Please share some Broccoli recipes

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Hi Friends

I have three heads of broccoli to use up and I am really stumped for interesting recipes. I have just been pan frying or steaming and adding butter. I also have some in a cold salad but I would love some more ideas please.


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I’ve heard of people making a faux potato salad with cauliflower. Seems like one made with broccoli could be good?

Tossed in olive oil, roasted in the oven with mushrooms, smothered in cheese at the end.

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A few ideas:

Broccoli with cheese (or without cheese) frittata (omelette).

Broccoli with cream soup (broccoli, cream and broth…cook together and use hand blender to make creamy soup)…and then top it with dollop sour cream.

Broccoli, bacon and meat (beef, pork or chicken) stir fry.

Broccoli (with ham and Swiss cheese) quiche in an almond crust

Hope this helps

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Loaded Broccoli

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Nicely done, @Ketoberry. Great example (and looks deelish!)!

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Aww, thanks! :heart_eyes:

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I like cold broccoli salad, make a simple dressing of half sour cream half mark sisson paleo Mayo which is made with Avocado oil or you can make your own,and a shot of Apple cider vinegar to thin it out a bit,add in some pecans,bacon crumbles,Avocado,a little salt and pepper and a dash of granulated garlic,and if you want a dash of sweet,I add a bit of that sweet leaf stevia and then let it chill in the fridge for a bit to let all the flavors come together,had some for dinner last night after finishing a four day fast,quite tasty ,you can adjust the ingredients to satisfy your taste buds ,shred a little cheese in there if you like or sometimes I add onion,I know they have carbs but they are supposed to be good your gut microbiome,according to David petlmutter and i think they are delicious

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Roast all the veggies!

Cut into bite sized pieces.
Toss on baking pan.
Drizzle with olive oil and salt.
Bake at, like…400-425 ish degrees F.
Until the tops are all crispy and delicious looking.

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