Preferences to tracking (apps, devices, etc.)?

(Bob M) #21

Muscle growth is difficult. (a) to attain; (b) to track. And, unless you happen to be male and young and have the proper genetics, it’s going to be slow.

Take the bench press. You bench 135 pounds right now (for olympic weights, that’s a 45 pound plate on each side, where the bar is 45 pounds. When do you think you’ll bench 185 (added 25 pounds per side)? If you’re young, male, and have the genetics, it might not take long, say a month. If you’re not young, male, and/or don’t have the genetics, it could easily take a year.

(Joey) #22

It doesn’t take that long for many young males in the USA to go from weighing 135 to 185 pounds. :roll_eyes:

(Denise) #23

Yes, I thought about that, may take that long, but I’ve already seen some in just 7 months but I realize I didn’t up my food intake. I know we get depleted as we age so I always want to find out all I can on what I want to do to improve my health/strength :wink: