Preferences to tracking (apps, devices, etc.)?

(KM) #61

I had a Fitbit years ago when they didn’t have a screen and just forwarded data to the phone. I found it so unpleasant, I wore it with the big band - around my ankle! Counted my steps perfectly, which was all I cared about anyway. I wonder if they could make one like that with more data functions.

(Denise) #62

I don’t know about one for the ankle but I do know they have a lot of extra band types/sizes on amazon:grinning:

(Denise) #63

Wow, my sleep reading is way off, I got 4-5 at best and that’s stretching it, but the app says 8h 55m, no way! Maybe I had it set wrong.

(Blyss) #64

It’s measuring your sleep by your heart rate. If you’re just lying still in bed, it’s going to count it as sleep even if you know you’re awake. I don’t really pay attention the sleep any more. The nights I sleep the best, it may tell me I didn’t. :laughing: And the times I would just be lying in the bed relaxing, it’s telling me I’m in light sleep. :woman_facepalming:t4: But I’ll even take that as a win because my heart rate is calm enough to register me as sleeping.


Interesting on the sleep. Were you laying down watching TV or reading? I find it is surprisingly accurate but it does sometimes include time I am awake in bed. On the app it will tell you how much of that time was spent awake.

Here is a video on different Fitbits

The reason I got the Charge 5 and then later the Charge 6 (came out about 6 months ago) was I wanted water resistant (meanwhile I destroyed the last on at the beach!), I wanted its own GPS for biking, and I wanted the Afib. Turns out I never use the Afib, I bring my phone on bike rides so I don’t need the GPS, and the water resistant did not work as noted above! The premium is worth trying during the free period, after that I did not find it worthwhile. Since I got a new Charge 6 recently, will sign up for premium again and then will cancel before it is up. There is also a community element which I have absolutely no interest in but others may find worthwhile

As for after market bands on Amazon, for some reason this Charge 6 has more trouble with those than my Charge 5 did. Some work from my Charge 5, especially the fancier ones that I got for going out, some of the ones I got for my Charge 5 do not work on the Charge 6 even though the hook is the same. I have no idea why. I already had to return at least one set of knit bands, to Amazon that I ordered for the Charge 6. Although I found one that worked and find them the lightest. The cost does not matter, some of the cheaper ones work fine. Overall I like it and even though I have an apple phone, have no interest in dealing with the constant charging of the watch

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Ok, good information. It’s not a game-changer for sure as I know how much I sleep :wink: Thanks @Blyss

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Yes I was awake but stayed in bed reading for an hour, then fell asleep, woke up at midnight, got up once, then didn’t fall back to sleep for at least 2 hours, I was up at 5 which is typical for me now to be up that early. I like the mornings on my computer :wink:

Like I told Blyss, I’m ok without the sleep option working, I know how much sleep I actually get.

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I think that’s the first time, for a band-workout, no breaks to speak of for 20 min, and did a few more band exercises for maybe 10 min. got a BPM up to 124!! Seems that’s an ok range, and I was still not breathless :wink: Like some have said though the watch isn’t perfect, and I forgot to set up for my workout with the calories, which I don’t really care about those, I just wanted a ballpark idea, like am I eating enough.

Yesterdays I logged my foods on MFP though and ate 1400 calories, just Keto, no high carbs at all.

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This came with two bands, small and large. The large one was big enough for my ankle with no problem! I wouldn’t want to put one with a screen down there, I was just thinking I actually preferred just viewing it on the phone, I don’t need a screen at all but I don’t know of a modern gen one with pulse etc. that’s screenless.

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I read one sleep study with interesting results. The participants were hooked up to EEG’s and were also asked to rate their sleep. Many of the people who believed they hadn’t slept at all were actually asleep much of the night, and quite a few of the people who believed they had slept soundly were actually awake much of the night. So our perceptions aren’t always accurate.

In any case, I think you’re right that it’s not really worth worrying about. Unless, of course, we can’t function the next day. But a lot of people on keto find themselves doing just fine on less sleep than they’d have expected. It used to be a running joke when I joined the forums in 2017, that people were up at 5:00, cleaning the house, reorganising the closets, and so forth.

(Denise) #71

Well that’s me in a nutshell, I thought I only slept 2 hours, but I’m up at 2,3,4, or 5 and I can go all day with my regular routine. Other times, even after I feel I slept more hours, I’m tired by 7,8,9 or later in a.m. and have to go back to bed.

It’s kind of crazy, but mostly, I get around 5-6 hours and that is plenty for someone that slept at least 8 hours a night without waking up one time to even go to the bathroom. Thing changed for me about 8-9 years ago. I only started Keto about 3 going on 4 years ago. That’s when the sleep really got weird.

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Got my Workout/Aerobic is what I picked since nothing for resistance bands. Here’s my readings:

only got 18 of 22 Zone min.
8 min in moderate zone
10 min in vigoruos and peak zone

Heart Rate: 101 -116
Vigorous: 117 - 136
Peak: 137 (this is when I almost didn’t make the next move but I did it.

I’ll compare this now with other days workouts, and I didn’t do the other 20 minutes as I want to do an evening workout, or maybe just before dinner. I get bored with other things and a workout is a good “filler” for that time I think.

My base heart-rate is around 70 - 80bpm btw.