Please share your Thanksgiving recipes

(Marianne) #1

I’m doing Thanksgiving this year - first time in ages. I want to have keto foods available for me and my husband (and for anyone else - they are just as delicious as SAD choices and they won’t know), although I will still have the standards like potatoes and sweet potatoes for the non-ketoers.

I would love to have some recipes from folks for delicious keto food choices. I thought of making my cheesy sausage cream soup, but soup is a hassle to serve. Anyone have a recipe for keto gravy? Stuffing? Never had keto mashed “potatoes,” but are they good? Any other ideas?


I made this a few weeks ago:

It was delicious and I thought it would be excellent for Thanksgiving if I decide to cook this year.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #3

I’m am wholeheartedly an entertainer and already have a thanksgiving menu planned :joy: I personally don’t like turkey so that’s not on my menu. Hopefully this works, I am copying and pasting from my iPhone “notes” app.

App 1:

App 2:


Side 1:

Side 2:


(John) #4

Depends on your traditions and what you are trying to replace. Cauliflower mash makes a great replacement for potatoes. (Boil cauliflower florets, drain, add butter, cream cheese, and parmesan or asiago cheese, and use your mixer to mix it all together in the same pot you boiled it in). Green beans cooked with bacon or salt pork. Broccoli or asparagus steamed with a hollandaise sauce or butter. Yellow squash sauteed in butter and olive oil. Brussels sprouts cooked with garlic, onions, and bacon. Salads. Deviled eggs. All manner of things, really.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #5

Wait! “Lazy, Dirty Keto” going on vacation to cook? What kind of vacation is this?


(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #6

:joy: I guess it’s a vacation for my mom :joy:


Cauliflower and bacon “mac” and cheese.

The Birch Cottage

(Susan) #8

Well --you love to cook so it will still be a lot of fun -and since you are making awesome Keto things that you can enjoy, it will be a lot less stressful for you that way! Does your daughter eat Keto as well?

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

Not Becca! :joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #10

Ohh okay, I thought on her own accountability thread she said that she was looking forward to making all the meal and liked cooking.

(Marianne) #11

Oh my gosh, these all look luscious - every one! I’ve had green been bundles and they are delicious. Thanks for the great ideas!

I don’t like turkey, either. I will just slather it with gravy.

(Marianne) #12

Fabulous, all great ideas. I have never had hollandaise, but will definitely consider this. My brother loves it.

(Marianne) #13

Anybody have a recipe for keto gravy?

(John) #14

It can be tricky to make, from what I have read. I have only had it at restaurants.

Apparently you need a double boiler (or put your mixing bowl over a pot of barely simmering water) and have to whisk the egg yolk mixture constantly while they are heating, avoiding getting too warm to where you end up with scrambled eggs. But perfectly keto- egg yolks, butter, a little lemon juice.

(Marianne) #15

Yes, I’ve heard it can break if you heat it too much. Do you like it?

(Marianne) #16

This looks so good! Thank you!

(John) #17

Oh yeah - it’s pretty much standard on Eggs Benedict, but great on either asparagus or broccoli.

This makes a great side dish, too:

Brussels sprouts with bacon. You can adjust the recipe as needed. For instance, this line “Pour off the fat in the pan and discard.” Screw that, fat goes in with the rest of it. Everything in the ingredient list is perfectly keto.

(Marianne) #18

Ha, ha - I agree! Makes it so delicious.

(John) #19

Something that works well as a replacement for roasted red potatoes is roasted rosemary radishes:

There are other variations, but really simple to make.

(John) #20

This is what we had last year: roast chicken, creamy mashed asiago cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, and roasted rosemary radishes.

Pretty much what I recommended. It was just me and my wife so we had a roast chicken instead of a turkey.

The roasted Brussels sprouts recipe is a variation on the one I posted. Just cut the sprouts in half or quarters, toss in a little olive oil (or the grease from the bacon), and roast on a pan in the oven before combining with everything else. Also, you don’t need the chicken/turkey stock with that method, since you are not braising them.