Plant protein just as complete as meat protein, according to front page Huff Post article

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I know - I was being a bit facetious. I was thinking about eating a well-marbled ribeye and the fat is part of the animal we eat also. I’ll let myself out LOL.

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My humour-meter seems to be malfunctioning, of late. I’m the one who should be seeing myself out, I guess! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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:clap:t2: Nope. I got the sarcasm alert immediately, had a good chuckle at that. Then more good chuckles as you got schooled. :clap:t2:


OK, I’m an old biologistt (once), turned something else, so I just wonder sometimes.

I appreciate your indepednent assesment of many things, and also this site.

So all good.

I just think we’re missing something.

Maybe? I don’t think so - you are good and so are others. but we always question.
We carry on, friend! We help.

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I don’t, either, but I do remember him mentioning that a lysine (I believe it was) deficiency triggered insulin resistance in the piggly-wigglies. And, since we’re so similar…

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You are probably right. I have that feeling, even about keto researchers, all the time. It’s the nature of science. But things do progress. We just have to remember that what we think we know isn’t the entire story.

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Except for me. I know the entire story. Just don’t like to brag…

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Sittin’ on the patent rights? Librarians is tricksy.

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What’s it got in it’s pocket, precious?


blurb from the net:

When faced with starvation, the body fights back. The first day without food is a lot like the overnight fast between dinner one night and breakfast the next morning. Energy levels are low but pick up with a morning meal. Within days , faced with nothing to eat, the body begins feeding on itself.

from the Greek: “Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. So the literal meaning of autophagy is “self-eating.”

NOW does ‘some cleansing of the cells’ ‘’’‘matter’’’ if done controlled and might be helpful? Hmmmm…there are big IFs of debate in this area for sure!

--------so all ya got a few days before any real body eating itself comes into effect for worrying about the truth of eating your own body to detriment. It has alot of functions to use first those days, to use as it needs, as it is programmed to do to 'hold its own; but within a few days, know kinda real facts come into play about what the body has to do for survival…nothing good is going down really from a science physical body standpoint.

starving is starving and no water is dehydration are just real big facts the body doesn’t truly need, but it will give ya time to correct the 2 above issues going on if one can :slight_smile:


Yeah, i see your point…if the person is overweight or obese, or some other condition.

It’s just I always refer to the videos and pictures of certain substance addicts, who go without food for days (meth heads etc.).
They look like death not even warmed up.
And here, I know that will have a lot to do with them neglecting hygiene when they’re high, and lacking hydration…but one can’t help but think, going without food for days on end isn’t doing them a heck a lot of good either.
You see what I’m thinking?
IF I htink has benefits.
Prolonged fasting- well I don’t know because I’ve never tried it, but I’ve seen some unhealthy looking people who have went days without food. That clearly was not wise for them.
And yes, I know, it will be different dependent on your metabolic, allergic and fat reserve situation. But I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone…


There are whole countries where most of the population is vegetarian. I’d say they thrive.

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Like India

Life expectancy 68.8 years.

Compare to Iceland at 82.4.

Of course, there are other factors besides diet, but you can name some other countries where most of the population is vegetarian, and we can check the numbers against other countries where a lot of meat is consumed…

I don’t really count the US, because a lot of meat eaten with a lot of junk doesn’t really make a good case for the health benefits of meat vs veggies.


ahh but the vegetarian lifestyle is all ‘so over the place’ on what they ‘allow’ so…on a personal note I seen a vegetarian eat a burger one day, cause ‘they could’ since they were vegetarian on so many other days LOL

with fish and seafood and eggs and dairy being eaten but alot of vegetarian plans and what one ‘will allow’ on what day, I think they are the ones that are personally keep the salmon industry in full force out there…every veggietarian eats salmon that I read about and fish being high on that list I ‘have read’ HAHA

how tight are ‘each individuals’ convictions on those vegan or vegetarian plans is a monster factor in alot of it and I think many sway those plans as they want when they want :wink:

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A large portion of India is pescatarian but call themselves vegetarian because they don’t eat beef. I had a gigantic Indian cookbook at one time that even said vegetarian on the cover. There was an entire fish section. It wasn’t encouraged on a daily basis but it was definitely encouraged, specifically for nutrition, not the taste buds.

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I was just speculating on what countries Corals had in mind.

Google tells me:

Below are the countries with the highest rate of reported vegetarianism around the world.

  1. India (38%) India is ranked top in the world with 38% of the total population being vegetarians.
  2. Israel (13%) …
  3. Taiwan (12%) …
  4. Italy (10%) …
  5. Austria (9%) …
  6. Germany (9%) …
  7. United Kingdom (9%) …
  8. Brazil (8%) …

So, " …whole countries where most of the population are vegetarian" doesn’t seem to exist on planet Earth.

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Well, you were spot on but it pays to keep digging. I’ve stared hard at vegans when they sanctimoniously lecture me on how “healthy” they are and then proudly proclaim Oreos to be vegan. People have broad definitions of certain words.


yea which is why THOSE of us on plans and adhere to it and written for our optimal health doing the plan have big issues with all the other bs wording LOL tough not to nick pick it down to the end but sometimes it goes that way doesn’t it and then ‘we all agree to disagree’ before the nukes come out HA\

those eating ‘pure’ on the internet is rare mostly for those who are actually doing the real lifestyle…cause posts of I AM DOING SO well vs. the I HAVE alot of issues on this plan, please help me come way into play out there so…again shades of grey

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I pulled up the ingredient list of oreos and it said “may contain milk”. Vegan fail.

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Funny, I never see that warning on my top sirloin.