Postprandial Blood Tests Results

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Thank you @ketorevo WOW, what a difference from the cold potato starch. I really appreciate your doing this. Potato starch is definitely out as a thickener.:smiley:


Mushrooms in french onion dip arrived


Walnuts vs Blood sugar today


Olives next

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Wow, was not expecting this!


And now is a staple

A raw staple)))


Steak done


Hot dogs next


Deli turkey.
Bon appetite


Mackerel in brine

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That’s a relic from the minimalist, one-size-fits-all school of medicine. Unless you check, you’ll never know when you hit your peak for a particular meal.

Better than 30,60,90,120… would be Freestyle Libre, which gives you painless BG feedback 24/7.

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Libre would be great for your experiments true… although these days I’m pretty well controlled so probably wouldn’t benefit all that much and at the moment in the UK its almost impossible to get them anyway.


Coconut flakes. Great snack and ingredient


Just watched the raw bacon video…

Not something I would have done. (See Trichinosis…)

Aside from that one, I’ve been liking your videos though.


Have you done some back-to-back tests on your meter? I.e. do N (for some small N) tests with your meter as quickly as possible. You can even use the same finger stick if you’re quick enough and the blood doesn’t coagulate too quickly.

In tests I’ve performed with one of my meters (keto mojo), I’ve seen readings that were a maximum of 12 points apart with a standard deviation of about 4 over 14 tests. One of my other meters, a Contour Next, provides readings that are either identical or at most one point apart when I do back-to-back testing. Due to this testing, I’m using the Contour Next for most of my blood glucose testing.

Anyway, it’d be useful to know if (say) a 3 point change in blood glucose reading with your meter might be due to (lack of) meter accuracy / repeatability or an actual change in your blood sugar.

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The Contour Next is one of the best meters, but 10 readings from the same sample will still vary a bit.

Best solution IMHO is to use a Freestyle Libre - but with a smartphone app – and calibrate the app regularly with results from the Contour Next. (Apparently the Libre is quite pricey in some countries, but it can be had very reasonably in the US, where there are still introductory discounts available.)

18 Glucose Meters Reviewed


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I checked my meter so many times. It was jumping a little in the beginning but now shows pretty constant results.
It may also depend on how hard you squeeze a finger, punctured areas etc.
With some practice I try to bring to minimum all these factors.
I think +/- 5% would be acceptable for this kind of tests.


Another staple
Almond milk


Cake binge is vs BS this time
also we will check how gym session will affect it


After some crazy time I am back with new videos.
No more raw bacon. This time fried one!!