it for years and in the long run had nothing to show for it other than money spent.

(Denise) #16

I just love gadgets but awhile back I realized I had one too many computers, a tablet, a phone that does everything, and a Kindle Reader. I need another gadget like I need a whole in my head :wink:

(Robin) #17

No, actually I’m the same as you, Chuck. I did not enjoy tracking at all, even tho I learned from it. Just saying some folks (like engineers) live for that trucking and data.

(Denise) #18

I’ll still track on occasion as I have goals in my “body-building” and I won’t fool around guessing. I only need to track things maybe a couple of weeks, and it comes in handy when facing these “prescription-minded” doctors.

My insurance doesn’t cover alternative medicines, or doctors and I’ve naturally came into taking responsibility for my own health (as much as possible).

I can go a long time without checking anything food-wise, but not so with my working out and making sure I have enough of my macros. But for that, like I mentioned, I just go fill out a days worth of foods I eat, and then can keep copying that on mfp, and editing where I need to, all free and not interfere by watching a watch every minute which is probably what I would do.

Like someone said above, a few times actually, it isn’t that accurate anyway, neither is mfp, just guess’timates :wink:

(Chuck) #19

I am a retired IT professional that made up my mind once I retired to truly retire and do things I enjoyed. Now me being an IT professional started as a hobby. Well the worst thing anyone can do is turn a hobby into a career. I now enjoy reading, my art, my Vespa Scooter, and hiking the mountain trails. And to be honest I also enjoy just setting in a quiet place and thinking.

(Denise) #20

Sounds a bit familiar Chuck as I did try building websites for people, just a short time as my “hobby” with computers in general, stopped being fun.

One of my fave things to do in afternoons when all my priorities are taken care of, is to sit and just relax, not a lot of thinking, but maybe just meditating on a youtube ambience video (drone footage & camera) of wildlife/nature :wink: