Postprandial Blood Tests Results


My name is John. I am new one on this forum.
I try out keto and look for a practical way of doing that.
Each day I have a new 600 calorie dinner and take blood sugar measurements: fasting, 30 min after, 60 min after and 90 min after to see a bg change.
Also I do a short videos and upload them on my channel so I can share practical info with everybody whoever interested.
This is example of my 5 first tests

  1. Ham
    2.Swiss cheese
  2. Scrambled eggs
  3. Sour cream
  4. Roast chicken legs

I try to upload new ones daily so you are welcome to visit channel and find almost any kind of food you are curious about.

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One person flagged this as spam but I can’t find anything you are selling yet. I only see if I go to the YouTube video that you asked for money to support your Channel. That doesn’t count as spam here. As long as you’re not asking for the money on the Forum. Just make sure you don’t sell any products here because you need to ask permission from the founders of the Forum, Carl Franklin and Richard Morris, if you are interested in selling any products here.

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The only slight problem here is the probable accuracy of your meter which is (at least in the UK allowed to be 15% inaccurate). So for example your sour cream readings could in fact all be exactly the same but your meter variation makes it look a bit different. Also I have always been taught that the 2 hour post prandial reading is the most important as you want to your blood sugars to be getting back down to pre prandial levels.


Thanks for your remark.
Readings can really vary but I do my best on my side: the same time fasting after last meal, same calorie intake and no disturbances while testing (like coffee, shower, physical activity… all of these do affect blood glucose levels more or less).
The more time after meal you check bg the better. But I find that at least keto foods do not have that long lasting bg effect like complex carbs do. One of the major targets I hunt for is a bg spike. So I find 30-60-90 min frame optimal for that given reason… also time and money expenses on all these tests.
Hope you will find that useful!


I am definitely not selling anything)
Just share.
If that’s concern I can take out the “support thing” anyways I doubt anybody would like to. It is just in case… not a main purpose

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Don’t worry about it. If Brenda says you’re okay—you’re okay!

(I’m certainly not about to argue with her, lol!)


Here some more
Pepper Jack Cheese
Turkey breakfast patty
Cheddar cheese
Ground beef


2% Lactose free milk test


Greek yogurt test


Resistant potato starch test

How negligible (or not) is the potato starch in all shredded cheeses?
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@ketorevo Does this last potato starch experiment mean it could be used to thicken gravy on occasion?

(Karen) #12

Think it has to be cold?


(Marta Loftfield) #13

@Keto6468 being cold is what I had read also. I may have to do an n-1 experiment to find out. My hubby misses gravy on his mashed cauliflower.

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Thank you @Keto6468! I have tried the gums to no success. Think gravy jello :rofl:. I forgot I bought the Dixie thick it up and need to try it. Love the idea of cream cheese, I can see where it would be a good thickener and add fat.

I will probably try the potato start too as it is how I have always used it as a thickener (celiac).


I believe starch should not be just cold but unmodified/uncooked. Just came up with idea of doing the same experiment with the boiled potato starch. Will keep updated.

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Thank you @ketorevo!

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What your doing is really awesome and creative, neatest N=1 thing I have seen yet! How the health care industry gets transformed (eventually)!




As promised
Test of cooked potato starch