Pork Belly

(Jacquie) #34

My guess is it’s to render out some of the fat as pork belly is pretty fatty.

(Jennifer Kleiman) #35

I just got 50 lbs of pork belly from a neighbor hog farmer. I’m so psyched! Never cooked pork belly before so this thread will be very useful. Any new ideas guys?


BBQ 10lbs
Cure and smoke 10lbs
Asian style pork belly 10lbs



Where do you guys find pork belly?

(Dan Dan) #38

I was hoping to see lots of Photos of fat pig bellies :face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jennifer Kleiman) #39

Kroger’s started carrying them actually. But a couple weeks ago they were out, so I was asking the butcher when they’d be back in stock. While I was at the counter, a man overhead me and said “'scuse me maam but I have pork bellies.” (I live in the South, it is traditional to call all women maam and also to chat genially with strangers.) Turns out the guy, Woody, runs an organic hog farm not too far from me and was delighted to sell me a box of pork belly produced from his happy, adorable pigs.

I got other cuts too, included A WHOLE HOG’S HEAD. It’s currently sitting in a bucket of brine. Once it’s finished brining I’ll let it dry for 48 hrs then roast it. I hear cheeks are amazing.

BTW last night we made instant pot kakuni, Japanese braised pork belly.

but of course did not add sugar. OMG SO GOOD. Should’ve taken pics…


Costco has it all the time, but any grocery butcher will order it for you. Last time I got it at the grocery, I think I had to buy the case. About 4 slabs.

(Kathy L) #41

This link doesn’t work for me…

(Jamie) #42

Would so like to check out @richard 's pork belly recipe, but it seems the Azure site is down.

(Richard Morris) #43

which recipe? The porchetta one?

That is here

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This is the current website, unfortunately I can’t edit my original post

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Unfortunately I can’t update my original post, the updated link is available

(Kathy L) #46

The porkbelly I’ve been able to find doesn’t have the skin on it - will it still work with the fat layer on top?

(Andrew Anderson) #47

I did pork belly burnt ends this weekend. I used a small amount of Splenda brown sugar on the 10lb slab. I spruced up the Walden farms bbq sauce into something good to finish them off. Bacon Candy!

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #48

I haven’t made this without the skin, but all you’ll miss is the crunch; it should still be good without the skin :sunglasses:

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #49

I’ve bookmarked this, looks amazing!

(Richard M) #50

I got done making this recipe. They tasted so moist and full of flavor and didn’t even add the sauce. Next time when I finish at 500 degrees I’ll use my air fryer. Thanks

(Alec) #52

My pork belly recipe is very simple, but delicious… I turn it into a salty crunchy snacky thing:

  1. Salt up the raw pork belly, add some water around the base, and roast on 200C for 45mins.
  2. Allow to cool, then cut up into half inch cubes
  3. Then salt again, and place in baking tray once again for 30 minutes on 220C or until the cubes become crunchy
  4. Add more salt
  5. Eat warm or cool in fridge to be used as a travel snack

Don’t be surprised with how the pork belly “shrinks” in the cooking process. The fat gets subsumed into the meat, and it almost becomes fried. Once cooked, you can’t tell the fat from the meat. Delish!

(Robin) #53

Yeah, that sounds perfect. I have never made it but am able to find it at a cou-le good restaurants here. Occasionally they will not be crispy enough and are too fatty, even for me.
But a good pork belly can’t be beat!

(Alec) #54

My intent with this recipe is to force it crispy. All the way through. So no fat, no softness, just salty, snacky crispiness. I keep baking it until it is crispy!